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  1. Hey really nice job and pics, @Flogrown66. Nice mini-growjournal / 2 posts. Your results look really good. Now that you have again found your password, stay with us and return from time to time. We look forward to further journals from you if you want to post them. Please feel free to read through some of our journals, and join in on our discussions if you want to. Happy smoking! P.S. Flogrown66, if you use the symbol "@" before a member's name (and also "click" in the pop-up), it will tag that name in such a way that that member will be notified that you mentioned them in that post. That will encourage them to go to that thread to read what is being said about them in that thread. Often, that results in the conversation going further. I will do it here for you so that @OG.Naj and @Catwoman will both receive a Notification that you had mentioned them (in this case, that I had mentioned them). They might respond to you within this thread or maybe also in a private message to you. Wait and see. This is just an example to demonstrate for you one of the features of this forum. There are many many more tricks to learn here. Another very important feature is called "follow". Let me know if you want to know more about the "follow" feature or any other features of the forum.
  2. You fellows are fun to read... LOL I too, with time and age, have determined that too much drinking is less fun than drinking with measure. If I drink too late in the day, then my sleep is disturbed. But, if you are still wishing to try a good wine, I have found two very nice red wines that I hold in my cellar as my house wines. They are: "Bobal" and "Dornfelder". Both are distributed by Pallhuber Wine Distributor here in Germany. You can easily Google "Pallhuber Wein" if you are interested. They do deliver to your home within Germany; I do not know whether they deliver outside Germany. You just have to ask them. Tell them that a good friend with a cellar full of Bobal and Dornfelder recommended them to you. As I understand it (please forgive me if my understanding is incorrect): The Dornfelder is a purely German wine. The Bobal is Spanish-grown, then barrel-matured under German management.
  3. Oh, yeah. That's an even better idea.
  4. @HmP D, how did your harvest go? Or are they still blooming? Post some pictures if you can.
  5. @Sensation, I am very pleased to see that you have become a regular poster here in StrainHunters. I agree that the location in Thailand does pose a bit of a problem for strict photoperiod plants like most of the Cannabis strains that the rest of us are accustommed to.. However, I also believe that Cannabis is a plant that can rapidly change (evolutionary-speaking), and there may already be some strains of Cannabis that may have already adapted to near-equatorial photoperiods. One comes to mind: The strain Zamal from the Island of Reunion has become the landrace of that island. Reunion is not as close to the equator as Thailand, but it is closer than most of Europe, I think. There may be some other landraces originating from areas even closer to the equator. Maybe some other members here can make some suggestions. I do not think that StrainHunters has yet collected the Zamal strain. As I understand it, the islanders who have it are very stingy with it; like they don't want anyone else to have access to their Zamal landrace strain. @Sensation, welcome to StrainHunters.
  6. Being that you are in a northern latitude, I would expect that you will germinate your seeds and vegg them indoors for a few weeks before setting them outside. Have you yet determined a timeframe for the germination? And will you allow us to see your germination methods and indoor vegging progress? I ask because I don't want to miss any part of this journal.
  7. @g22 and @OG.Naj, I will definitely try the BioEnhancer for germination. When I do so in my next journal, I shall show you my paper towel method. I rarely have any problem with drying-out. Thrips: I had earlier been topping my soil with a layer of clean sand. The sand makes it difficult for the adult thrips to get into the soil, and the sand makes it difficult for the newly hatched thrips to get out of the soil. I had heard that the sharp edges of coarse sand cause problems for thrips. But just recently, I noticed when Mycorrhizzae grows exceptionally thick (as with the use of the GHS BioProducts), then the thrips are significantly reduced.
  8. Your outdoor grow looks wonderful. If that picture is really from January, then you are certainly located somewhere near the equator or in the southern hemisphere. Keep posting and keep us informed how it harvests and smokes.
  9. Thank you very much for your answers and input, @g22 and @gasmeter. I am pleased to hear of the possibility that the xseed soak and maybe also the BioEnhanser soak may have anti-pathologic effects when treating seeds for germination. If that is actually true, then perhaps OG.Naj may be interested to hear about that. I wonder whether any clinical evidence of this effect has been collected. I did a quick check of the Spannabis website to look at the list of Presenters. GreenHouse has one of the biggest booths, of course. I looked to see if "xseed" or B.A.C. were among the Presenters, but I did not find them. When I googled "xseed from B.A.C.", I did find their website. Whooh!, 45€ for such a small bottle seems expensive. Since I already have a bag of BioEnhancer, I think I will try that first.
  10. Hee hee, I had heard that OG means "original gangster".
  11. WoW! Nice start @g22. Will definitely be watching this journal. And already, I have questions: 1. The seed packet stated "42 / 100", and the caption stated "in collab LIMITED EDITION with the Strain Hunters". Do you know with whom Strain Hunters had collaborated to develop these seeds? 2. You mentioned that the seeds soaked 1 hour in something called "xseed". Is that perhaps a mixture of the BioEnhancer? Or is that some other product?
  12. @R.G.S, @gasmeter, @ShaggyGrower, I did not receive a direct acknowledgement from Jose regarding that Spammer that we had discussed above, but I did notice that the Report Case had been "Completed", therefore I believe that Jose agreed with us and dispatched the Spammer for us. Again, friends, thank you for helping to keep our forum free from that abuse.
  13. You were right, @gasmeter. I just got a message from Jose, that the seeds were not sent out, but that a "new test" is in the works. I guess we must just stay tuned. OK, Jose, I'll start holding my breath.............................. now... P.S.: I have been practicing with the Bio-Line (BioGrow and BioEnhancer). I have also experienced the growth of the beneficial Mycorrhizae on the surface if the soil. That growth has produced another benefit that I had not expected. It has stopped or reduced the infestation of thrips.!
  14. Welcome to StrainHunters, @Akman89. We look forward to your journals. Let us know if you need help getting started.
  15. @Wcox420, how is your search for knowledge going, buddy? If you are growing, open a journal and show us.

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Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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