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  1. The previous Amsterdam Coffeeshops Map had changed its URL, so this is the updated Amsterdam Coffeshops Map. I thought this might be helpful for anyone planning to visit Amsterdam. Click here:
  2. HEY! All you people lurking around in here only as Guest. Yeah, this means you. C'mon, register with us, man. We are busting our budz to preserve this plant and to document the how-to's and what work's. You are benefitting from it, but you aren't participating. Please join with StrainHunters. Register, create a rad User-Name, find a cool picture or graphic and use that as your Avatar. We could use your input, and if you have questions, we can help answer those questions, but only if you post the questions. You can post questions and open grow journals after you become registered. There is so much that you can do in here, but you cannot see it all, nor can you do it all if you are not registered. Examples: Guests cannot access the Chats. We have live chatrooms and private one-on-one chats that run in real time. Guests cannot post in the threads, nor upload pictures. Guests cannot participate in the new-strains seed-testing and nutrient-testing. That means that you will miss-out on the prizes that are awarded at the end of those testing contests. It has been my experience that StrainHunters announces a testing contest once or twice a year, so get registered and participate to show us that you can perform testing and that you can journalize your work. Here is a link to the registration page. When the page opens, just scroll down to begin the registration: When registering, don’t pull a stoner and forget your User-Name and Password. Write them down somewhere. You cannot get back in if you forget them. Exceptions: If you forget your password, you can click on "forgot my password", and then through a link sent to your email, you can re-set your password. Of course, in order for "forgot my password" to work for you, you DO have to remember your User-Name. If you have forgotten your User-Name, then you'll just have to re-register under a new User-Name. If you are lucky, you might find an old post from your earlier personality, thereby rediscovering your old User-Name, and THEN you can try using "forgot my password" to again establish access to your earlier self. If you have forgotten the password to your email, then maybe you're a little beyond my help. .. LOL After you get registered, contact me by clicking on my Avatar and then click on "Messages", and tell me that you wish to receive the Navigation Aid. I’ll be happy to send it to you next time I log-on. If you are previously registered and you would like to receive it, contact me via Messages. The Navigation Aid will act as a Quick-Guide to help you get your preferences set and give you many other tips to get you going in quick-time. Registering with StrainHunters will enable you to make friends around the world who share your enthusiasm for Cannabis. Just do it! You’ll thank me later.
  3. On Youtube, NVclosetmedgrower has created a fabulous 7-Part Video Growjournal, very good, very detailed with excellent grow-tips throughout the life of a cannabis plant (“Purple Chem OG”) from Germination all the way through Harvest/Drying/Curing. This presentation is so well done, explanations so very easy to understand, I find his videos are just the thing for beginners as well as for some experienced growers. I feel certain that even experienced growers will hear ideas from him that you hadn’t thought of before. He is clever and logical. If you have ever had trouble in your grows or if you want grow-tips to avoid so many common mistakes, Watch This 7-Part Series! I have liked his Series so much that I decided to outline each part for you below. Here are the titles and the current links to his presentation. Take notes; you’ll thank me later. All the following is provided for informational purposes only. Your results may vary, and the risk for you and your plants is entirely yours. The links are found at the bottom of each post, after the outline. (If the links are disabled, you can try to search Youtube for the titles to see if it has been re-posted under different links. Normally, if you can find one of them, you will have also found the whole Series. Or you can search for the author – NVclosetmedgrower.) I hope that you enjoy the Series. OK, Here we go: How to Grow Part 1, Seed Germination. The Link is found at the bottom of this post, below the outline. -Step 1: Hydrogen Peroxide (2-3 drops) in RO-water in Solo Cup for initial 24 hours in cup. -Step 2: Paper towel until Taproot extends -Step 3: Germination and transfer to Initial Cup of Soil -Soil-less Mix Description: Jiffy Seedstarter Mix with 20% Perlite, consisting of: Peat Moss, Vermiculite and Dolomite Lime, flushed with 2 cups of 5,5pH RO-water to reduce the alkaline effects of the Dolomite. One drop of CloneX(a cloning gel containing Vitamin B1 and Butyric Acid) applied 1 inch deep under where the seed/w-taproot will be placed into the cup. Maintain 70+% Humidity using a simple plastic bag over the cup. (A substitute for CloneX is Schultz “TakeRoot”, a powder which contains 0,1% Indole-3-butyric Acid. Obviously, one would need to determine whether a powder or a gel would be preferable depending on the method of its use. I have both onhand.)
  4. Congratulations, LedCherryBerry. Great Job.
  5. OK, this is nice. Sit back and relax, and watch this man build a log cabin all alone off-grid in the Canadian Wilderness. No power tools. Amazing. If you liked the movie with Robert Redford, "All is Lost", you'll love this video. Even better, because there is no hint of any loss at all. And if the server is unable to display the link as a hypertext, then here is the URL, just take out the spaces between the w's and paste it in your URL line, and it should work just fine. w w
  6. With the recent recovery of possible wreckage of flight MH370 on the Island of Reunion, my Google searches turned up some interesting articles. I posted my findings at the end of Franco's Article about Landraces of Reunion Island. My links to further Information and the Bull Sharks of Reunion Island (posted on 31 July 2015) are found under Franco's Article. Here's the link to Franco's Article: I have heard that the Zamal Landrace is very very good, so maybe Reunion Island might be a cool Destination for the Strain Hunters. This picture is of Cannabis as grown on Reunion Island, credit for the photo goes to Lamota's Blog.
  7. WOW, didn't know you were having such serious problems. Yeah, it sounds like a flush is in order. What I do is I take the potted plant to the bathtub, and I use the showerhead on a flexible hose to gently spray the soil for about 2 minutes. I repeat after 15 minutes, Then I repeat again after another 15 minutes. While spraying, if your tub is white, you can see the brownish/yellowish salts and soil chemicals draining away. Usually after the third spraying, it is running pretty clear. Then I let the pot sit in the tub to drain for a half hour or so. Then I return the plant to the lighted tent. After about 4 or 5 days, I resume feeding at about half to 3/4 strength for the first feeding, then full strength after another 2 or 3 days.
  8. @LedCherryBerry, you are right to question regarding mixing nutes, or better said, "alternating" nutes. (Obviously mixing nutes together and then feeding is like committing Cannabis suicide - similar to a person throwing various uppers, downers, Prozac, LSD, Heroine, and Bath Salts into a Gin and Tonic, slug it down, and then chase it with a beer. You aren't coming back.) It is often advised by virtually all nutrient manufacturers NOT to mix or alternate with other manufacturer's products, and also not to feed powder-feedings back-to-back or alternatively with liquid-feedings. But that's because they are trying to help you achieve maximum performance with KNOWN variables. Since they are promoting only their product, they have used only their product in order to achieve that qualification, and then they do their best to provide you with Tables to help you approach what they believe is the best application for the species plant. That is not to say that you won't be successful if you perform alternative feeding. But the results can be unpredictable, and the interactions among the various chemicals in the growing medium can be unpredictable. One must accept that if one begins alternative feeding or mixing, you're stepping into the unknown, and the results of the experiment are your own responsibility. I have alternated feeding in the past usually with success, sometimes with problems. My successes usually occurred when I was dosing WELL below the manufacturer's recommended dosages. My problems usually occurred when I was dosing at or near the manufacturer's recommended dosages.
  9. OMG! They upgraded me to Super MOD? Geez, I hope my head doesn't start ballooning. People are going to be afraid to talk to me. LOLOL Well, we'll just see how it goes for a while... AND YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I CAN UPLOAD PICTURES AGAIN!!!!! WOOHOO! Thanks a million for getting that fixed,
  10. Oooooowee! Gooowey! That looks good!
  11. Curious, I checked backward quickly, but rushed since I was also writing in other areas. I didn't find it: What does DD mean? Oh, nevermind, just found it. DUTCH DRAGON!!!
  12. WOW! That's an impressive collection of specimens. Looks yummy
  13. Nice cropping and shaping. Keep up the good work...
  14. You are welcome, @ladybeth. Sorry about the delayed response. I imagine you're back home by now. I hope you had a good time while you were on Reunion. Did you ever find the Zamal?
  15. Gentlemen, A number of posts above have been "Reported" to us Moderators. I am informing you that the "Reports" as well as this entire TOPIC are now under Review by the Moderator Team. Thereby, a number of other Moderators may be involved in making a decision regarding these "Reports". I would highly recommend that you all calm down and refrain from using inappropriate language and offensive name-calling. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with one another, just please do so in a civil manner. If there are any lies expressed, well, as misleading as they may be, there are no rules against expressing lies. But if those lies rise to the point of libel against another member, then we Moderators may have to step in. If you detect that another member is stating untruths, then just let it be. Or if it is so extremely important a theme that you feel compelled to express a counter-arguement, then simply Quote the questionable post into your next post and write your counter-arguement against their statement, and then leave it alone. If an untruth had been told, then it should be simply left to the readers to judge for themselves. In all fairness, when quoting another Member, please do not change any text of what the other had written. Further, in fairness to everyone who reads this, I shall state that every "Quote"-function within this forum is an "open-field" Quote-function, meaning that anything can be changed by the user who is performing the "Quote". As you might well imagine, that pretty much destroys any judicial value it may have, meaning that it would have absolutely no merit in nearly any court of law. But let us not speak about courts of law. I feel assured that if things go too far, the Moderators would step in. Members may be restricted or banned, and this Topic and any other Topics deemed necessary by the Moderators can be deleted. I have not issued a warning against anyone yet, hoping that you will find a suitable middle-course and resolve this in a civil manner. Thank you. Cannabissapean
  16. I screwed-up 15 grams of excellent Kaia Kush buds trying to infuse Cannabinoids into 0,5 Liter of Glühwein. My first clue that I had screwed-up was that during the heating, there were NO bubbles - indicating that decarboxylation was not occurring. Second clue, after drinking about 200 ml, there was virtually NO psychoactive effect for the rest of the evening. It did taste OK, including the usual Cannabis taste, it wasn't bad, sortof like a red wine kräuter bitter. And the cannabis after-taste lasted for a couple hours, also not bad, you could definitely tell that you had drank a cannabis-infused drink that contained a significant amount of cannabinoids. I guess we must always have some form of oil, not alcohol, in which to infuse. But it won't go to waste. I'm gonna drink it anyway. Yee-ee-hyughhgg!!! For the time being, I'm gonna stick with making and cooking with Cannabutter. I know without a doubt that Cannabutter works. Question for Arjan, Franco and Simon: When you drank from that bottle of cannabis-laced liquor with your Rasta friend in the Carribbean, we could all see your initial reaction. LOL Did that drink produce any psychoactive effect? If it did, did he explain how he had made that drink?
  17. Variety packs are available. They are also known as colored seeds. In the online store, at the bottom of the page, find and click on "colored seeds". Then you will be able to see the variety packs that are available.
  18. I think that Jose means, "which type of hydro do you want to set up? In hydro, there are many different variations. deep water culture (DWC), ebb-n-flow, drip into rockwool, coco as medium, perlite as medium, mapito as medium, air-ponics, bubble-ponics, and there are other methods that I cannot remember at the moment. So, which method do you want to do? If you are not familiar with the above-mentioned techniques, then use those words and do some google- or youtube searches. You are in for a few weeks worth of learning. It will inspire you to build your own set-up. Have fun.
  19. Nice job, Gasmeter.
  20. Are you going to start with 70, or run a couple dial-in tests first? Are you going to run soil or hydro or both?
  21. Why not switch up to LEDs?
  22. Unexpected periods of darkness are usually not a problem, so long as it's not more than about 4 days. But 4 hours undesired "lights on" can be enough to seriously diminish yield, especially if it occurs in early flowering.

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