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  1. Oooooh! Nice sparkling frosty candy in this room.
  2. Thanks @Cannabissapean for the "mention". Wow! @Flogrown66, impressive results. Sorry about the bud rot. I see that your temps were at 82Ā°F and humidity at 46%. I would suggest that upon your plants entering flowering stage, it would be best to allow (or to push) your temps and humidity lower to prevent bud-rot. This also mimics the conditions that the plant would optimally experience as it enters Fall. So, what are you going to grow next? Something from GreenHouse?
  3. Well, don't let it bum you completely out. Even females that go to seed will still have decent amounts of THC in the flowers to make them worth harvesting, trimming and curing. Any seeds that you get, you could still use in an outdoor guerrilla grow next year, or if you don't want them, just give the seeds away to friends, not as premier seeds, but rather as just bag seeds.
  4. That is very possible. Yes, stress can certainly do that. It has happened to me a number of times, usually when I failed to check the plants for a time, and they nearly dried out. Also, it may have to do with the strain. Some strains are more prone to hermie-stress than others. And some strains will simply hermie with no stress at all. There is also pH-stress, if the pH was way off for one of the waterings. Hermie can also come from wild swings in temperature, or from long duration in temps cool or warm. And hermies can occur in beautiful females if they simply go a long long long time making flowers without ever being pollinated. She responds by popping a few hermies. That is a species survival tactic. Understand this: Seeds that result from a hermie action are normally even more prone to produce hermie plants again in the offspring. It might be a good idea to finish growing-out your current batch of seeds and then buy a fresh batch of seeds from a reputable seedbank, possibly seeds that they say are hermie-resistant.
  5. Defanning or in other words, removing the fan leaves from the lower 1/3 to 1/2 of the plant is a useful practice for indoor grows. Why? 1. In most indoor grows, the light sources are in a fixed position above the plant. This results in those lower leaves sitting constantly in the shadow of the upper leaves and colas. The plant expends energy and resources to keep those lower fan leaves alive, while those shadowed leaves are unable to sufficiently perform photosynthesis to return their "fair share" of energy and resources back to the plant. For outdoor grows, the Earth spins eastward at ~600 Kilometers per hour, giving us the impression that the sun (the plant's light source) traverses across the sky from east to west. This "movement of the light source" allows light to reach the lower fan leaves in a random on-and-off manner throughout the day. Add to that the occasional wind or breeze causing the upper leaves to waggle to and fro, thus allowing sunlight to break through the canopy from time-to-time, one can understand that the lower leaves would be more able to contribute their "fair share" of energy and resources back to the plant. 2. In indoor grows, there is no natural air circulation as is found in nature. We have to provide artificial air circulation using fans and exhaust ventilation. Failure to do so would result in stale air, the plants using up all the CO2 in the area of the leaves, resulting in basically the leaves being unable to continue transpiration. Additionally, stale and uncirculated air more readily allows mold and parasites to take advantage of the weakened plants. Artificial air circulation costs us energy, and as proud as we may be of our air circulation efforts, we are still circulating air within a closed-in area, still not as optimum as a clean, natural outdoor environment. The removal of the "useless" lower fan leaves allows our artificial air circulation a better chance to avoid the above-mentioned problems. In nature, the air moves as a result of the constantly shifting high- and low pressure waves of our Earth's atmosphere and as a result of temperature changes caused by the movement of the sun and clouds. Sure, there may be days where the air seems to be absolutely still, but not really. Sit outside on any day, and you will feel air movement within every minute. And each time that air moves it is replaced with fresh ambient air. Transpiration is able to occur basically without interruption. If you detect that your outdoor grow is unable to receive sufficient circulation or unable to receive sufficient light in the undergrowth, then by all means, remove some of the lower fan leaves. Take a look in YouTube at the monster outdoor grows in Mendocino County, California. Those plants are truly leaf monsters, maybe they defan, maybe not, but they definitely have huge harvests. If the question is whether to "completely de-fan" (to remove ALL fan-leaves), I expect that that would not be a good practice, because the fan-leaves are basically the solar-collectors for the plant. Without the solar-collectors, the plant would be less able to provide for its own energy and resources needs in order to produce optimum buds.
  6. Look really close to see whether somewhere on the plants there might be a hermie node. Or, possibly a neighbor might have a male that produced pollen, and on a windy day, possibly that pollen was blown your way. Even in a tent, there are inlet vents where the pollen can get in, sucked in by your extraction ventilator.
  7. Hey gasmeter, That's really neat with the Root Pouch system. I think that system is also known under the name of Air-Pots by a different manufacturer. I imagine that nearly any semi-porous material could be sewn together to achieve a similar result. I have a question, though. Is it recommended to keep the pot completely separated from the bottom surface? Is it better that the material pot does not sit in the run-off from the feedings?
  8. @ganjalover, I fully agree that nothing in that video ("Timelapse of the Future: A Journey to the End of Time") can be proven. But it is so fun to imagine.
  9. We humans may think that we are an advanced species, but I assure you that we have a long way to go before we could ever master the universe. To master the universe, we must still overcome time and space such ways that we could travel to distant planets or star systems fast enough and with life-support systems sufficient enough that it would make sense for us to do so. But in the meantime, do take a look at what we have been able to accomplish, albeit so simple in concept, but still at the limits of our current technology and programming abilities. Be astounded by what you are about to watch, but know this. We must learn to master much more than this if we expect to become interplanetary- or interstellar successful. Here, SpaceX launched a payload into space using 3 boosters, totalling the strongest launch thrust by far ever launched in history. The payload-Stage 2 continued onward to its appropriate orbit, while the 3 Boosters (2 Side Boosters and 1 Central Booster) returned to Earth. The two Side Boosters, at time of jettison, were travelling slow enough that they could fire their rockets and reverse course in order to return to landing pads near their original launch pad, making simultaneous controlled landings. The Central Booster, because it was used a bit longer than the Side Boosters to push the payload higher, was too far downrange and travelling too fast to make a reverse-return feasible. Its return to earth is simply with a re-entry burn and was supposed to land on a drone-ship landing pad floating in the Altlantic Ocean. The name of the drone-ship landing pad is "Of Course I Still Love You". (The landing of the Central Booster on the drone-ship landing pad had never been successfully achieved until this mission.) Enjoy...
  10. Ahaaaa, this is one of my favorite TOPICS. Thank you @g22 for opening this journal. Even though our Earth is already 4,5 to 5 Billion years old, it is estimated that the Universe is some 15 Billion years old. But that is not really that old. The future holds more time for the universe than the past. We are still in the Infancy-Phase of the Universe. Get ready to be blown away and watch how the universe will end. Be patient. It will take trillions of trillions of trillions of years. Here you can see it sped up. Enjoy the ride...
  11. In most countries, the laws are similar. If the laws and enforcement are too strong, then they are unfair. Mankind has developed alongside this plant, and this plant has improved through the thousand years alongside mankind. That's evolution. But what remains is the question: Does one have the self discipline to accept the responsibility for being a parent? Or does one have the tendancy to lose one's self control and allow a recreational drug to control one's life? If so, then such a person IS unfit to raise children. That would be true regardless of any drug, simply over the question of discipline and self-control. Make your decision once and for all, who or what is in control of your life. If you decide that YOU are in control of things, then you should be able to make the right decisions about your use of recreational intoxicants, which has been a natural activity of humans for thousands of years and still is today. I will admit that In the past, I have smoked the cannabis way too much. But with time, I eventually sensed the folly in that. Today, I still enjoy it from time to time, but measured. I want to enjoy it on MY terms, not on its terms.
  12. @Sensation, I know that we do have some Thailander as members here, only I cannot remember who they are. You might try writing another "Introduce Yourself" and ask for someone from Thailand to respond to you. Be sure to use a Title for the post that might attract the specific attention that you want.
  13. Hey Stoned zero, Sorry for the loss of your plant to the cops, but thankfull that they didn't create more trouble for you. Your farmer friend seems to have some talent for super-cropping. Maybe try again later, but be careful. Maybe a guerrila-grow somewhere else? Good Luck.
  14. Welcome to StrainHunters, @stevea1245 from the uk. Yes, hopefully everyone has a great new year. Are you growing anything? If so, open a journal and show us.
  15. WOW! What an Introduction!!!! @Conrad, please open some journals with us. We want to see how you do that.

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