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  1. and for whqat kind of pots is this mix and how much is the product cuz i want to do it for 5 plants can somebody tell me the numbers of evertyhing i have to use
  2. So 2 little plants died one popped out here are some picks how do you think the soil is ?
  3. So Happy holidays growers i hope you enjoyed the hollidays cuz i sure did time to go back to work but im still possitive so i am going to make a quick update to my new plants which i found out from my friend that are related to the ruderalis strains which are more durable to cold and mold strains so the last 3 pictures are from my bigger plant which is indica/ruderalis and it is showing progress fastly the other plant in the pot is not a rudelralis but it is very small and i think it wont make it but things happen so in the other pot there is a same seed as the ones that where attacked by pests but its growing a bit slower than the ruderalis indica but still looks good and i think it has the potential of be a big plant. I really want this grow to be my first if it happens i will give some weed to my friends i will make cannabutter hash and all sorts of stuff and also mainly i want it to be the first one to see the beauty of the plant and go through the porcess before my grow operation in outdoors so im attaching the images peace out alos if u guys are interested i could apply a photo of my neighbours BEAUTIFUL outdoor garden. ALso if anybody know about the White Lemon strain please private messqage me cuz i need to gain info before getting th e seed . Peace out maan. - Mitko -''Some people feel the rain, others just get wet''
  4. Hello from me my friend. Merry christmas( a bit too late but better now than never) I am feeling wonderful thus i have 3 new plants which i feel are going to be just fine now no pests in the manure i would say a present for christmas So i basically want to share my progress and i want you to see my 2nd try to the indoor grow so im attaching the photos of 2 of the pots one smaller with a bigger plant which is indica and the other with some strain i dont know what it is in the smaller i have 2 plant and in the bigeer there is 1 and 1 will appear soon so i think i made it better this time cuz the indica has a much stronger root and it it thicker So Happy holydays and ha[[y new year i hope you toke them joints in honor cuz i will special thanks to the people of the site peace out Mitko -''Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.''- Bob Marley
  5. Guys the time has came. My seeds are ready 3 of them popped out of the shell the root is about 1/2 long and i am about to put it in the soil this time THERE WILL BE NO MISTAKES made i will care for it far better than the last time i found thos pests name and bought a special sprey for them if they show up ( just in case) i think im a bit more prepared than the last time thanks to u guys and this unique forum that can help people a lot with their grow issues. Although indoor is not my prefered grow way i will just practice a bit for my real dream the outdoor growing in a greenhouse. Ofcourse i want to grow one of the strain hunters seeds that is White Lemon because it sound like the best sort for me. So guys wissh me luck and a BIG thanks to my man Dust and Cannabissapean for all the help they gave me ''Some people feel the rain , others just get wet''
  6. '' Some people feel the rain , others just get wet'' - Bob Marley
  7. Well Dust thanks for the understanding i really hope my next one becomes the best one i will think possitive and just go ahead with all the help from the site i think the next one will just be my first grow i cleaned the room and i just bought new manure just in case that the other one was old or something like that. I asked for help but when i found out what the bug was it was just too late to get rid of it and my plant died so what stuff liek that happen ! So i'ma keep tokin and waiting for the next seed to germinate ! Peace from me - Mitko
  8. Guys the very most bad thing possible ocurred to me i am shocked , my plant died ... It was attacked by some kind of withe little bugs in the manure that just killed it i m really sad that now my plant is gone. peace
  9. Guys i wanted to show you the process that the plant has made. It is growing fast its big and i really have the entusiasum that it will be a good large plant hope u like it
  10. yes man i am fully ready read a lot of journals bought new CFL lamps for my plant im watering it 1 on 3 days so that the soil is nice and the roots spread really apreciate your help -Weedfarmer
  11. So this is my baby that just showed leafs yesterday and is really going well
  12. Hello guys im Dimitur 20 years old. I have a brother and a loving family,but in my country it is not very legal to consume weed. I have sleeping problems and traumas this is how i started smoking a very dear friedn told me to use marijuana instead of drinking tons of pills every day and it realy helped but than i had problems with the police but this could make me go back to pills so i stil lsmoke. This very friend left from my country and had the luck to go to amsterdam. We had a dream before 4 years to grow togheter atleast one plant but we coldnt so now i want to fufill thsi dream we had and grow the magnificent marijuana plant which i like not only for the ''highness'' but also its medicinal aspets as well as its beauty and usefulness in all sorts of stuff. Best regard Dimitur : Keep bllazing and rememeber ''Some people feel the rain and others just get wet'' - Bob Marley Guys u wanted to edit my baby from today its really progressing fastly ! Hello guys my plant is really progressing i wi;ll update a photot from yesterday cuz i had no time to make a pic today i hope you like it guys !
  13. Hello guys i want to ask you what to do after i put my seed in the pot it germinated real nice but now the root has a strange shape coud you tell me if this s normal i will attach fotos and please tell me do i have to water it every day and how much? Also for 1 plant can i use one lamp and what kind do i have to buy Best of regard : Mitko (first time grower )

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