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  1. Haha, @R.G.S. If the Earth's poles switch their positions, you won't need a compass to realize that. There will be plenty of other chaos as evidence.
  2. The brown spots are explained in the first post at the top of this thread. Here is a link to the top of this thread... https://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/14118-cannabissapeans-testgrow-of-kongs-krush-and-cloudwalker/
  3. BEDZ, editing in photo album doesn't work, because the rotation in photo album works only for the "display" of that photo on your device when viewed through that photo album. What you need to do is open the photo in a photo-editor like "Paint" (or some other photo-editor). There you can perform the rotation, but then you must "SAVE" the photo under a different name. Only then will the rotation be saved under the new file-name. And now, you will need to be sure to upload this "NEW" photo to the forum, not the "old" photo.
  4. Everything looks just fine. Don't worry about those yellowing leaves lower down, perfectly normal. Cute pretty kitty...
  5. Usually, you should be able to find the instructions with the seller online. But if not, here is the way it works by my experience: 1. You must be very clean with everything you do. 2. Best is to use distilled water to prevent introduction of any contamination that may be in your tap water. 3. Barely open the lid and pour in distilled water to wet the substrate completely. Close the lid and let it soak for about 15 minutes. 4. After 15 minutes, barely open the lid again and tip it to drain away excess water. Do not allow the substrate to fall out of the pl
  6. Pink Floyd - "Echoes" Pompeii
  7. Yes, the white spots do indicate that there is something eating the leaf. Most likely spider-mites or small caterpillars or white-flies. The white spots indicate that the pest is eating or sucking juices from the underside of the leaf. Either of these pests are difficult to eradicate, but it is possible. If it is caterpillars, you will see the tiny caterpillars and their tiny black balls of caterpillar shit at various locations on the plant. If it is spider-mites, you will begin to see fine white webs on the underside of the leaves with groups of tiny orange or brown mites
  8. @edouble2369, welcome to StrainHunters. Whenever you are ready, please do start your first journal. Best place to start is click on "Browse", then scroll down to "Grow Journals Indoor", click there. Then find "Start New Topic", click in and give it a title, then add a few Tags (Keywords) separated by commas. Then begin writing... Add pictures from your computer by scrolling down inside any text editor and clicking on "choose files"... When ready to submit a post, click on "Save" or "Submit". You can always change anything by clicking on "Edit" found
  9. 1600 Watts in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent is approaching the simulation of growing Cannabis on the sunny side of the planet Mercury. not really... Sorry BEDZ, just kidding... I just thought that that sounded funny, so I had to write it.
  10. Long stems. But that's still OK. Take good care of them, and at the next up-potting, you can bury them right up to the baby leaves and they will develop new roots along those long stems. If you provide a slight breeze/air movement in the grow area, that can help them to strengthen their stems.
  11. @MalikaAh, you make very nice close-up pictures. So far, the pictures show that the plant is not yet ready to flower, but that it is growing and maturing and preparing to enter the pre-flowering phase. For me, it is still too early for me to determine its sex. Patience, bro. It will come with time.