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  1. GHSC Amsterdam on a Thanksgiving or during any of the Cups there, is now definitely at the top of my "VACATION TO DO" List. I'm on the way, Family. In the middle of that move. Can't join you just yet, but I promise I will someday... When I get to my new place, I will finally be able to order the FBK I couldn't get at the other place. Smoke a really good one for me. Have lots of fun. Peace, 'sapean
  2. Wow WeedFarmer that is one helluvan inspirational introduction. I wish for you all the peace and joy and relief that the wonderful flower can offer. Now that you have officially introduced yourself in the Forums Format, others will be able to see your Progress and may offer you assistance. So, let's see that Darling you were talking about earlier. To post your pics in here, click on the link at the bottom of this box called "More Reply Options". Then you will see the "Attach Files" Option at the bottom of the EDIT Screen. Welcome to the Forums. 'sapean
  3. Beautiful grow. Tantalizing Trichomes. How does the Jack Herer smell? Herrlich? Really good Job!
  4. Terrific grow! You had your ups and downs, but you persevered and pushed through. Great learning experience for us all I think. Considering the various deficiency problems seen in this thread, I thought it appropriate to offer this site that I found. It is a very comprehensive guide to marijuana illnesses, symptoms and treatments that one may find very useful. http: // Enjoy your bud, Bluesky. I look forward to your next Grow. BTW, beautful cat you have. Name?
  5. drzin, I'm curious, did you top the Girl sometime in early October? or did she branch so evenly on her own? I saw that you had trained the branches apart, but on the above photos, I don't see a clear leader, which leads me to think that you may have topped her or trained the top completely down. You were concerned about a damaged branch where you had performed a beautiful BBQ skewer splint, and then asked whether or not to eliminate the branch. I hope you saved it. I understand that there is actually a technique whereby one purposefully (but cautiously) produces slight cracking of the Cambrian Tissue through the twisting/squeezing of the branches during the Vegetative Phase. Apparently, these damaged areas will heal(so long as the central core is not opened and left to dry out) and grow cambrian tissue much larger and stronger than they normally would have. This increased tissue transports nutrients more efficiently to the flowers during the Flowering Phase. Did that branch make it? If so, is there a difference in yield compared to her Peers? I forget exactly the name of this technique (if not already named, I propose "Snap-Crackle-Pop"), but it is a part of a greater set of procedures I have read somewhere called "Super-Cropping", the intention of which is to increase the average yield some 20%? 30%? Can you make photos of the matured repair site at harvest and photos and/or measurements of the yield differences if any? Thanks my friend. I really enjoy your set-up and grow. 'sapean
  6. Hey Mad Doc, I think the 49$ scrubber from HTG should be adaquate for the size of your box. You would be pushing it to ever grow more than 1 or 2 full-sized plants at a time in there. But you may experience Exhaust Airflow problems and heat build-up again. Here's why: the filter is rated "Recommended Max Airflow: 150-265cfm". Last I read, your upper fan pushes only 70 CFM (that is, if you are still using that fan). The rule of thumb (as I understand it according to Natural Root Hydroponics website) is that the CFM of the fan should be no less than half the CFM Rating of the filter. If we apply that formula to the HTC product, then your existing fan is just below the minimum acceptable CFM Rating to match the Minimum Rating(150) of the HTC filter. 150 / 2 = 75 (suggested minimum) 75 > 70 (your fan) *** See Footnote. The most likely result may be that you will be pulling somewhat less than half the CFM out of your box WITH the filter as you are today WITHOUT a filter. But you ARE just soooo close to that lower peg for this filter. Who knows, maybe it will work for you. Go ahead and try it. Let us know the results. There can be 2 bad situations that arise however: #1. The CFM of the Exhaust System(exhaust fan + filter + exhaust ducting) drops to LESS than the CFM of the Intake System (the lower box-fan) resulting in positive box pressure, and thereby the smell would vent into the Studio. (To regain negative pressure you could reduce the lower fan to a slower setting, but that would reduce your Overall CFM even further, resulting in further heat build-up.) Or, #2. You experience unacceptable heat build-up anyway, despite maintaining negative pressure. To resolve potential Problem #1, you may need to upgrade the exhaust fan to one with sufficient CFM to match the filter resistance. (That may prevent Problem #2 altogether.) When you have some time, do some Google or AVG research on ULTRA-QUIET Inline Fans and Squirrelcage Fans. Sorry, they're not cheap. If only Problem #2 arises, then consider reducing the Current-draw (Wattage) of the lighting by switching away from HPS to broad-spectrum LEDs. This will reduce the heat dissipated by the lights and reduce your electricity bill as well. Another advantage to using multiples of smaller broad-spectrum LEDs is that they can be hung from the corners of your box on a rail system so that you can adjust the heights of each lamp individually and simultaneously selectively target Vegetation of varying heights and Locations. This would also help in getting energy to the lower leaves and buds since the radiation is emmitting from multiple sources around and over the plant. Sorry, the best ones also are not cheap. Can't wait til the next Pics. Peace 'sapean *** I have re-entered my post to insert a comment, here in orange, to say that my interpretation of the Formula found at the NRH Website was not exactly correct. When I am wrong, I admit that I am wrong. I have left my misinterpretation in the original posting for all to see and ponder. However, my gut feeling regarding the adaquacy of the upper fan and my suggested remedies remains the same. I am certain that there are Tables and Formulas already established within the Heating&Ventilation Industry to enable a more precisely engineered Ventilation & Filtration Plan. Is there anyone among us who can enlighten our Family with better Formulas or easy-to-follow "Rules of Thumb" regarding the interaction of Growspace Volume, CFM, static pressure, exhaust fans, exhaust filter resistances, exhaust pipe Diameter and Length and the like? I think I may start a thread.
  7. DrZin, Just in case you haven't seen this wonderful guide to the plant's deficiencies, I shall provide it here: I shall hand-write it into the post so as not to be confused with spamming. Very useful Information here. I'm not selling anything. http: // growweedeasy . com / marijuana-symptoms (I have asked the admin about the subject of posting links in These Forums. I forsee possible Problems in the future. I wait patiently for any replies.)
  8. Additionally, do you restrict the posting of links to the sites of competitors of Green House & Co.? Such as the URLs to other bean Distributors who are not yet affiliates of GHSC. does this rule yet exist?
  9. Friends, where does one find THE comprehensive list of banned activities? And why aren't new joins forced to click and verify their acceptance of those rules through their email before being allowed into the Forums. Wouldn't that also block many auto-Spammers?
  10. Wow DrZin, Wonderful Progress ! Earlier in the first thread regarding the construction of the box, you had posted that the scrubber was not yet in place. With the flowers coming so nice, that is now a critical issue, man. Remember where that air is going... Also, for us Viewers, it is a bit difficult to discern the finer aspects of the health of the plant from your photos because under those particular lamps, we cannot see the plant's true colours. From what I can see so far, she seems healthy. The following is suggested to improve your presentation photography: Install or stand somewhere some kind of regular light bulb lamps for use during the photo sessions. Not necessarily to be on all the time for the plant, but for your porn shots. At the start of your shooting, turn on the regular bulbs, then turn off the lamps that cause the odd colors or the striations in the photos (usually caused by the 50 or 60 Hertz flicker in CFLs, fluorescets or some LEDs). This will enable you and us to see the true colours of the leaves and stems for nutrient deficiency analysis. Just remember to restore your grow-lighting soon thereafter so as not to disturb the girl. Yow, she's a Beauty ! You done good. Just don't get caught. And don't forget to make your Studio light-tight during the shoots, as all the moving lights and changing spectrums will make it look like a Disco is in there. I've added you as a friend if that's OK.
  11. Yeah man, I'll look at your grow in your grow Forum. Thanks for the Invitation.
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  13. DrZin978, I have a few comments / suggestions. 1. You mentioned something like: "No one comes to this area much". Hey, with all those power meters, doesn't your power company's Meter-Reader-Man come once every month? And he will be in that area quite some time in order to read and record all those meters. That being the case, your carbon scrubber will have to be top-notch. 2. Even if your meters are read remotely, each of those meters represents a separate residence I suppose. Neighbor residents are prone to want to read their own meter from time-to-time. 3. And when any of those neighbors wants to move, or cannot pay their power bill, the Power Company will send their technician to disconnect and/or reconnect the Services right at those meters. 4. Do put blocks between the 2x4 beams to remove the weight from the fan. The plastic fan shroud may be susceptible to Deterioration caused by a) Vibration and b)UV Radiation from your lamps. Additionally, if the fan Fails while you are full of soil and plants and water, it would be a beotch to have to disassemble the Setup just to replace the fan. 5. Remember, you are working with water above that fan. Protect the fan Motor from accidental spills somehow. 6. Consider the use of LED lighting instead of the HPS and MH. Much less Wattage per lumens = much less heat build-up per lumens. And with the right LEDs or mixture of LEDs, you can still achieve the necessary Spectrums for each Phase of the grow. Switching to LEDs may alleviate your heat Problem so that you can save on Ventilation Upgrades and the inevitable noise Pollution we all so dearly want to avoid. 7. If you must continue to upgrade to more powerful Ventilation fans, always seek the quietest possible per CFM. Yes I know.... Budget. Always the Problem. 8. Not all fans are suitable for our boxes because they were not designed to deal with "static pressures" caused by: 1) the fact that our boxes are essentially enclosures, or 2) caused by the more constricted designs of our cowlings. But still, your Project Looks fun. Your skill with the saw and screwdriver is commendable. Now just build an Entertainment Center and a full-wall Bookcase to disguise the Mylar-coloured light box Standing beside your La-Z-Boy and your set-up will be a bit more stealthy from the inside POV. Good Luck 'sapean
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  15. Gonzo, In an earlier post you wrote: "The Journal is my pride and joy, lol." I have to say you have very good reason to be proud. Be proud ! You may have set a Standard that may be hard to beat. You are an Inspiration to others. Congrats, and well done. 'sapean Enjoy your well deserved vacation at the Dam.
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  18. I expect that we will certainly see more of this "govt vs farmer" competition as we go Forward. There will be growing pains (pardon the pun). This Evolution will be quite a ride for everyone and quite a Show for all to see. Undoubtedly, the govts role in this "competition" will include development of many regulations over Quality Control, Production Control, Sourcing, Distribution, etc., to include implementing a Revenue collection System at every Point along the stream. Let's all hope that the incoming Revenue streams derived from such regulations remain clearly visible, properly tracked and properly used for the good of the General Population of the Countries where legalization occurs. Therein lies the benefit to the displaced farmer families, I hope. I hope also that Mr. Branson's "transparent chain" Principle succeeds. A failure, however, of the System where transparency is implemented could be percieved by some as a failure of the whole. Corruption in govt as always is our collective greatest enemy in human Society. Hopefully someone is watchdogging this so as to prevent the derailing of the entire Project. Sapean

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