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  1. well i like bongs that have at least 2 chambers and a peculator. :] just my preference
  2. yeah from time to time my plants will have weird growth that way. There really isnt anything we can do about it, but unless the plant has totally stopped growing, it should be perfectly fine. With mine, it seems to happen more when the humidity fluctuates rapidly from day to day. Idk why but it does
  3. I like glass bongs :] Never used acrylic but glass bongs break so easy
  4. lambsbread is right. I clone my plants so heres how it works. The clone of the first plant is as old as the first plant. Even if i clone the clone 100 times the rooted clone will think and be the same age in sexual maturity . So as soon as a clone of mine has rooted, 1-2 weeks, i can flower her. Of course i like to give her till about 12 inches. 1/3 meter before i flower so i can get the most out of them with the space i have availible. :]
  5. Never grow seeds that have been pollinated Hermaphroditidly. They will have the exact same genetics so your seeds will all be hermaphrodites. Use Silver Collade for feminizing seeds bro. This is the only guarantee for feminized seeds
  6. i live in Colorado US. I really wished i could get some seeds but damn... Ive ordered seeds before and they shipped to me before no problem, from seedbanks outside the US. Maybe there is a creative solution since i live in a place where it is 100% Legal to grow and own and smoke marijuana. :0
  7. i like this remember that the Spectrograph i made is Relative energy output. This means. at the suns light we recieve on earth on a cloudless day. This graph does not refer to cummulitive percentage of light. Meaning it does not calulate what percentage of UV Waves we get. Just the amount. Not a percentage of the whole energy recieved. Make sense? This is the actual composition of energy of the sun. Thiis tells what percent of what energy the sun emits. We can then calculate how much energy we recieve on earth by using a hard equation taking the atmosphere into consideration. The spec
  8. wow guys. you took it further than i thought. Here are the same spectrographs overlapping, so you can see the real difference between sun light and HPS Bulb light.
  9. http://www.3drender.com/glossary/colortemp.jpg As you can see in the picture, natural sunlight is at 6500K. HPS Bulbs emit around 2500k. (k = Kelvin). Look at the difference of the 2 spectrographs below. Notice how the HPS Bulb emits almost no energy wavelengths under 400 nanometers. In the Sunlight spectrograph there is considerably more energy wavelengths emitted from the sun below 400 nanometers and the UV Rays are emmitted at 300-400 nanometers. Visible light is emitted at 400 nanometers - 700 nanometers. We can deduce from this, that the HPS Bulbs emit negligable amounts of UV Rays. Less
  10. Here is an interesting question that as marijuana growers, we need to pay attention to. HPS [High Pressure Sodium Bulbs] emit almost no UV Light. Some research has been done on marijuana suggesting that the plant does indeed need and use UV rays for bud production and high THC resin gland production. Troubling... It is said that using a HPS bulb should be paired with a small light of another type that has some supplementary UV Rays Another point arises from this. HPS bulbs work, and they work well for budding. But........... We could be unwittingly growing bud that has a ton of resin Gl
  11. No problem. As growers, we tend to focus on the smallest things and over react to them. This is compounded and made worse when we have small gardens. A few plants will get alot of attention in a small garden, whereas a in a large garden our time is split between many plants. We forget that the plant is a living thing. It is hard to remember them as living things because we see them as static objects that dont move since they move so gradually we cant notice. Just make sure not to over water
  12. well heres my theory on that. Since autoflowers are crossed with Cannibus Ruderalis to make them flower by themselves. Ruderalis is the 3rd species of marijuana known to regions that get little sunlight and usually cold like Russia and the caucas mountains. Im sure its light cycle , even though not dependant for flowering, is still use to having little light even if we give it 24/0 light cycle. Just myy opinion on that though
  13. I have grown plants that do the exact same thing. Honestly the only thing i could narrow it down to is that the plant becomes heavily dependant and use to its light cycle. If your lights are at 12/12 and they always have been the plant will droop close to the end of the light cycle as it gets ready to rest. I compare it to a plant yawning in tiredness from working hard all day. Some of my plant strains i have grown droop after 12 hours of light no matter what. I think this is because there arent many places on earth that have more than 12 hours of light on a regular basis. :]