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  1. Que buenas, seguire tu reporte de cerca, quiero plantar unas buenas haze y esto me servira de guia. Tienen otra forma totalmente diferente
  2. Looks really good! i will back for new posts
  3. Que buen review, por favor comentame como es en Coco, quizas mi segundo cultiva pueda pasarme a este medio en vez de tierra. De todas maneras abono con Advanced, supongo que iran bien. Pero parece que da mas ventajas.
  4. Excelente post amigo! Asi lo he preparado con algunos cogollos, dado que recien tengo mi primer indoor hace unos meses. Y es asi como dices, al que quiere que le pegue mas que coma mas, es lo mejor. Sino quedan todos en la fiesta super stoned y no los recuperas mas
  5. Que buenos buds! The doctor tiene unos colores! Excelente y gracias por compartir! Cual fue tu favorita?
  6. Que buen reporte bro! que sigan creciendo y seguire con placer tus post. Paz
  7. Thanks a lot for your comments. I like to make these review for document my first experience like grower too. Today is my 4th week in veg time, next friday i will make the transplant into MadRocket XL Pots, so my 8 plants will be almost ready for flowering period. How do you suggest to change light period in gradual time or not? On 15th Feb also i start to short light period, 1 hour every day, so on 20th Feb flower time arrives. Also i think to change 30 min every day, but these process demands 1 more week for arrive to 12/12. Any tip or comment are welcome.
  8. So do you flush how Manu times in the hole cicle? LST looks amazing. Im need to learn about it
  9. Just a regular smoker who decide to start his own indoor, so here its my first try. INDOOR Cultibox 1M2Light 400HPSHumidifier 4L650W Air Extractor = 1000M2 x hour8 5L Pots for Veg Time8 MadRocket Pot XL for Flower timeSpecial Soil for VEG + Special Soil for FlowerPH Tester for soil + PH Tester for Water2 Thermometer (one is hanging at top of the plants and the other one is at the soil)1 Hygrometer SEEDS 1 Super Queen#1 + 1 WW (in veg time for 10 weeks - 6 weeks at rooftop 4 week at indoor)1 Critical Widow + 1 MK Ulltra + 1 Chemdog (GHS) + 1 OG KUSH + 1 Opium + 1 NNNutrients Advance Nutrient