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  1. From the album My Mamas

    Here are my Motherplants, the Jack Herer on the left, just "gave" 16 Clones before the Picture was taken.

    © Alpine Jedi

  2. Hei there! A short up from my side on the Sweet Tooth as well as on the "curing" of the AMS. For the curing I use a technic I found on an other Website and works pretty awesome for a scale as I have (300-600g a Harvest). And this is how it is done: You let your Buds try, until they are "crusty" but the stems are still flexible. Then you put them in a glass with a Hygro/Termometer. You try to reach a Humidity of 65-60%, if it is higher you "dry it down" slowly by letting the glass stay around opened. If you have reached the humidity of 60-65% you let the glass stay in the dark for 6-10 days. Then you open the glass for a short period (maybe an hour) and repeat the process (let it stay in the dark for 6-10). I do this for maybe one and a half months (6-7Weeks). The Weed changes it optical appearance from a dark green to a light brown-green. Also the taste changes massively! The sweet notes come trough and "chlorophyll" taste vanishes completely even after a short period of time. I tried different temperatures since the original tutorial don't mention anything about it. The tests are still going, but as far as I can say now, seems a temperature between 12-18°C the best. I post a photo of the AMS on their Day 1 in the Glasses, and then I will post one when the process is done. So the color-change becomes clearly visible. If someone is interested in the full Tut, I can search an post the link. The Sweet Tooth: They are now in their flowering Day 9, (Picture is from day 4) and it seems to be a really compact plant. After 9 Days of flowering there is only a minimum of stretch. The Plants growed approximately 5cm, and started same as the AMS between 40-45cm tall. But I like the bushiness of the Strain, Sidebranches everywere! Hash 1.0 Also I made some hash from the AMS after a Tut from a friend of mine who worked in the fields of Marocco for nearly a decate . The hash goes also in to a curing process, but on a much higher temperature and for at least 90 days before it get pressed. So I hope you enjoy the reading, the pictures and I hope my English isn't to bad ;-). May the force be with you!
  3. Thanks Dust! Yes I can't wait to try them,but first things first: the curring. So I have to wait at least a month. I like the colors as well, my cuttings are violett-blue-green instead of just green. :-) looking forward to making a bit hash out of it. And important! This won't be the end of my report :-) there are 2 Strains left to go ^^. So see you at the next Update!
  4. Hei Community! New Years Eve whas harvest Time! 6 of the 10 Plants where ready after 53 Days of flowering the trichomes where 2/3 White and 1/3 Brown. The other 4 Plants witch got "lollipoed" the most needed 3 Days more and where ready after 56 flowering days or as I said at new years eve. The smell durring the harvest was once agian incredible! Can't wait to test a few Buds! The Buds are now in the Drybox or already in the "curing-Glasses" so I can control the humidity on an individual Level. I also got like 50g dry "skuff-materials" or cuttings, witch I am going to dry and turn in to traditional Maroc-hash. A full taste/smell & turn review will come after the buds curred. The Sweet Tooth Clones are now at their flowering day 2 so everything works as planed so far. And now the Pictures, shoot right before the harvest. So I hope everyone had a happy new year and I wish you all the best for the coming one!
  5. Thanks for the kind words! I love the cristals on this Strain, sometimes it looks like i had a snowstorm in my tent . The Kingbuds now have about beerbottle size and getting fatter evrery day. I am no on my Plane to NYC, so my next update will be around new jears eve when I plan to harvest. And of corse I will wright a "taste, smell & turn"-rewiev when the curring is done :-).
  6. Hey Community! Sorry for my long absence, but here I am back with a short Update on the Ladies: The A.M.S. Clones are preforming very well. The stand now in their flowering Day 44 and I like the smell a lot! Also my Sweet Tooth Clones from one of my mothers are ready to gap in until the Jack Herer mature to a proper size where I can cut enough Clones at ones. But I let the pictures speak for themselves. :-)
  7. Hey there Forum! Short Update on the ladies before I pack my backs for the HTC, The AMS are now in their 15 day of flowering. The stretch was between 300-350%, which leaves me with plants between 140 up to 170cm. Also the first flowers are now clearly visible. At the moment the still get Water with an EC 0.4 and PH 6.5. Still not looking like they need fertilizer any time soon. But I let the Pictures talk for themselves. :-) I also "lollipoped" the Ladies a little bit because the lowest branches didn't got any light and are wasting energy. The AMS Mother I have, now starts showing some sights of nitrogen lack. She now got 1.5ml/L BioServa "Grow" at an EC of 1.3 and PH of 6.3. I hope she will feel better soon. I don't have to take any Clones from here any time soon, but I want her to have a long life ahead. If you have an Input how I can get her fixed faster I would be very greatfull. The Jack Herer is doing very well. She got topped 4 Days ago, and will get a new Pot of a volume of 6.5L end of this Week. So I should have her ready to take the first Clones in about a month. As always thank you for reading, helping and leaving a comment! May the force be with you!
  8. @Dust: I totally hear you about the Jack, feels like my Little "pet-plant" Thank also for looking over my shoulder a bit, even though I do this now for 6 years strait, I sometimes feel like a "bloody Young Padawan" I will Keep updating I promise , and I will be in Dam from the 26th to the 29th to "stash up" my Seed-stash at the HTC, I would love to have a talk in Person with some People with the same interests. ;-) "Experience is what you got when you didn't get what you wanted" Howard Marks
  9. Hey there! Short update on the ladies: The AMS Clones are now in their flowering Day 6 and start showing first pre-flowers. After 6 Days the Stretch is about a 100%. The tall ladies how started flowering with 50-55cm are now about 100-110cm tall. The plants are still on an EC of 0.4-0.5 and PH-Level of 6.5 with no fertilizer added. The Jack Herer is one of the fastest seeds i planted ever, after just 11 Day of Vegetation she is about 14cm tall and already made 6 branches. End of this Week I will top her the first time, for the prevented "Bonsai-cutting" as mentioned before. After a few more days she will be put in her new 6.5L Container. So I can form her as I want to. Attached a few Pictures I hope you enjoy! "May the force be with you, Young padawan"
  10. Hello Forum! Short Update on the ladies, 10 AMS Clones were transfered into the "Floweringtent" below the 400W HPS lamp 48 hours ago. So they are no at the end of flowering day two. At the moment the temperature is between 25.5°-27°C when the light is on and between 18°-22°C at nighttime. Humidity stays between 35%-43% in the flowering tend and between 45%-55% in my vegetation room. The Irrigation water stays at the moment on EC: 0.4 and PH:6.5, I wont use fertiliser until the ladies show that they are "hungry". The newest member of my little family the Jack Herer, is at vegetation day 8. I will wait about two weeks before I start toppin her, to give here the shape of a "Bonsai". Attached as allways a few pictures, for Inputs, tipps, tricks and suggestions I thank you in advance! May the Force be with you! Young Padawan..
  11. Thank you for moving the Thread! I am a little disoriented somwtimes. Don't know where that comes from ;-). Thank you for the kind words! I found my path here after an e-mail conversation with you about Seeds and meeting you at the HTC this year. ;-) And no I am here to show "the force is strong with me" haha^^. Litte Update on the Ladies to: the AMS will start their flowering period today. I am thrilled . "Do or don't do! There is no try!" - Yoda
  12. Hello Community! I thought I post a few Updates to my grows I will have this year. I work with the following System: Vegetation: 200x400x150cm Room 2x 110w HCI lamps 1x 96w HCI lamp 2l & 6l Pots with Gold Label "Light Mix Special" Water: EC 0.4 PH: 6.3 Flowering: 100x100x200cm "Home Box" L 400W HPS "Hammerschlag" with EVG 6.5L Pots with Gold Label "Special Light Mix Fertilizer: Plagron Alga "Blom" (Organic Ferilizer) Water: EC 1.3 PH: 6.0 I startet with my "Motherplants" in September, begin of Oktober i "harvestet" the first 10 Clones of my AMS Plant. They are now about 43cm tall, and will be starting their flowering period end of this week. Attached you will find Pictures of the Motherplants on Vegetationday 73 and on the second one the AMS Clones at Day 28: I will Keep updating in 6 Day periods if you have Inputs, Questions or improvements I willl be very greatfull! May the force be with you!

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