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  1. BMG, have patience. You may be surprised what she yields. One of my worst runts (during the GreenHouse Kush Contest) remained with just 2 deformed true leaves for 4 weeks before it finally decided to grow further. She eventually became THE largest of my GH Kushes in that contest grow. Besides, did you say that you transferred her to coco in hopes of correcting a deficiency? Hmmm, coco is virtually devoid of nutrients, so if she recovered, then it could be that she simply finally decided to grow her roots, and conditions like pH had somehow corrected themselves over time and she was finally able to use what was available to her within the rootball soil. In coco, you will have to feed her similarly to the schedule used in hydro grows.
  2. Welcome to StrainHunters, S.mokee74. I had never heard of Mills Nutrients, so I googled them to find them. Interesting, they claim to manufacture all their products in Holland, but they do not sell any of their product in Europe. Their website seems to indicate that their sales are only through retailers located in Oregon and maybe California or Washington State. Furthermore, since in their website, there is no acknowledgement of the cannabis plant at all, they are possibly ashamed or afraid to acknowledge their participation in the cannabis industry, and it could be that their fertilizer products are not fine-tuned to the cannabis plant. Their nutrients may be more suited to growing Tulips and other decorative plants. That is a scary proposition for cannabis enthusiasts whose intent for the plant is consumption (smoking, vaping or eating). Fertilizers for some decorative plants can have poisonous or undesireable results if used for edible plants. Therefore, I would say that scant few cannabis growers might even know that Mills Nutrients exists. And until they begin demonstrating cannabis-specific testing results and cannabis-specific pride, I expect that most cannabis growers will be avoiding them.
  3. To find the following link, click on "Products" at the top of any forum page, then click on "Buy cannabis seeds", wait for the online store to load in. Then, click on "feminized seeds" in the left menu. Find the strain you are interested in, and click on it. The description usually includes its lineage. And found another from Leafy that confirms exactly the lineage described by GreenHouse Seeds: Differences in phenotypes I haven't yet found published anywhere. So, if you do cultivate a lot of these originating from a bunch of seeds, then maybe YOU could publish a MoneyMaker Phenotype Report for us to read in this forum...
  4. This link reviews 25 different grow-LEDs:
  5. Another 2017 LED Review:
  6. 2017 LED Review:
  7. Welcome to Strain Hunters, Mac McDank. I think you will enjoy the yield of MoneyMaker. I was delighted by how well its flowers swelled and filled-out in its final weeks.
  8. That appears to be a Calcium deficiency. Add a little Cal-Mag+Fe to next feeding.
  9. LedCherryBerry, meet one of my heros. He may be your hero already, but if not, I am happy to introduce you to him:
  10. While I was reading your post, I couldn't help but to question whether your exhaust ventilator might not be working. Then I finally read the last line, which confirmed my assumption. Exhaust ventilation would solve virtually all those problems, I think. Additionally, if you were to regulate the exhaust fan (on-off and/or fast-slow) based on input from sensors (ie., temperature, humidity, time-of-day, etc.), you could refine the results that the exhaust fan creates. Besides that, simply having an exhaust fan will improve conditions for your plants by providing them with a constant supply of ambient CO2 that seeps in from the outside. Without an exhaust fan, the CO2 inside the tent is quickly depleted by the plant, causing photosynthesis to simply stop until the next time the tent is opened.
  11. Rool Ravatar, Reggy
  12. Ah, that explains it. She looks great and perfectly timed for the transplant.
  13. Rour Reed Rearry Rooks Rood, Reggy. I had often wondered if Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo had had anything to do with cannabis. Well, I found pictures that show that outside the studio, they certainly did. You need an Avatar, ShaggyGrower. Maybe look here if you are so inclined to remain with the theme of Shaggy and Scooby-Doo. LOL
  14. No, no, no, my friend. I'm not gonna let you get away with saying shit like that about yourself. You're a wonderful person.
  15. Thanks for the labelling. I shall pull up a chair in your grow-area and watch this journal. Regarding the double-posting: It happens from time-to-time, even to me too. I haven't figured out what the glitch is. But it's no problem; most of us are already accustomed to that happening. If is listening, I haven't found a way to delete double-postings without deleting the entire thread, so I won't touch it. If you know how to delete a single post without deleting the entire thread, please enlighten me in Messages or in the Moderator Room. And by the way, I still cannot upload any .jpg's from my computer. I still find no upload buttons on my text- or edit-pages. By the way, @GreenKiwi, are you going to grow these indoor or outdoors. I know the weather where you are at this time of year will be excellent for an outdoor grow.
  16. Intresting color-variation in that root-ball. (white roots / tan roots) (Even the soil appears to be of different colors) Any idea what caused that?
  17. Uhh, my friend, the hairs are the Pistils. The nearly microscopic sacks of fluid all over the leaves of the flowers are the Trichomes. Pistils are normally white, then can begin to turn colors (yellow, pink, red, brown) as they die. Trichomes start clear, then turn cloudy, then turn amber as they mature. For either, I imagine there could definitely be variations on the colors, depending on the strain, nutrients or environmental conditions. Here is an interesting read about the anatomy of cannabis flowers. It even discusses the processes that are occurring in the flower during the time that the pistils are changing colors. I thought you might like this: deficiency? genetics? Could be either. Could be both. I don't know. Do your best. I know you will.
  18. Ahahahahaaaa! Jose! That's great!
  19. Ahh, thanks for that tip on GroWell.
  20. Reviewing that site, it appears that they do not sell online? Is that right? It further appears that these products are available for purchase only through Stockists inside the UK alone. Good luck to them. Maybe they will expand in the future. Shaggy, I did not intend to confuse you. But as you see in their chart, "Add Water", Shogun does in a way indicate a reduction in nutrient feeding. I could be wrong, but I do not remember seeing anything like that in most any other chart by other nutrient manufacturers. So, kudos to Shogun. Hopefully, ALL nutrient manufacturers will begin to follow suit and start to acknowledge fully in their charts the need for flushing and the need for allowing the plant to continue for a COUPLE WEEKS AFTER THE FLUSH in order to optimize the final product. Time will tell. Nutrient manufacturers would love for everyone to think that there is nothing wrong at all with their products and that their products can be used from start to chop without any worries. And for the most part, you can use the nutrients all the way to the end if you want to. Just be aware that not flushing and not allowing the plant to cleanse itself will result in higher amounts of salts and metals in the plant. Remember also that in nature, the plant must struggle and send roots farther and deeper to find its nutrients. Whereas in our grows, whether indoor or outdoors, when we feed with nutrients, we are basically saturating the plant with nutes. I remember the explanation from @NVmedclosetgrower where he described that all these metals with which we are saturating our plants are the same metals found in the head of matches. They are the same metals found in various explosives. If these metals are allowed to remain in the plants in sufficiently high concentrations, when the dried product is later burned, the result is sparking and popping. (In the old days, that was always explained away as "Oh, a seed exploded". Maybe so, but today, we try to grow sensimilla, so if sparking and popping continues when no seeds are present, that can only mean excessive metals.) Experienced growers have learned to tell the difference. When I open-up an older jar of cannabis where I had not yet learned to flush thoroughly, I can smell that chemical smell... like walking into a chemical factory. When I open a jar of a product that was properly flushed, I smell the invitation, "Smoke me! Vape me!". The non-flushed products just don't have that same inviting smell. Another indication of properly flushed product is, when it is smoked, it burns well and the ash is white or lighter-colored. A product that is not properly flushed is difficult to burn or difficult to keep burning while smoking, and the ash is dark to black in color. Shaggy, thanks for posting the Shogun information. And good luck with the upcoming harvest. The plants look great.
  21. Nice wake-up today. Set me in motion...
  22. And thank you for posting Jose Cervante's chart. That's one of the best I've ever seen.
  23. Haha, at first I thought you were talking about @Cindy. Then I remembered that you named your plants. LOL Yes, I agree. It appears that your plant has iron deficiency. You will not go wrong adding a little Cal-Mag with iron. Just don't overdo. I noticed that you haven't posted into the following thread created by @BlackMagickGenetics. BMG had posted some excellent charts in that thread, to include a deficiency chart. Enjoy:
  24. They look very pretty, man. But I definitely would not chop them at this time. You just fed them again last Tuesday with full strength nutes, and since then, you haven't flushed. If you chop them now, they will be harsh to smoke. If it were me, I would flush them with cool tap water (3-times the pots volume), then continue 2 more weeks feeding only pH'd water until the chop. Doing that, they should swell a bit more, but most importantly, the plant will rid its tissues of excessive salts and minerals, making the final product sweeter to smoke. You could let them go a little longer if it seems they are still swelling and you still have no amber trichomes, but I would guess definitely not longer than 2 more weeks.
  25. LOL, we are the Stoner's Kitchen. T-Shirts coming soon...

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