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  1. Hey guys (and girls)... I´ve come across some 7W LED-bulbs. They are said to be used alot in the US for "Closet-growing"... Has anyone here heard of them? Best regards, Pop
  2. ...almost, but I forgot to introduce myself before start posting. Sorry for the rude entrance... I am living in Scnadinavia, and I am as everyone else "suffering" (with a small grin on my face) the strict regulations. So, I am making my first serious attempt to grow outdoor, freeland this summer. I am living quite isolated with my familiy and I am surrounded by huge forests and pure wilderness at 59 degree latitude, so I am having some serious issues having a successful outcome growing outdoors. It´s all auto, and good preparation and planning... I am not certain how much I will post of the
  3. Thanks for the answer. Sorry for late reply here, but the internet-connection here in the woods has been really unstable for a few weeks. Finally I have a proper modem for the really really bad signal in the wilderness... Anyway, this wilderness is exactly what makes this project so exciting. I see that you are about to test the Damnesia Auto, so do you have any idea when this comes for sale?
  4. Hi all stoners! Last summer in Scandinavia was amazing, and as a paradox I hope the changes in climate brings hotter and drier weather in the mid-western parts of Sweden also this year. I am still looking for the perfect species for this climate. So far it looks like we are getting an early spring here, so I better find the best ones soon. Does anyone know any ruderalis that would work nicely here? Relatively short summer, but with luck days can be above 25 degrees celcius. Long days and short nights mid-summer. I am thinking of some dwarfs with short blooming time, as short plants are ideal