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  1. Those girls looking fine Keep up the good work
  2. Hey guys, First im going to tell you abit about myself... I feel i owe you guys because i've been here a long time on the forum. I had great conversations with the biggest stoners on here and in times of need i always had someone to talk to here. At the age of 6, Basicly, me and my sister got abused by a babysitter. We had to touch eachother whil he was watching in the doorway. Untill a point where i started realizing what i was doing was wrong and started feeling guilty about it. Ashamed of the monster i was... But talking about it helped. A few good friends i opened up to told me everything will be okay. That it wasn't my fault. I didnt know better and my parent never really payed alot of attention to me and my sister. For years i have suppressed my emotions and feelings by abusing drugs, mindlessly browsing the internet, not knowing what to do... A good 5 weeks ago i started talking about my problems, made new friends. Finally my confidence is coming back, i am able to put aside my pride and ask for help, but most importantly, i can be open and honest about myself and who i am. I am not afraid. After all of this i have this urge to start a new life somewhere. There's just to much memory's here that remind me of the past... I can dance with the demons with i cant sleep with them... Jamaica seems like the only choice. Why? You may ask yourself... We'll i love growing plants and helping people. I want enjoy life, live peacefully and help people. I think i've deserved it after everything. This letter might shock you a little, but its my story and i need to tell it in order for people to understand me... I have to mention Bob Marley & Eminem, there songs and lyrics have been such an inspiriation. I cannot thank them enough for beeing who they are. If you have any good ideas, or able to help me out getting to Jamaica and starting my new life, Please let me know. I will be forever in your debt! Peace out, Riina
  3. Your welcome Cannabissapean So here's another update​, this time only about GHK#1 After 9 days of 12/12 in a room with 850w ( 600w + 250w HPS - Distance about 90cm) i decided to make a mother out of her. The plant was topped and removed of its major fanleaves + bottom 2 branches.​​ Those 2 branches i've cut with an angle of 45° and dead center ( 5mm deep ) where the first 2 leaves were on the branch. Dipped them into cloning gel and planted in the same pot with their mother Here's the pictures GHK#1 Intially 19 Days 18/6 200w Full spectrum Then 9 Days 12/12 850w HPS Now revegging​​ in 200w Full Spectrum ​See you next time
  4. From the album GHK

  5. From the album GHK

  6. From the album GHK

  7. From the album GHK

  8. From the album GHK

  9. From the album GHK

  10. From the album GHK

  11. I used about 40% dry soil with perlite ( has been there for a year still in pot with plant remain) and 60% fresh DCM soil for vegetables . Havent fed them alot either. Along with my flower plants they get just water for now. And thanks for everyone for their oppinion Now i was thinking, i need your opinion for this one. Also can it count for contest ? I would reveg the best of the 2 GHK for a good 2-3 week and take a bunch of clones after that. Get my 30 Gallon smartpot and fill it up again, put about 30-40 clones inthere and flower 12/12 after translplant. Will need to get some clones different sizes to bend them outwards to make some extra space. Or maybe i should veg a few week also ?
  12. Btw the fly's are fake
  13. From the album Indoor 2016

  14. Bam no i didnt, They had only 2 days of 24hours light because the flower room's timer broke and as a sollution i had to use the veg rooms timer. im sure you guys can understand this
  15. From the album Indoor 2016

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