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  1. somany good strains but my old time favo is NYC diesel
  2. THANKS DUST yeah she's riping at the moment, allready tons of brown hairs, soon ill have some dry buds i got the feed about right now, so next round hopefully beter... and got my exhaust goiing outside now, much beter airflow than before soon some pics
  3. did i read that right that GHS or strainhunters are goiing to release regular seeds? sounds awesome
  4. just took a look and it got worse, watered 750 ml pure water yesterday as i did the day before (sunday) i'll let it dry out tonight, and try some BC tomorrow i gave her once the normal feed (week2) as it is shown on the shedule from plagron! thats 5 ml bloom per liter! she's now in week 4 so she's def not liking the nutes! email to plagron, they say i have to feed every watering...yea right ^^ never had it so bad, i'll 'try some budcandy tomorrow, see how it works out thanks for the tips
  5. hi iceskunk, yeah i def fed her to much, she's getting pure water now i'm using plagron as basic nutes, should work as i saw some great growss uing that line, never on lightmis tough as plagron recommends. only use piranha and budcandy from AN, damn good stuff i have to get used to the nutes, hope its go's beter next round, the FBK is really really sad at the moment... thanks for th reply iceskunk, sorry to read your story, head up mate grtz
  6. nice plants man, and buds, looks frosty and sticky
  7. please guys! not all at once... the fbk is still growing, started to flower and has buds the size of my pinkie. ec is stiil on 1.5 makes a ec+ of 0.7 as pure tapwater is 0.8 ph 6 and watertemprature 20/22 C°? aprox 1 liter a day (sometimes i skip a day) only used the Budcandy once so far tonight once again 4.6 ml bloom + 1ml pure enzym per liter ec 1.5 fed once with 0.6ml greensansation + 2.8 ml bloom ec 1.5 she def dont like the normal nutrient strenght, what strenght should i end? offtopic: planted 32 pepperstrains last weekend and have 8 mature pepper plants so far, gonne be one hot summer grtz redhot
  8. ec+ back on 0.7, had a bit to much as you see still no smell at all, compact and dont like the the nutes at all....
  9. the FBK is back on a EC+ of 0.6 at the moment, ph 6 i supercropt her yesterday, two hours later the top was allready standing up gave a shot of 5ml bloom, 1ml budcandy and 1ml enzym in 1 liter makes a ec of 1.4, tapwater is 0.80 monday she got some myco's and bloom! i must say there is no smell at all, even if i touch the leaves or rub them a bit, no smell at all, my cbh seedlings who sprouted last week has more smell. she's very indica-leaning , she streched a bit the last two weeks, but not so much as i espected( this is only my third or second indica-leaning hybrid grow, i'm used to sativa's, like chocolope, haze, diesel, grapefruit) the hairs all allready in the top of the plant, so full bloom (using greensensation and bloom) won't be far away now at last i got a new order in, containing some of the fine strainhunters and ghs genetics got afgooye, more moneymaker (thumbs up for this one) and superlemonhaze for next round also some auto's from other breeders, himalayan blue diesel and lemonskunk-auto i'm so excited bout the himalayan blue diesel, anybody grown her before? suggestions, questions,... always welcome pics coming up this weekend have a good one
  10. nice grow and harvest man! love the KK! the taste, the high,... i had about 3 difffrent pheno's and larger plants as bamhole said, really nice what u did makes me wanne grow her again
  11. what a nice pictures, that lemonn crystal looks so good, is it for sale in one of the coffeeshops?
  12. hi welcome to my growjournal i'm growing one FBK at the moment, has been on 18/6 for about a week now 2 weeks 12/12 ill try to post some pics once in 2 weeks or so, i'm ver busy ,work, school, band, growing... -11 liter light mix -plagron terra concept -AN piranha -AN budcandy -250 watt hps 330kub RKW fan (temperature controlled) tent is 50 cm - 90 cm - 140 cm ec+ 0.7 at the moment ph 6 lousy pic i just took in the dark
  13. looking good vertox
  14. thanks for your advice vertox! i'll try it out soon with 6x6l or so, i'm not growing in a tent, i have one but it doesnt fit here, builded something myself! works good, just the height, should have been a little higher have good day vertox
  15. good luck man

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