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  1. Most of the seeds you use today in western countries, you got em from east bro.
  2. Good job Karan, Should give it a try bro. Try growing strains suitable for our climate. I have grown all GHC strains in Punjab, few strains take well to our heat and few dont, so which strain r u growing?
  3. Heel Karan, How u doing? Fellow north Indian/Punjabi here. Normally, strain you talking abut do not take well to our heat of june and july. There are few strains suitable for our climate and why dont u try those.
  4. Welcome Cannabissapean, Anytime Bro. Ping me whenever u plan. I will make sure its a memorable trip for u.
  5. In the Himalayas of India, small villages thrive by growing cannabis, MALANA. The village, perched on a mountain at 9,000 feet (2,700 meters), is only reachable on foot. The hike takes three hours. Villagers say it’s been a good season so far—police have only shown up to cut plants twice. But those plants are a drop in the ocean. Ganja grows wild in the Indian Himalayas, and it’s nearly impossible to curb its illegal cultivation. After harvesting the cannabis indica, farmers spend hours slowly rubbing the resin from the plant’s flowers to create charas, a type of hashish that’s considered to
  6. After tasting "Milk of Mazar" or in Pashto "Shirak-i-Mazar" in Afghanistan, Hippies on their trail moved to land of care and taste, where hash was treated very differently and culturally. INDIA and NEPAL. Parvati valley and in the Middle Hills of mid-western Nepal inhabiting highlands extending through eastern Rukum and northern Salyan, Rolpa and Pyuthan Districts in Rapti Zone as well as Dhaulagiri and Bheri Zones exclusively did and still do only HANDRUB. When hippies came to these areas they saw something unique and special that they haven’t seen before. Landrace strain from these areas was
  7. Thank You Sir, very excited to be on this forum. Sir the biggest problem with our country is that even getting caught with cannabis paraphernalia can be a reason of waste of life in jail. So unfortunately, I will have to try to stay anonymous and wont be able to share much. You know India as a cannabis friendly country but its not. What Arjan and Franco showed in India Expedition, things are quite different now. I will be turning 50 tomorrow. I love to call my self a Hippie and after going thru this forum, I am very proud that I have completely different and traditional Cannabis culture than m
  8. Hello Amsterdam,, Love from a landrace and foriegn strain cultivator in Parvati Valley India. Back on this forum after a long time and thought that should share some GOODNESS from VALLEY of GODS. BOOM SHANKAR. I am completely medicated with this amazing Charas from Hashplant X Northern Light from Sensi seeds home bred, farm grown and rubbed by a old friend and a long time hippie. Guys amazing Indica, I tell u. I am keen to share this story, few years ago, me and one of my farmer friends, during a smoking session, had one of those stoner thoughts - "let's get see