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  1. Because it won the 1st prize of products but it is not a product but a gift so i was pointing the paradox. Sorry to disturb.
  2. Well it is not the less hurtfull thing i made my body suffer. I tried to find the worst dealer story i had. All is far now. time are golden for me now, vaporize all the way now, wide choice of best strains.
  3. Black market dealer can be stupids but harmfull too. 5 years ago, some place here weed is cut with diatomeas sand in order the weed to be shiny. In fact Diatyomea is micronic exo-squeleton of glass of micro organisme (animal). The glass is so sharpy that it is insecticide since all insects are cut in half just touching micro blades. I had to rinse the weed to take out this shit out.
  4. Sometimes nature is showing the way
  5. @lamsbread Oh please do you a favor and have a look at the vape market puff it is way outpassed by many devices. Thanks for photos Of Amsterdam and vidéos wish i were there!! Oozidje voorburgvaal... Went there years now.
  6. So true, nasty pigs humans can be. eating beyond full.
  7. It seems you have in India all you need to make some, butane and all. Just DIY
  8. Great source of course. Any Terpinator project aroud here?
  9. Saw the results of the cup. Where can i buy a budda bag?