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  1. Yeah dude i only used Powder Feeding For Short flowering And it works Really well no hassle no messing around and My lovely lady LOVES IT ! for seedling stage i used 0.5gr per 1 Liter For veg And bud i used 1.0gr per 1 liter and flush for 2 weeks with no feed Hope this helps dude =P
  2. is this on all packs of seeds from GHS ? ie autos and fem or just one or the other ? ....I want me a golden ticket haha
  3. Cheers Bro Good to know the plant is going in the right direction haha I also know all about the neck feeling, back in 2000 i got hit & ran by a car and left me in a halo brace for 18 months Luckily i only suffered from slipped disc's but it locked my neck to the left and i couldn't move it ... (Basically screws to ya skull so ya cant move for shit ...Involves a piss bag too Not nice for at the time a 11year old kid ...Me) suck's none the less ... but is the main reason i smoke bud for the cold screws with my neck which in turns gives me bitching head aches .....and now i smoke for my
  4. Hello again my Fellow hunters and stoners yet again another late ass update on my lovely lady only reason its been a while is due to me busting my back again with in a year of my mega spine op.......whoooooops Any ways i thought whilst being strapped to a bed in hospital for a month my lovely lady would of for sure killed over BUT !!! You gotta love family Whilst i was messed up in bed my family took over my lady ........This is when i thought she was gonna die BUT the family stuck to me written plans and WOW how she has grown Today we are the start of week 8 (i think) and week 2 of flushing .
  5. Wouldn't mind getting my green thumbs on some of them white widows or Skunk ...Nom =P
  6. Thanks for the tip there dust and yeah seems like ya right haha, I started to feed her less and she seems to dry out nicely now and as promised but as always a bit later Here are the pictures i have taken from the last 2-3 weeks =P I also started to germinate a Northern Lights Blue Auto from Delicious Seeds which i will keep in with Miss Money Maker for the next 8 weeks using a DWC system. i also switched the light cycle to 12 on 12 off today (week and half late i know) but wanted to see if i could get any more height rather then bush and that seemed to work out ok
  7. HI Every body ! Been a while not much has gone on really won't lie to You lovely people, But yeah the Lady i have at the moment is taking her time she is about to hit week 5 of Veg and is still only 20 cm in hight, also seems to be really bushy so was hoping for a bit more hieght in this extra week. the powder feeding is going well but due to my out side of room temps the soil seems bogged out ( i have 10lt soil in 11lt square pot, and can only feed her 3lt of water every 5 days ) .....This isn't right ....right ? Any ways as its now at that time where i need to start the next seed or 2 for m
  8. Cheers for the tip shall also give it a try
  9. Hey all Here are the up to date pics i took this evening Tomorrow is Day 1 Week 2 of Veg for this little lady and I have been thinking of maybe switching to the 250watt dual spec bulb on a 18/6 cycle ?? Hope you like the photos ...
  10. Due to some issue I've re planed this grow for the best i hope and to save confusion i have made a New Grow Journal here instead http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/7895-shs-moneymaker-soil-cflhps-powder-feed-short-take2/ Thanks for following and hope your follow the new and improved journal Cheers sc0ut
  11. ****** THIS IS A REMAKE OF MY MONEYMAKER SOIL/CFL PROJECT FOUND HERE forums.strainhunters.com/topic/7805-money-maker-project-soil-cfl-and-powder-feeding/ ****** Hi all So due to a few issue I've had (nothing major) I have had to re-plan the grow I was doing but all for the good I hope So here are My Grow Room spec's : 120x80x180 Grow Tent Twin CFL hood with 150watt blue and 250 watt blue for veg ( I also have 2x 250watt red CFL) Euro reflector hood with a 250 watt HPS Dual spectrum bulb for end of veg to flower (running on a digital ballast) 4" Air in fan and filter 5" Air out fan a
  12. Hey WeedFarmer, wish you all the best with your plant dude and always good to hear some one starting their dream =)