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  1. Interesting. I don't know the answer to your question, but I have a few for you: 1. Did your generous friend say what strain those seeds are? 2. Did he say whether those are normal seeds or are they feminized seeds? 3. Do those white lines run down the middle of each half-shell? Or do those white lines run down the center-line axis of the seed (along the front and back of the seam, called the raphe)? [Whether the front (anterior?) or back (posterior?) of the raphe have different names, I do not yet know.] While performing research in order to better formulate my questions above, I ran across a website that you may find interesting if you are curious about seed anatomy. (I performed a simple search for "anatomy of a seed"): Judging by your picture above and my understanding of sexing cannabis seeds based on previously viewed charts of cannabis seeds, I would expect that the top 4 seeds will yield male plants, and the bottom 4 seeds will yield female plants. 4. It would certainly be interesting to know for sure. Could you please segregate them and mark them (all the way to their final pots) according to my presumption so that you can test that hypothesis? [ M? M? M? M? F? F? F? F? ] Good luck with the germination, and do keep us posted.
  2. Amazing what changes occur over the course of 6 weeks. Looking good, frenchmango.
  3. Doing Ok, BMG. Currently 4 weeks into flowering with 1 TrainWreck and 1 Hawaiian Snow flowering nicely. And currently 2 weeks along with 2 MoneyMakers just in pre-flowering stadium, but battling spider-mites. Hey, I reviewed your journal here again. You have some nice charts in here. Thank you for posting those. The chart of Cannabis deficiencies and the chart of the EC-to-PPM conversion charts are especially nice. I have some questions for you: 1. I would like to add both of those charts to my grow-library. Can you tell us the URL-source for those charts so that others can also download them? 2. On 29 October 2016, you began this thread saying that you were currently working to reverse your plant, then on 30 Oct 2016, you said that you had just (again) sprayed the plant with a silver colloid solution. a. Were you using a homemade silver colloid solution, or was it purchased? b. If it was homemade, can you tell us how you made it? c. If it was purchased, can you enlighten us with its brand-name/model number and where it can be purchased? d. And when did you begin to spray that plant, and how many times did you spray it before it had definitely shown its reversal by the 25th of November 2016? Thank you. Cannabissapean
  4. Condolence Board for Franco Loja: Click on the link. When the page loads in, then scroll down to leave your message.
  5. No, BMG, I'll leave the outlines of the last 2 videos to each viewer to do that for himself. It's not so difficult a job. Regarding the first 7 videos, I felt it was important to outline them so that new growers can see that great success with growing cannabis is not by accident. It takes planning and preparation to have the kind of success that this grower had had. And it must also be understood that not all recipes and techniques work the same for each grower. Each grower has his own environmental issues and growing restrictions to deal with. To reach the highest level of success requires dialing-in one's set-up and also dialing-in one's own monitoring and knowledge of the cannabis plant and participation in the process. The grower above didn't develop his techniques overnight. His presentation is certainly the result of many hours of research and study, along with a number of years of practice. I value that highly.
  6. You guys are a LAUGH-RIOT!!!!! My ribs are hurting so bad from laughing... cowhide... hahahaaaa ingredients ON the pizza-dough BEFORE baking it.... ROFLMAO... Oh God, I neeed some fresh air...
  7. Bottom-watering is often used for mediums like Mapito or Rockwool or coco, (ebb-N-flow techniques). Depending on how you have filled your soil pots, it may or may not be appropriate in your case, so you are right to be careful. The main thing about bottom-watering soil pots is understanding that the pot of soil should sit in the water for only a limited amount of time, thereafter, it must be allowed to drain away completely and then partially dry-out before the next watering session. To avoid such problems, the botttom 10 to 20% of the pot could be lined with a substrate that sheds water, such as coarse lava-rock. Such a lining allows water to drain away much more quickly, and oxygen can reach the lower root areas more quickly.
  8. I am running two 270-Watt multi-wavelength LED lamps, each with ninety 3-Watt LEDs. My average distance to canopy is 30 to 40 cm. But the plants have grown even closer (within 20 cm) without any problems. If the buds stretch within 10 cm, that's when I begin to notice drying problems on the buds. It seems that I too have defeated my spider mites. However, I had sprayed using pyrethrine, and I had used every day or two the humidity spike technique as I had used successfully before. I am convinced that this humidity spike technique works well. Of course, it can only be spikes in humidity because long duration of high humidity will certainly lead to bud rot.
  9. Fish can produce waste by-products that the cannabis plant enjoys in the flowering stage.
  10. Stanley, I'm looking forward to your journal.
  11. Sorry, I am not an NFT grower. Here is a link to some of our official grow reports on Money Maker. "Teach them"? Do you mean LST or supercropping or SCRoG techniques? "70-30"? Sorry, I am having a bit of difficulty understanding your questions.
  12. Stanley67, Welcome to Strain Hunters. So, what tips are you seeking?
  13. This is a very good algae eater. I have two of them. They are now 7 years old and still very active.
  14. LedCherryBerry, I guess I owe you an apology. It appears that my advice regarding defeating mites is exactly wrong. According to the following link, mites like it moist and have difficulties in the dry. (But my infestation occurred in the dry. I am a bit confused now.) But maybe it is the "wild humidity swings" that works. I just don't know. Anyway, here is the link I found. It seems to have lots of good information about identifying and battling pests.
  15. Oh, man, get as many as possible, both the spiders and the ladybugs! The ladybugs don't hurt when they bite. LOL I wish I could have them here. I would definitely try to breed them. If they get out of your tent, most of the ladybugs will wind-up at the sunny window. Some of them will crawl into cracks in the walls, ceilings, and baseboards. If you're lucky, they'll lay some eggs so you can have a new batch next Spring. S3: Are the red tips dried out? (Look with a lupe or digital microscope.) If they are drying out, then the plant might be heading into early shut-down. Hopefully you are also seeing new white hairs that remain moist and supple. If you want to help the trichome production, you can add to each liter of feeding solution a teaspoon (not Tablespoon) of unsulphered molasses (~1ml). The molasses will also act to feed the beneficial bacteria and fungus in the soil.
  16. Money Maker is a good choice. It works well using many methods. You can top after the 3rd or 4th node and just let her go... You can top after the 2nd or 3rd node and then top each node that results to create 8 colas. Of course with this method, you will need to tie down each top to the rim of the pot and hold them there.
  17. Green algae is not so bad, but if it were red or brown algae, that would be bad. Red algae produces toxins that kill green plants and fish. To help prevent the growth of algae in this tank, you need to stop light entering through the white plastic. Wrap a blanket or black plastic around the tank. These brewers tanks are expensive. A cheaper alternative would be a plastic storage box with a lid available at your local home improvement center. They are available in opaque colors like dark gray or black to prevent algae. The brewers tank would be a perfect CO2 generator. You could clean it out and then brew your own wine that produces CO2. Or you could load it with yeast and sugar and make CO2. Pipe the CO2 that comes out of the brew into your grow area. Just an idea.
  18. Yes, I know what you mean. To do it right, one must pay close attention on a daily basis to detect problems and react quickly. I just made a mistake and forgot to check for just one day, now I am hit with a spider-mite infestation. Battling that by removing large amounts of pre-flowers and entire stems with pre-flowers, very disappointing loss, and aggressive spraying with pyrethrin. Shucks! That's all it takes, just one day's lack of attention.
  19. Chopping the sick plant is the right choice. Now I have spider mites for the first time in over 2 years. Darn it! I found them on one of my Money-Makers on the second day after putting her in the flower tent; she had just sprouted her first female hairs. I had to virtually rape her, removing heavily infested bud-sites and stems covered with webs. Then I mixed a heavy dose of pyrethrin and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed until she was sopping wet. I sprayed all the other plants in the flower tent too (a Hawaiian Snow and a Trainwreck). Thankfully, they had only just begun to start their flowers. Four hours later, I sprayed her again along with another companion Money-Maker (not yet infested) until both were sopping wet. We'll see what happens. I had put those 2 Money-Makers into the flower tent 2 days ago. Just before they entered the flower tent, I had removed and harvested 2 other Money-Makers. They were so sticky and stinky that the smell remained on me and IN me for a couple days. During the harvest, whenever I had accidently removed a fanleaf that had trichomes, I would eat the frosty base of those fanleaves. That is what surprizingly stayed in my body-taste for so long. It was sooo delicious, made for some good sleeping. I am really looking forward to trying these Money-Makers after they are cured.
  20. But you are learning what not to do. That will make things better for the future seeds.
  21. Guanogusano, I cannot determine the strain, but I will say you have done a wonderful job growing that plant, especially considering the small pot size and the fact that you are where you are (lattitude). Also, the weather this year had to have helped a great deal, with the unusually long summer-like weather this year. I wish I could grow outdoors, but my neighbors are a bit nosey, and my wife would raise hell.
  22. If you burn at 428°F, you will destroy most of the Cannabinoids, and you will coat the inside of your alveolae with mostly carbon and ash.
  23. Peacemaker420, This forum is here to educate persons about cannabis. If one desires to learn, he can learn how to grow cannabis by studying this forum. This forum does not sell marijuana, nor do we help you to buy marijuana. If you must have marijuana and you do not wish to grow it for yourself, then all that is left for you is the risky proposition of getting your weed from the streets. Trading or arranging for trading is not allowed in this forum.

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