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  1. It seems that Kong's Krush is a difficult seed to germinate. I shall give it my best shot. For all the seeds in this grow journal, I plan to use predominantly rainwater as my base water source. For the germinating process, I use distilled water. I plan to use predominantly GreenHouse nutrients: BioGrow, BioBloom, Additive Enhancer, and occasionally Powderfeeding Long-Flowering and Powderfeeding Booster. I shall grow in soil, my own supersoil mix. I use two tents. One tent is for Vegetation using T8 36Watt Fluorescent Tubes for lighting (2 CoolWhite tubes, 2 Grow-Spectrum tubes). The second tent is the flowering tent using two multi-Spectrum LED lamps, each 270-Watts. With this set-up, I am able to push as many as 10 to 12 plants at a time in the Vegg phase, but only 4 plants comfortably in the flowering tent (6 if I really push it hard). This will mean that eventually, some of the plants that grow in the Vegg tent will need to be transplanted to outside locations, such as guerilla locations or in my glasshouse. So, let's get busy: 03May2020 at ~10:00a.m. First, I shall mix a solution for use in the germination phase. A little bit of BioGrow and a little bit of Enhancer in a glass. Add some Distilled water, stir well. Edit: Thanks g22. Actually, the little bit of BoiGrow that I used in this solution is a dried leftover of BioGrow that I had scraped from the bottom of a plastic watering can from a previous feeding of other Cannabis plants. It probably contains only trace amounts of the nutrients normally found in BioGrow. The main ingredient of this solution is the Enhancer. This is a test...
  2. Haha, @R.G.S. If the Earth's poles switch their positions, you won't need a compass to realize that. There will be plenty of other chaos as evidence.
  3. The brown spots are explained in the first post at the top of this thread. Here is a link to the top of this thread...
  4. BEDZ, editing in photo album doesn't work, because the rotation in photo album works only for the "display" of that photo on your device when viewed through that photo album. What you need to do is open the photo in a photo-editor like "Paint" (or some other photo-editor). There you can perform the rotation, but then you must "SAVE" the photo under a different name. Only then will the rotation be saved under the new file-name. And now, you will need to be sure to upload this "NEW" photo to the forum, not the "old" photo.
  5. Everything looks just fine. Don't worry about those yellowing leaves lower down, perfectly normal. Cute pretty kitty...
  6. Usually, you should be able to find the instructions with the seller online. But if not, here is the way it works by my experience: 1. You must be very clean with everything you do. 2. Best is to use distilled water to prevent introduction of any contamination that may be in your tap water. 3. Barely open the lid and pour in distilled water to wet the substrate completely. Close the lid and let it soak for about 15 minutes. 4. After 15 minutes, barely open the lid again and tip it to drain away excess water. Do not allow the substrate to fall out of the plastic container. 5. Now place the plastic container inside the clean plastic bag, remove the lid, and lightly fold the top of the bag only once and clip closed with the clips. The bag should not be hermetically sealed, just one fold. This should allow gases to exchange without allowing dust particles to get in. 6. Now place the bag in a dark place about 24°C, but best do not use a heater. The temperature needs to be room temperature with as few temperature changes as possible. 7. It must be left as still as possible, no movement. 8. In 3 to 5 days, you should begin to see small white spots. Keep it dark and still. These white spots are the beginnings of the fruiting bodies. 9. Have fun, be careful.
  7. Pink Floyd - "Echoes" Pompeii
  8. Yes, the white spots do indicate that there is something eating the leaf. Most likely spider-mites or small caterpillars or white-flies. The white spots indicate that the pest is eating or sucking juices from the underside of the leaf. Either of these pests are difficult to eradicate, but it is possible. If it is caterpillars, you will see the tiny caterpillars and their tiny black balls of caterpillar shit at various locations on the plant. If it is spider-mites, you will begin to see fine white webs on the underside of the leaves with groups of tiny orange or brown mites hiding within the web. If a spider-mite infestation becomes advanced, then the webs will begin to cover the leaves and colas. If it is white-flies, you will see the tiny white fluffy flies on the underside of the leaves and on the stems, or flying about looking like fluffy white dandelion seeds released into the wind. If caterpillars, you can attempt to locate and remove all the caterpillars and their little balls of shit, but then you will need to treat to prevent their return, because it is nearly impossible to find them all; they hide everywhere around the plant and the pot, in the soil, on the balcony, etc. If spider-mites or white-flies, such individual capture is not possible and you must treat with some kind of pesticide. Regardless which of these pests you have, you should definitely do something, otherwise, the rest of the plants in your entire home are in danger. Keep in mind also, that it is possible that these pests originated from the other plants in your home or garden, so you might need to treat EVERYTHING in order to eradicate them. You can try a solution of Neem Oil. Neem Oil is a natural pesticide, but normally these pests require something a bit stronger. In your garden center, ask for a pesticide that is appropriate for the pest that you have. It is good that your plants are so young. Using such a pesticide on Cannabis means that the existing leaves should be noted (marked) such that you do not use them in any way. Only the leaves that grow after the application of the pesticide should be used. To mark the treated leaves after treatment, simply cut away the outer 1/3 to 1/2 (one-third to one-half) of each and every leaflet. That way, at harvest, you will know to throw away any leaf that is not full-length. This is usually not a problem for plants that are so young, because you are not interested in these early leaves anyway. At harvest, you are wanting to harvest only the flowers and the tiny leaves found in the flowering cola. Don't worry, cutting away 1/3 to 1/2 (one-third to one-half) of every leaflet will not hurt the plant; it will recover just fine. In fact, doing so will encourage the plant to accelerate new growth. Do not delay in treating against these pests. They can destroy the plant if not treated. If a spider-mite infestation occurs in the flowering stage, then your harvest is basically lost; spider-mites make a terrible mess of the blooms. Normal spiders (any spider that is not a spider-mite) are not a problem at all, because they hunt, catch and eat the pests. Unfortunately, a normal spider cannot catch them all. There are some other beneficial creatures that you should allow to remain on the plant. Lady-bugs (Marienkäfer) are good. As well, preying-mantis are good if you are lucky enough to have them. Any form of wasp is good, as they hunt the pests too. Some garden centers will sell some of these hunters, or you can order them in the internet. Unfortunately, if you use a pesticide, that will drive away the natural pest hunters. (Can't keep the cake and eat it too.) Good luck eradicating your pests.
  9. @edouble2369, welcome to StrainHunters. Whenever you are ready, please do start your first journal. Best place to start is click on "Browse", then scroll down to "Grow Journals Indoor", click there. Then find "Start New Topic", click in and give it a title, then add a few Tags (Keywords) separated by commas. Then begin writing... Add pictures from your computer by scrolling down inside any text editor and clicking on "choose files"... When ready to submit a post, click on "Save" or "Submit". You can always change anything by clicking on "Edit" found at the bottom of any of your posts. We are looking forward to your participation.
  10. Shucks, Naj, we might be asking him questions...
  11. 1600 Watts in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent is approaching the simulation of growing Cannabis on the sunny side of the planet Mercury. not really... Sorry BEDZ, just kidding... I just thought that that sounded funny, so I had to write it.
  12. While we wait on the next surprise test, here is my growroom as it currently stands. I will put the pictures in posts following this initial post. I have one Chrystal Mama-plant. She is heavy with seeds, and I am going to keep her alive as long as possible to give her seeds every opportunity possible to develop to full maturity. These seeds will replenish my seedbank with fresh Chrystal seeds. Chrystal = (White Widow fem crossed with Sour Diesel male). But Chrystal Mama is a Chrystal female that was pollinated by a Chrystal male, so there could be considerably more variations in the phenotypes to be seen in her offspring seeds. Chrystal Mama is now out of the FloweringTent, and she now sits in a window to get natural daylight (reduced photoperiod at this time of the year) while she slowly approaches her last days. I do still water her from time to time or when she looks thirsty. When I took Chrystal Mama out of the FloweringTent, I placed two K-Train (fems) and two SourDiesel (regs) into the FloweringTent. I am lighting my FloweringTent with two 270-Watt multi-spectrum LED lamps from above, two 18-Watt CoolWhite Fluorescent lamps in opposite corners of the tent, and two 36-Watt UV-spectrum Fluorescent lamps in the other opposite corners of the tent. Currently, all the lamps are on 18/6 schedule because I want to LST and grow the plants a bit more before flipping to 12/12. In the GrowTent, I have four more Chrystal (regs) already up-potted to their FloweringPot. I will grow them in the GrowTent until the other girls are harvested out of the FloweringTent. Following those four Chrystals in the back of tthe GrowTent, I have eight more Cannabis plants still in their original SeedlingPots. They are two more SourDiesel (regs), four more Chrystal (regs) and two LemonSkunk (fems). The strange-looking plant in the clear plastic cup is a Fig plant from a cutting. OK, now I will begin to work on bringing the pictures into following posts. Hope you enjoy...
  13. Long stems. But that's still OK. Take good care of them, and at the next up-potting, you can bury them right up to the baby leaves and they will develop new roots along those long stems. If you provide a slight breeze/air movement in the grow area, that can help them to strengthen their stems.
  14. @jsm, judging by the angle of the shadows in your pictures, I suppose that you are somewhere around Lattitude 40 to 45°. That gives me cause for concern regarding those black-colored pots. They could absorb a lot of the sun's energy and heat up to cook the roots on the sunny side of the pot. I would recommend either wrapping them in a light colored material like newspaper or white perforated plastic, or simply propping a board against the pots on the sunny side to prevent the sun's direct rays from getting to the side of the pots. Friendly tipp.
  15. @MalikaAh, you make very nice close-up pictures. So far, the pictures show that the plant is not yet ready to flower, but that it is growing and maturing and preparing to enter the pre-flowering phase. For me, it is still too early for me to determine its sex. Patience, bro. It will come with time.
  16. If I understand correctly then, you are not using carbonated water. Rather, you are using reverse osmosis water. OK. It was the picture that fooled me. It looked as if it had bubbles of carbonation it. Thanks for the answer.
  17. 12 May 2020 Well, well. We have a male in the VeggTent. One of the Chrystals... Chop-chop. Gone. The remaining plants are getting very close to showing sex. Some of them have done so. On some of the other plants I do see the white pistils of female plants. So, even though these plants are sitting under 18/6 (or actually 24/0 for the past 3 days, my mistake), they are still entering pre-flowering stage. I've gotta get them out of this tent and into real dirt soon. This is what a male plant looks like in pre-flowering. Little green balls (like American footballs, not Soccerballs), instead of little white hairs of a female plant.
  18. OK, just tell me what you want to change. Title: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tags (Key words) if any:_________________________________________________________________________________ no worries, mate
  19. still Tuesday 12 May 2020 (3rd day after putting in soil) Here are the 3 Cloudwalkers and the Kong's Krush. The Cloudwalkers look healthy enough; no need to take individual pictures. But the Kong's Krush is struggling with the inner seed covering (film). I decided to help the Kong's Krush again by carefully removing the film. Doing so, the Cotyledon leaves immediately sprang open, and that exposed a teeny tiny leaf in the center. So, let's hope that the plant has enough energy in the Cotyledons to support the development of the tiny leaf. But the Kong's Krush is struggling with the inner seed covering (film). a bit closer view of the inner seed covering (film). I decided to help the Kong's Krush again by carefully removing the film. Doing so, the Cotyledon leaves immediately sprang open, and that exposed a teeny tiny leaf in the center. So, let's hope that the plant has enough energy in the Cotyledons to support the development of the tiny leaf.
  20. Tuesday 12 May 2020 I checked on the remaining seeds in the germination trays. It appears to me that the other two Kong's Kush seeds have died, and as well, both of the GreenHouse Kush seeds did not make it either. Don't worry, Folks, the GHK seeds were a bit old, so there is no reason to judge harshly. I did a crush test on one of the GHK seeds, and yes, it was just mush. I flushed this papertowel away. Next, I checked on the remaining two seeds (Mystery Muffin) that were in the germination tray with the Cloudwalker seeds. They both also seemed that they had given up the ghost, so I did a crush-test on one of the Mystery Muffin seeds. DARN IT! It was a good seed. It looked light green and seemed just about ready to crack open... I must apologise to Shiva. I killed a baby seed. So, I put the other seed in a soil cup, hoping that maybe it might still be alive and finish its germination in the soil. I was so disappointed with myself that I forgot to take any pictures. Dummy me...
  21. This is Larry. He is a Schmoozer...
  22. I liked it so much, I'll repeat it here.... LOL

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