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  1. Next expedition? Hmmm, don't know. You're in the Phillipines. Has Dutuerte stopped murdering people for growing and smoking?
  2. And your grow-space smells like ass? Aren't you ventilating the grow-space with an exhaust ventilator to the outside? If not, you might become vulnerable to mold. Another benefit to ventilating away to the outside is that it ensures that fresh air (with the needed CO2) is coming into the grow-space.
  3. Oh yeah, pyrethrin is also a good chemical-based pesticide, just remember not to apply it within 2 or 3 weeks of harvest. And be sure to flush a plant at least 2 weeks before harvest so the plant can rid itself of some of the pyrethrin that it has absorbed. The use of alcohol (any alcohol) on the plants is unknown to me. I use isopropyl alcohol ONLY to clean instruments before touching the plants. Where did you hear of using alcohol on the plant? (I would be afraid that the alcohol might hurt the plant.)
  4. Oh, I almost forgot. You can also fight spidermites with wild humidity fluctuations. Seal-up your tent with a couple wet towels hanging inside so that it gets very humid with the lights on for one day. Then during lights off, remove the source of humidity and let the tent return to normal humidity (so that mold wont start). Repeat after about 3 days. Spidermites like it dry. They hate the humidity.
  5. Jankahar, you defined it so much simpler and finer than I did. Thanks LOL You could work for Merriam-Webster.
  6. he he heeeee
  7. Ahaaa! Tut mir Leid. I' hab' falsch verstehen. LOL
  8. I don't know what brands are available to you in Italy, but there are pesticide sprays that work against spider mites. I remember specifically the brand Neudorff. You should be able to find same or similar products at a local garden center or home improvement center. Here we have stores: Dehner or Toom or Bauhaus or Baywa or Obi where they can be bought. I don't think you need to start over. Fighting and winning against spider mites should be a good learning experience. I would recommend spraying every 2 to 3 days as long as you continue to see the mites. When you finally don't see them any more, I would recommend that you rinse the leaves, both top and underside by spraying a solution of 100ml hydrogen peroxide in 900ml distilled water. Spray the leaves thoroughly allowing them to drip into their own soil. The liter that you spray like that will also act as a watering for the roots, with the added benefit, that the soil will also be treated with the Neem and pesticide to help kill-off any eggs from the mites or gnats. When you eventually switch any of these plants over to Flowering photoperiod, it would be best to perform a flush to help clean that pesticide from the soil, and to prepare the soil for the change to flowering nutrients. Just remember, after a true flushing (3x the pots volume administered over about an hour), you should follow the flush right away with the first flowering feeding, but at half strength. After that, wait 2 or 3 days longer than usual before the next watering/feeding, so that the soil can dry-out and oxygen can return to the soil. All these flushes and feedings should be done with pH'd water. (Of course, the distilled spray is not pH'd. It starts as 7.0, then the hydrogen peroxide has its influence, whatever that is.)
  9. Er sagte in sein andere Grow Journal, dass diese Pflanze 100% Columbian sind.
  10. Hey, you can add some Cannabis leaves as a topping just under the cheese for a little taste. You could also infuse your olive oil with THC and use the Canna-cooking oil on the pizza. If you want the pizza to be magical, you just need to cook at a lower temp, <180°C.
  11. GitNug, Thanks for the compliments about the site. I find it a most comfortable forum with lots of good people., Maybe @GitNug can help Admin tackle the compatibility problems we are having with Androids and mobile devices.
  12. LOL, I hve so much fun with your journal... Sorry you have the spider mites. As long as you are in Vegg, keep applying that Neem against the mites. You might have to step up to a stronger pest control against those mites, but just get rid of them before flowering. You don't want those pests any where near your buds. And be sure to clean your grow area with bleach water both now and after these plants have moved on. Spider mites are difficult to get rid of.
  13. I would recommend with Bio-Bizz, every third day. Yeah, let her dry out at the roots a little bit. She'll thank you later.
  14. To help you, do a simple search for cannabis deficiencies or diseases, like this: See what you can find.
  15. I have so much fun reading your text, man. You just don't know...
  16. I love it. Plants dancing in a mosh-pit... you did good by the root-rot to make clones right away... SSSSSSHHHHHiiiii ttttt, HOUSE INSPECTIONS....??????????????? Dddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......... Landlord or State? Doesnt matter, scheiss.... wish I could help out by offering a temp home...
  17. The StrainHunters Quest to collect the specimens of the Landrace-genetics before they are corrupted or disappear is a stroke of genius. Thank you Arjan and Franco.
  18. @LedCherryBerry, LOL my friend. I find growing Cannabis very fun and easy. Sure, there may be a problem or two along the way, but that's what makes it interesting and adventurous for me. @justermacoff, Welcome to StrainHunters. Sorry you are having problems with the wide variety that is now available in the Cannabis world. Yeah, it seems that's what happens when everybody and their brothers and sisters get into the breeding. But hey, isn't it wonderful that the Cannabis plant is so versatile and changeable? As you probably know, many of the strains were developed specifically for the indoor growers who cannot take the risk of growing openly as you can there in California. We are jealous of you. And my goodness, I hope the fires aren't getting close to your home. That's so sad that the Wine-country in California is ablaze. (although, a smart investor could make a bit of scratch if he had invested in California wine futures...) Oh, there are those terrible capitalistic thoughts again... I saw in one of your other posts that you questioned the meaning of "landrace". Landrace is a term that refers to a strain of cannabis that over time has become the dominant strain in the wild within a specific region on earth. The origin of the original cannabis plants of that area may be known or not known, but with time and through the influence of man and through the plant's abilities to readily cross-breed and to adapt to its environment, eventually a homogenous strain will become dominant. Sometimes the strain will evolve to be like no other because of it being so isolated, such as on an island or on the other side of nearly impassable mountain ranges, or separated from other regions by great deserts, or even isolated because of the segregation of peoples, etc. Examples are: Zamal on the island of Reunion, or Acupulco Gold, or Panama Red, or someIndica landraces in the mountains of Pakistan, Afghanistan or northern India. There are even landraces in Africa that are different from other regions of Africa because the people there did not mingle readily with other folk, and the plants they cultivated during their segregated history became specialized each in their individual characteristics. Contrary to the rise of the landraces is exactly what is happening today. The original landraces are being discovered and tested and evaluated for their characteristic differences, and then these are being cross-breeded in order to develop and further refine the characteristics to produce "designer" strains. That is fine as long as this cross-breeding doesn't begin to invade the original landrace regions. An example is Jamaica, where many "designer" strains from Amsterdam and from northern California and British Columbia have been introduced within their great fields, such that the original landrace of Jamaica is virtually overwhelmed with the designer genetics. In regions where the free-cultivation of a wide variety of strains occurs, the original landrace of that area will certainly be changed. (not necessarily for the bad, the introduction of the new genetics could improve the landrace in respect to THC content or colors or pest resistence, etc., not necessarily for the good, such as Ruderalis-crossing that results in lower THC or smaller growth or limited lifespan of Autos, etc.) In any case, when strange strains are allowed to infest landrace fields, the original landraces begin to change or be replaced, and they are never the same again.
  19. LOL, see you around... Buona notte
  20. Thank you for that, SlimJim. I didn't know that was edible. It grows all over the place around my house. I'll see if I can make a salad or tincture after reading more about it.
  21. ...wie alle uns. Er ist ganz arg vermisst. Aber wir müssen nur weiter machen...
  23. "Thank you sir. I am not perfect, but when i do things i try to do them at best. Recipes are our way of life, no matter what kind! " I like your style, and I trust that as an Italian, you certainly know how to cook. I know I will be looking forward to whatever recipes you may have to offer. "Also, I'm assuming you are a Sir, but if you're a Madame I beg your pardon." "Sir" sounds too British. You may call me "Don". (My wife and I just finished watching all 3 parts of the Godfather, Wow!) "I did cannabutter back in the days, and i used it to make cannacookies. Unfortunately i can't remember my recipe. They were too good to be remembered.. hehe." Hehe, I know that loss of memory very well. I have about 500 grams of Cannabutter in the freezer right now. I am very much looking forward to my next lapse of memory, mmmhmmm. Maybe cookies or brownies or a Rührkuchen. "I will keep writing until I have hands. Some hours ago I posted my first grow journal, still ongoing. I missed some info on that, but I'll update as soon as I.. indeed, have updates." Yes, I saw your journal. As I had said, I like your style. Ciao!
  24. I have heard that Brennessel can help with rheumatism or arthritis, similar to the way honeybee-stings can be used for the same purpose. This past Spring, I cleared-out a 20-meter row of Brennessel from my garden in preparation for tilling. I did it with my bare hands and wound-up with blisters and throbbing hands for a week or two. LOL
  25. To help you with your gnat problem: Yeah, I use Neem Oil thinned-down with water and sprayed, but only if my infestation is advanced. And I haven't had bad infestations for many many months now. That may be due to two other things that I do to keep out the pests: 1. I do allow small garden spiders to live among my plants in the tents (not spider-mites). Spiders are wonderful at hunting down and destroying just about any infestation. Spiders are wonderful. The best hunters are the jumping spiders. They are pro-active and chase the pests down, and they don't spin webs, at least none that I have seen. Unfortunately for them, after they have done their job, they will eventually die of starvation somewhere in the bottom of the tent, no problem to clean up later. I just toss their bodies into the next batch of soil. 2. In each of my tents I operate a miniature bug-zapper round-the-clock that uses a very-low energy (3-Watts) UV-lamp to attract the bugs. It really works, as is evidenced by the numerous bug carcasses that have accumulated inside them over the past 3 years since they were put in service. (Sadly, even some of the spiders find their end there too. Let me see if I can find the source for those bug-zappers; if I find it, I will share it here with you. Well, I cannot find the exact source for the model that I have, but that isn't important. During my search, I discovered that the market has today an even better selection than when I bought those two. The market has even developed smaller bug-zappers about the same size as a standard light bulb using UV-LEDs. And they screw into a standard E27 or Candelabra lightbulb-socket. Here is a link that I found after a simple google search for "bug zapper": Small or miniature bug-zappers are also easily found in ebay or amazon. In both the Vegg tent and the Flowering tent, I run the zappers round-the-clock. In the Flowering tent, even though its light is very dim, the zapper is located either under the support table or behind the filter to prevent the light reaching the plants during sleep-time. I'll also include here the URL for one of my favorite grow-room suppliers: Enjoy exploring.

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