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  1. tanks but i already use 250w HPS, for bloom so is not the light... i take pic withe my cellphone so the image quality is not the best... GOOD STRAINS!!!!!
  2. Hello, today chica has 92 days in veg, and their clones have 26 days Total and 14 days on flower, so far so good, but no flowers yet i will wait, but i don't know whats happen. NASEX- 30cm SASAMELA- 31cm CHICA2- 28cm AND CHICA MOTHER PLANT
  3. yes my problem was over watering is already good ty all
  4. Hello, today chica has 72 days in veg, and their clones have 13 days, so far so good, and all my clones are ready to veg for 1 wick and then flow 75/80 days NASEX- 12cm = 3mm per day SASAMELA- 16cm = 3mm per day CHICA2- 15.5cm = 3mm per day
  5. hi i do not need the heat of the lamps I have the climate of the closet completely controlled between 23 º / 24.5 º do not think need more than Thank you for your support good strains to all
  6. Hello, today chica has 69 days in veg, and their clones have 10 days, so far so good, and what do you think about my new flow light 250w hps and i will use too exaust the lamp a extractor 15w 98m3 / H. You think I'm doing things correctly?
  7. hello, today chica has 63 days in veg, and their clones have 4 days, so far so good, let's see if the clones take care of them and get big and strong like her mother.... GOOD STRAINS TO ALL
  8. hello, strain hunters i want you all know the CHICA baby's they have 3 days old loool
  9. hello, strain hunters today I received my feed for the chica, but after much thought :'( , I decided I will not bloom chica. What do you think of my new plan? Now that the chica is going to be a mother plant can continue to give solution npk 6-3-6?
  10. hi man verry good lights.. just a quest.. how much do you pay for 1 panel of that led?
  11. hello, yesterday I fed the chica with the solution I used last time, with NPK 6-3-6, also had to remove some of the leaves, because they were already getting old ladies, but only did well to plant, as well as helped branches inside to grab more light.