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  1. Hi Everybody, I'm doing my annual grow outdoors organically here in the UK, and now I am a member of this forum I can share some of the stages with you up to date. I found this seed in the top of an old grinder that I found in the cupboard, so I really didn't have a clue what kind of genetics it was, but I'm sure I would have kept it in there if it was a really nice smoke, when i get them I usually chuck them. I germinated the seed back in July just to give it a shot and see how it went as i hadn't purchased any seeds like I usually do. So i potted the seed into some nice soil, and a few days later it emerged out the top, with the seed case still intact around it which I thought was a bit odd. It started to sprout up nicely and was looking healthy. After a good few weeks it began to look rather Sativa like, and about two months later started to shoot white pistils so it was good news. And now it has really started to flower up with some nice white clumps of pistils and the leaves are starting to turn very frosty. Its got purple lines on the lower half of the plant so maybe it will have some nice purple nuggets forming. I'm rather excited to see what this one turns out like! I'm suprised, it looks like a hot climate plant and the UK certainly isn't the best for that. I hope that it will finish flowering at the end of October/Start of November, so my fingers are crossed for the next few weeks. Sorry some of the pictures are in Thumbnail form, don't know what went on there. I'll ad some more pictures up over the course of the next few weeks.
  2. Some really healthy looking production, take hold and seize the weather while it comes! Goodluck
  3. Thanks for a warm welcome! And yes i shall upload some pics from both current and previous grow ops, but unfortunately I will only do close up pictures, as my locations are so close to publicity, being very close to a main road and two walking paths! I will do some nice pistil shots, some nice internodal shots and some leaf development and bud development shots
  4. Hello there! Here is a great place to look for some advise!
  5. Hello from England! Would love to keep up to date with your 1st grow! Keep up the great hobby!
  6. Hello from England! Welcome to the forum! Nice to meet yet again another daily smoker. (Y)
  7. Welcome Thursday. What a nice looking garden you've developed there. Look forward to exchanging more posts in the future.
  8. Hey there, welcome to the forum also!
  9. Good luck with growing those two pukka strains! Get in touch if any advise with anything is needed!
  10. Welcome Vino, I'd love to see some pictures of those strains!
  11. Hello Tarik! I am also a new poster looking for friends here, a warm welcome to you! Morocco is an awesome place!
  12. Hello from England, my name is Alex. I have been growing outdoor guerrilla style for the past 7 years here in England, right under everyone's noses. I love the thrill of watching my plants grow, and why they grow in particular ways, and trialiing different forms of landscapes and strains. I have been following Greenhouse through my Cannabis journeys. I am pleased and proud to present myself on such a fantastic company's website.
  13. Greetings!

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