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  1. If you do an auto to a photoperiod plant you could get phenos that auto, phenos that 12/12 and some phenos that won't know what they want to do.
  2. What type of medium are you growing in? You may also have a hot soil going on that's burning it.
  3. Thanks for stopping by. This is a long time favorite gal.
  4. Are these clones off the same struggling plant you showed in the other thread? They look ph off too. I wouldn't have sprayed them with feed, I would have added the feed to the water you're soaking the plugs in. Have you checked ph during your grow? Using tap water?
  5. I say the regular flushing is messing with your ph. Flushing really only needs to be done the week or so before harvest, not on a regular basis, and it's a personal preference when it comes to flavors, not something the plant actually needs.
  6. Agreed. Cloning autos is not something that normally works out. That's why auto lovers tend to make a few seeds every run so they can keep their favorites around.
  7. I showed this gal in my intro, thought I would do a little thread on her as I have one currently in flower. This pheno is from a pack purchased in 1998 (I believe it won the cup that year), grown in 2000-2001 and been kept around every since. Currently at day 12/12 of flower. This clone is in a 3 gal bucket of ProMix BX, no additives. I use Grotek feeds, veg under T5s, flower under 1ks I've made a few crosses with this gal too. I just harvested beans crossed to my Buckeye Purple and am getting ready to slip her in a seed run with an 89 Northern Lights male.
  8. I run so many different plants that I don't really do a grow journal, I just post up pics of whatever gals are out for feed that day with what ever info applies. So not really an organize grow journal. Put these 2 starts of my own cross of Hog x GrapeGod on 12/12 last night. I made these beans about 3 years ago and so far have found some very nice ladies. I'll have to see if I can dig up some porn of some of the other ladies. I run all seed plants in 1 gals to get the feel of them before doing big plants from clone. These are in 1 gal buckets of Pro-Mix, about 45 days of veg with one topping. Plant on the right did not react well to Azamax treatment, bit of foliage issues, but it'll grow out of it.
  9. I can talk weed all day, nonstop, lol. I've been at it for a good long time. I'm a 43 years old housewife, did my first grow od when I was 17 with my uncle, next year on my own, been at it ever since. I moved totally indoors about 10 years ago. I share clones of things I want to see run outdoors with some local od friends who are good to share their guerillas with me when I need it. I'm pretty sure, from what I'm seeing in the threads, that I have very little to teach anyone here, lol.
  10. Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek. As my girls veg, when I see good spots to pinch tops, I do it. My perpetual schedule tends to give me about 60 days of veg for clones, so they get a nice long time to turn into pretty bushes while they wait to hit the flower room. For the last 3 years I've been running in 1 gallon buckets for pheno hunting/seed making purposes. But now that I have my dedicated parents for a bit, I'm able to do bigger gals, and I'm very happy about it. The Jack is super pretty buds and smoke, but sensitive like old Jack can be. I have to watch her feed close, and as soon as I see brown tips stop the nutes. She doesn't like treatments for pests at all, if I have any issue I have to treat her outside the regular flower room with pyrethrins only.
  11. Awesome porn. Excellent work!
  12. Also out for feed today was my 98 Sensi Jack Herer, she's at day 9
  13. I think I've got the right spot here. I run lots of different strains from lots of different seed makers, and from my own seed makings of course. Currently I run a 98 SSH that I'll start a little grow thread on in the GHS flowering forum. I think this is the right spot to toss up pics of my other gals. This is Buckeye Green at day 22. She's one of my own workings. She's in a 3 gal bucket of ProMix BX, I use no additives. I follow the GroTek feed wheel, with a few little tweaks of course. All my vegging is done under T5s, flowering under 1K.
  14. Thanks for the welcome. I'm one of those who likes to try everything, so right now in my stable I only have the 98 SSH. And no matter who the breeder is, all porn is good porn! lol.
  15. Nothing better than new babies in the house. Good luck!

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