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  1. Thanks for the reply Pi2 & Dust, I should of mentioned, I'm doing 15 White Strawberry Skunk and 1 C99. Also I counted the days wrong I've got 7 (maybe 14) days left till the chop (I'll explain the 7-14 day bit a little later on, as it's a new development on my resolution action plan)! Although it's my first soil grow (12 years hydro, on and off), I'm not sure that I've overwatered them, as I've been watering them roughly every 4 days and the soil has been dry down to my second knuckle each time; as for the pics, it may just be a bad angle and lighting, and possibly because it was their watering day when I took the pics that the leaves look down a little.. The leaves have been doing the yellowing and dying thing from around 4 and a 1/2 weeks into flower. In all my years doing hydro I've never ever seen that happen! So I got online, and read that I should be using bio bizz grow and bloom (the guy in my hydro shop didn't tell me that, else I'd've spent more money with him!), and was only using bloom, so I got my ass to my hydro shop same day! Then after that I read that it's normal for some strains as they use up stored nitrogen, so just carried on with my feeding schedule (nutes then plain water alternated). I think there may be a few issues going on, mainly because of the heat and humidity - regularly over 32C and 40 - 60% humidity; raising into the 80's on watering days. On top of that I'm a novice in soil!! so I put things such as the airy looking buds down to the temps and RH. But after having time to think, assess and work through my thoughts I've come up with some possible reasons for my troubles, I'm not so sure that there's one culprit, but more likely a multitude of things cumulating to the overall issues. Thanks for the input Dust, yesterday I found more dead bud in 2 different places and I was gearing up to harvest today, but before hacking away, I did exactly what you said; I looked everywhere, going right through each cola and bud, and there's nothing else, anywhere else, THANK GOD!!! So I decided to let it go the full distance and monitor it meticulously, in the hope that the buds fill out a little more and the trichomes mature to their peak (and maybe increase in number as it's looking a little weak on that front), plus give me a bit more weight! Still, after reanalysing the situation, I've got a few more thoughts to throw out there, that, hopefully someone can make sense of and advise me! My Thoughts and reasoning: * = thoughts * = reasoning Yellowing: I believe that they are over fertilised, despite watering plain water between feeds. I'm thinking that the high temps have made my babies transpire at a higher rate, and use more water, consequentially concentrating the nutes available in the soil. My C99 isn't showing any signs of problems, at all. No yellowing and all the cola's are so dense, if I were to hit someone with a one, it'd probably do more damage than a brick! Maybe she just handles the heat and humidity amazingly well and has a higher tolerance to nutes (I've found my summer strain!!) Dying buds: I think it may be some sort of mould or possibly damage from the nutes splashing during watering. The areas of, lets call it mould (for conversations sake) have appeared sporadicly and has only affected light airy buds in random places of 2 separate plants - the one in the pics is at the front of my screen and had mould on the tip of a top bud + on some buds growing under the net line, and hasn't troubled the most dense cola on that same plant or any other fat cola for that matter; my other baby is also at the front of the screen, and in the line of fire during watering. I checked this by doing a dummy feed (no water just watering can!), and found that the mould has appeared in places where water/nutes could have feasibly splashed the buds while reaching to the plants at the back... Airy Buds: I think heat may've play a part, but I also think that over fertilising hasn't helped! Originally I put the airy buds down to heat and RH, but after mulling over the yellowing issue and seeing the C99 flourish (No yellowing) in the exact same conditions, soil and feed, I've come to the conclusion that the airy buds and yellowing may be linked; also if the majority of the WSS are closer to 9 weekers, then they should only just start filling up around now... Harvest (7 - 14 days): Another thought I thought I'd throw out there is that I'm currently on week 7, My C99 is a 50 day strain, so should come down tomorrow - if I had somewhere to dry it! - where as my WSS's are 8-9 weeker. While hunting for mould I noticed a few of the buds look like they are starting to fill out a little., so I'm thinking maybe I should run them all for 9 weeks (or at least 8 1/2), end up with a tyson knockout high from the C99, and get the full potential from the WSS. My C99 has filled out over the last couple of weeks, so while my WSS's look airy now, maybe they won't by the time week 9 roles around (Especially if I can fix the current issue causing the yellowing!)... I'm not expecting C99 rocks, but maybe firm - medium density and a better yield (I read somewhere some time ago, that they gain around 30% of their weight in the last two weeks!). I'd love to hear from people with experience with WSS to gain feedback on how they should be looking by now (Day 49)... Dismissed: I also read up on and considered Verticillium and Fusarium as I've never seen this kind of thing before, but dismissed those as I'm sure that it would be more pronounced across all of the plants as they all have the same soil, etc. and for the fact that I couldn't find a single bad bud today! So people! I'm trying to fix the over fertilised issue with flushing,I can't do anything about the heat or RH - air cooled lights & Dehumidifier already, plus the hottest June and July I can remember!! (maybe it feels that way cos I've been battling heat for months!),I'm hoping someone has a suggestion in terms of my watering and harvest action plan,And again, I'd love to hear from anyone with first hand experience with WSS and it's characteristics, such as density and more importantly HOW IT SHOULD LOOK 2 weeks from the chop!Sorry for the essay, but there's lots going on in my grow room, and in my head!! A little later I'll take and post pics of the cut out bad bud plus garden shots (under HPS lighting, so will be difficult to see the colours of the bud properly. But for now, I need to sit off the 12oz burger I just ate!!
  2. Hi thanks, that's what I did!! They're around a foot and a half from the lights.
  3. HELP HELP HELP!! I've got issues with my babies, a couple of the buds are drying on the plant, I can pick it off and crumble it in my hands! My environment and nutes are as follows: Medium: soil Temps: 32c day 28c night - can't get the temps down!! Humidity: 40-60% - again, can't get it down (got a dehumidifier)!! Nutes: bio bizz grow & bloom, pk 9/18, h&g bud xl, Fulvic. Day: 45 This is my first soil grow, I had to do it as I couldn't keep the temps down in my nute tank.. Being a summer grow, I've had heat and humidity issues, with the buds looking airy. I don't think it's bud rot, as I've seen that before and it looks nothing like what I've got going on here (unless it's a different type I've never seen before!), I think the problem is over fertilisation, but would like a second opinion and some help fixing the problem if it can be fixed!! I was about to start the flushing process today when I noticed the problem. I'm thinking to flush with a flush rather than plain water, then hope for best. Unless someone thinks that it may be something and has a different possible solution to my troubles The first pic is the problem bud and the second is a normal one. Thanks in advance guys!!
  4. Not doubting your experience, or length of time growing, although I do believe you've jumped in with a point to prove yet simply went off on a tangent and confused terminology in the process. What I think you mean is that you want pure sativa strains.. If a landrace is what you describe, the term sativa would never exist! "A landrace refers to a local variety of cannabis that has adapted to the environment of its geographic location" Any indigenous strain either sativa or indica is a landrace!! I think what you mean is that you want pure strain sativa's (which makes you a minority!) What we wanna see is landrace hybrids, with the best of both worlds!! The best indicas and sativas crossed with something to truly complement it, e.g. A low yielding but beautiful tasting sativa hybridised to produce a high yielding plant similar to the original landrace in terms of high, taste, etc. If you've got a problem with hybrids or indicas start a thread and rant about it! If you've got a problem with ghsc and strain hunters, at least educate yourself on the reason for your resentment, rather than spout nonsense!!
  5. Sounds quite cool! Gonna research it some more!!
  6. It was the Charlottes Webb story that really made me check cannabis like that! Then I researched a little more and come to realise how many billions have been made from pharma drugs, all the while cannabis has less side effects and is more effective at treating so many things!
  7. We all know how stressful transplanting can be, so I thought I'd try something new, and I made a discovery of a neat little trick with my most recent transplant, so I thought I'd share it!! I wasn't expecting such amazing results, and it was merely and attempt at reducing transplant shock, so, while I took notes I didn't take any pics, but rest assured the next time I transplant, I will take pics for all to see and follow!! You will need: A dim Lamp,One pot the same size as your current pots,Cling FilmNew pots,Soil,Dechlorinated water,Superthrive,beneficial bacteria solution (I used Vitalink Bio-Pac),Nutrient Thermometer.Plant Soil Condition: You don't want your soil to be too wet or too dry, roughly halfway through the watering cycle, so that when you lift the plant out of the pot the exposed soil feels moist but not wet. Preparation: Use hot water (boiled for 20 minutes to remove Chlorine) to warm your dechlorinated water up to 22C.Add your Superthrive and beneficial Bacteria - I used 5ml per litre of Superthrive and 15ml per litre of Bio-Pac. Wrap old pot in cling film - So that you don't fill it with soil later!Method: Prepare your new pots with a layer of soil - you want enough in each pot so that when you place your old pot in you have enough room to add a little extra soil on top afterwards.Place your old pot in the centre of the new pot.Add soil into the gaps.Gently pat it down - you don't want to compact the soil, just make sure it hold its shape when you lift the old pot out.Water very lightly - Try and do just enough that when you lift the old pot out, the bottom of the soil is still dry.remove the old pot from the middle.Turn out the light, and turn on the lamp.Gently remove your plant from its old pot - I turn the pot upside down, and push on the bottom of the pot to release it (keep your other hand ready to catch it, you don't wanna drop and break your babies!!).place it into the new pot - being very careful with the roots (try and handle it where you can see exposed soil rather than on the roots).Top with a a little bit more soil.Water as normal 36 - 48 hours after transplant. And that's it! Notes: Of the 12 that I transplanted this way, 7 showed no signs of transplant shock, 5 showed very slight signs of shock - Their leaves went down a little, but were up and singing within 10 hours of transplant! There has been no noticeable reduction in growth. One of the plants whose leaves went down momentarily, also happens to be the tallest and has grown 11cm in the 5 days since transplant. I'm sure you'll agree, this is a successful response from my transplanting method! I warmed the water to reduce any shock caused by cold water. I used Superthrive to reduce the shock of transplant. I used Bio-Pac to add beneficial bacteria to the new soil. I kept the new soil relatively dry to allow the roots to search into it straight away, rather than let it dry out over a few days before it becomes appealing the roots. I used the lamp while transplanting, to reduce the amount of light the roots get exposed to. So that's that guys! Any questions, ask away!!
  8. Just saw ABC, I reckon it would be cool as something different! Plus I was reading about it being high in CBD and other cannabinoids with medicinal properties.
  9. Ok thanks
  10. Thanks Gaz, when you say averaged 70g, how many did you do? Or if it's easier, grams per watt..
  11. While looking for a new strain to grow, I really liked the sound of White Strawberry Skunk, so I bought them!! I soaked 15 seeds on 14th February, for around 12 hours, their tap root appeared in tissue the next day and 2 days later they all were out of the ground! There I was thinking happy days! But since then I've been having murder with them! They're a little inconsistent in terms of pheno's. There's a range of heights, leaf types, and reactions to their environment (which has been monitored and controlled well), I have one that looks like it's Indica dominant, and nothing like any of the others! I should also mention, I have one C99 that was popped at the same time, in the exact same environment, that is absolutely fine, and has caused me no issues. So I took to google for some reviews and grow journals, but I could barely find a good word to be said about Green House Seeds, Strain Hunters, or Arjan... Queue, PANIC!! I woke up today, and decided to put the bad rep down to haters and ask my questions here! After all, the bigger you are the larger the target! So what I would like to find out is: How is White Strawberry Skunk stabilised? e.g. Backcrossing. Is it really a high yielder? Should I be culling the weak ones now!? Also, if anyone has any personal experience with WSS, I would hugely appreciate some feedback on: The end product e.g. taste, yield (with how many lights), strength, Whether it's a heavy or light feeder (Hydro), Any traits or things to watch out for - Both, good & bad! I'm hoping that by asking my questions here, I will avoid the haters and gain some valuable information. Thanks in advance guys!
  12. So it's not easy to grow then! Thanks for that! I'm thinking of going with Kuchi, or Sour Smurf next, as I smoked Kuchi in Grey Area and it totally blew me away!! It was bringing on cold sweats every time I took a puff!
  13. Thanks for the info! Were there any particular traits that you noticed early on, that led to a great pheno?
  14. I've been trying to start a thread about WSS, but can't at the moment, I would love to hear some feedback on her!

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