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  1. Update: air temps- 20c - 27c light- 18h on - 6h off water/nutes - 1/4 strength Rhizotonic @ 24c. Looking thirsty just before watering. top view of the THC BOMB. Not sure if there is 2 phenotype or 3? and last is a strong and healthy Jack Herer.
  2. The best stain I have ever smoked was known in Australia as Maui Wowie, It was an unusual plant that grew extraordinary buds that smelt and tasted like REAL MANGO. I haven't seen it anywhere since the 90's. The plant was unusual in the fact that it only grew three segments on its fat indica looking leaves during growth and in flower, it had a very light green leaf with big golden buds. I have searched for years to find this strain, but i cant find it anywhere. I am sure its not the Maui Wowie that is sold at the seed banks. Apart from that its not often in Aus anyone knows what they are getting. every dodgy dealer is selling "skunk"
  3. What I will be using for this grow.
  4. A quick update of whats happened so far. I soaked 6 seeds on paper towel 4x THC BOMB 2x JACK HERER and planted one THC BOMB seed strait into a jiffy pot. All the seeds on the paper towel germinated after 48-55 hours and the seed in the jiffy was still unknown. I then planted the germinated seeds into jiffy pots and placed them under a fluro desk lamp. Within 24 hrs they had started to sprout, except for the one that was planted strait into the jiffy pot, it was the last to show its face, it took 4 days from planting to sprouting. They spent the next 4 days under the desk lamp, ( I also use this lamp for cloning, it was $15 from an office supplies shop, and it works great. I think its about 13watts ) After 4 days the roots were starting to so through the jiffy pots so it was time pot the out into 500ml pots. (I marked the JACK HERER with silver tape) 7 days after soaking they had sprouted and hardened off enough to move into the grow box under a 130watt grow lamp.
  5. Good luck bro, Interested to see how the Jack Herer's go. I just cracked some Herer beans myself. All the best
  6. Hi salvatore, My setup is a simple one. .5 x .5 x 1 germination/ grow/ mother box with a 130w fluro 1.2 x 1.2 x 2 grow tent for flowering with a 400w HPS, grow medium - 60% coco 40% perlite 2 x 200mm Axial in-line fans carbon filter. hand watering with a mix of nutrients from house & garden, canna, cyco. I start with a wet paper towel like most do, then jiffy's, once the roots start to show through the jiffy pots i pot them into 500ml small tubes then to 5L pots then to 20L pots for flowering. I like this method because it builds a strong even root mass. For the first lot through I will keep it simple with the nutrients, I wont use shooting powder or pk 13-14 so i can get a base line on the plant, then ill clone the best ones and start to push them. Now its just waiting for the beans to sprout.
  7. Hi guys, My beans have arrived from attitude and i am pumped for my upcoming grow. I have a bunch for genetics now to choose from, and I got a mix of fem and reg seeds so I can do a bit of breeding. I'm going to crack the THC BOMB & JACK HERER first because i've heard mixed reviews about the THC BOMB , some say its an A+ strain, and i want to cross the JACK HERER with my last clone of WHITE RUSSIAN. I'm starting this journal for the THC BOMB and ill make another thread for the HERER X RUSSIAN project if i get a strong male HERER. ( feels a bit strange wishing to get males, 50/50 would be nice )
  8. black ops 2 pc, i'm mad for it. anyone in Aus want to clan up?
  9. My vote is going to my fellow Aussie! Nice job Thursday.
  10. Thanks Dust, they are covered in resin and so stick to chop. The buds in the pic are from my last grow of this beautiful girl, I've grown this strain for a few years now and its a bit sad to know our time together has come to an end. I hope the new girls give me wood like my Russian ladies did.
  11. I had a very similar thing in my last grow. Calcium deficency that was fixed very easy with a few doses of trace elements. Some times calcium deficency symptoms appear from not watering enough, in this case its not calcium you need, its a more consistent watering program. Did I read your post correctly? You grow in 5-7 litre pots? You water them with .5-1.5 litres at a time? And you use a coco+ soil mix? If that is the case, imo you are not flushing the excess nutrients out and replacing them with fresh well balenced nuts. You need at least 10% run off to help wash away unused nuts, or you will end up with a excess of chemicals (eg if you plant is in flower it is not using nitrogen as much as it want p & k,so your nitrogen levels will continue to climb and they can get to toxic levels, and also effect the absorption of other chems (mostly trace elements)like calcium) All the best and I hope you get on top of it.
  12. Thanks dust, they turned out OK, not the best as it was a third gen clone. I had 3 seeds left but none germinated as they are getting old (3 years ago I got the seeds)The smoke is still very smooth and tastes great (alot like pineapple and smells like a fruit salad) but it s growth rate is starting to drop so its now time to grow something different and green house seeds are on the top of my list. I just ordered Green house Big Bang fem Strain hunters White Strawberry Skunk White Lemon Barneys Pineapple Chunk
  13. My first entry into the bud of the month competition with my White Russian. Smells great with a smooth and fruity smoke.

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