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  1. yep everday is cool to see what happened while sleeping staygreen
  2. Thanks Jose and everybody else. They starting to get going and gaining weight stay green
  3. Thanks all for your input will keep up with pics as this flowers out 4sure stay green
  4. Hi yeah just the one cola but it is making flowers and the top is getting big and sticky gotta month or so to try it out can't wait You can see its the big bud infront, got me lost as how it got so big and growing faster then others Thanks
  5. Hi all new pic of my ladies started 12/12 on 4/29 Doing great havin fun Stay green!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi all got a couple critical kush going and doinng great seen the flat main cola but the but is going great anyone know why or had this happen?only my 4th or 5th grow trying to learn stuff in all No problems only in 30 something day looking and starting to smell great just thought it is wierd and all your input would be great Thanks Bruce Stay green
  7. Nice nugs how many u flowering so far? stay green
  8. Thanks Dust Yeah planted 1 to many but had bad luck on seeds and wanted t make sure I had 4 but could not toss the 5th so trying to add some light All good so far stay green bruce
  9. Hi all Have not been around for a bit but heres a couple pics of critical kush and strawberry blue today is the 30th day for flowering, sorry no close ups but hey great to be green Stay Green!!!!!!
  10. Greetings I'm sure you will have loads of fun this is a great site Stay green
  11. thanks all I let the seeds sit for about 3 days then soaked for about 17-20 hours when they sunk i planted in my germ box inwich i have uve used before simple box with a dome I just cant over the seeds i paid for were in breeder packs and all (loved the dvd strain hunter) those did not pop only the freebies from HERBIES poped I guess it was some type of freak thing but got my head spinning 4sure also still have them germing but when the new seeds arrive they are done has been 2 weeks no sprout thanks to all for your input as i am still trying and learning stay green
  12. thanks jose what i do is scratch the seed with a nail file and soak until they sink. i just cant understand why the seeds i bought did not sprout but the 2 so called freebies did. i did the same with all i ordered some more bc pineapple chunk last night and will add them with the freebie seeds the pc is a great smoke but takes alot longer to flower as they state,but i did get 185grams off 2 plants (dry weight) so i guess thats what iwill try this time 2 thanks for your insight on germing might give it a try
  13. Hii all I bought and started 3 gh money maker and big bang seeds bought from HERBBIEs as G.H. dont do usa I have bought from herbies before and no probs 5/5 or 4/5 germ rate On this order the ONLY ones to pop where the 2 free seeds from herbies non of the money maker nor big bang popped. Whats up with that? Aint like I dont no my ways to getting them thru germ Is it a chance the seeds froze? been cold here I just cant figure out as I used my same technics for germing and all of a sudden this freaked out garbbage All help is taken and recieved with a huge THANKS
  14. looks good fat indica leaves for sure have you topped or fimmed since last pic? im getting ready to harvest some pc and fimmed it a couple times during early veg and gotta lot of tops and the main cola still growing big and fat (just a idea 4u) as im still learnig goodluck staygreen
  15. i'm sorry as this is not the right place for a journal but thought almost done with my 4th grow grow ever and wanto to show my girls off bc pineapple chunck started flowering on xmas 13 no way a fast strain as they say but buds are great thinking 2more weeks as white hairs are stiil sticking out will bc pc turn brown or is it a stay white? hard to tell with these pics cause light but not alot only few brown flowers 10-20% max anybody with ideas or grown before? Stay green

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