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  1. In the spirit of fairness,i think your pic would look much better in 400X600(which is allowed) in my opinion it will give you more bud and less background
  2. Week 7 of flower and my fears have been confirmed,i found hermie pollen sacs,tiny,forming,but there. still not as amber as i would like but i dont want to risk pollinating my wss scrog will probably take her down tonight
  3. Built a clone bubbler,refitted the micro flower cab and took 4 white lemon cuttings Took a small tester of the wss at 6.8weeks,80% milky10% clear 10% amber
  4. Please confirm whether or not the pictures need to be dried bud?
  5. well let me kick it off with a beautiful white strawberry skunk Strain:White Strawberry Skunk(Clone,flowered for pheno check) Medium:Organic Soil,3.5l Nutrients:Nutriplex 3part flower/veg organic nutes and supplements Photo taken:6 weeks of flower Lighting:270w Apollo LED,70w HPS Camera:Samsung S4 Post Processing:Cropping only Image is 400X600,i assume thats what u meant? Please let me know if i need to resize
  6. wss 6.5wks scrog
  7. wow,this brings back memories,nicely done Ganjalover. I have so many stories surrounding these,in south africa they are known as Buckets,or "Transvaalers" I actually have a tattoo done by an old stoner guy in a dingy back room "Uncle Arthur",who had a 2l lungful of local swazi between colours....offering all along still have a vortex gravity bong clone in a box somewhere,my lungs long since not man enough. I dont mean to crosslink forums,mods please remove if not allowed,but i have come across a user called Lazylathe on various forums,and i think his diy vapes are pretty damn good.
  8. Thanks Dust, cant wait. Took a few x100 pics today,trichs still mostly clear. This is basically a flowered clone, just to see what we were working with . Main cab is up and running Also have the mom in early flower in the scrog, plus a few clones. Awesome strain so far.cant wait to smoke her. messed up pH of a feed and had a bit of an up and down, but all happy again after 3 days of flushing and a molasses and kelpak watering after a days dry out
  9. So glad I cloned her, got the mom in scrog and 2 healthy rooted clones. Whute lemon bubbler build today...cloning starts next week
  10. wow,looking back at those pics,she is almost full purple now,must update a few pics
  11. Not to detract at all from what has been said above,but an autopot system will also allow you to adjust res weekly and will do the rest on its own
  12. wow,that bowl full of tobacco reminds me of a onster bong i once built out of a 5l bottle and an old vacuum cleaner. tested it with straight tobacco and nearly died...went blue
  13. Amazing seed selection,and i love the predator bugs,i personally prefer mantids,but ladybugs are a very good solution.\ if i may ask,why do you plant in clear containers,surely this will inhibit initial root spread to the darker core of the container due to light penetration,and hence affect overall seedling growth,
  14. Reaf took one look at my scrog and declared a pH problem,i thought it was N,anyway,Reaf was right and pH was at 9+ in the scrog pot this morning. gave a pH 5.0 watering this morning,will test runoff to make sure things are back to normal

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