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  1. in the last month I have been using zero filter, briging ppm down to 10. so I was adding 200 PPM per feeding and watering, to have a water at 200 PPM with good balanced cal mag in it. Now in the last weeks, filters are dead and I did not get any new one so I am using store bought 5 gallon of water, with a PPM of 115, 2% calcium in it. So with this water, how much CAL MAG I add ?
  2. Thanks a lot for these additionnal information! What do you think about the feeding schedule ? is 4 teaspoon of K reasonable ? Sound like way to much to me
  3. Did that, will see what the result are but I am afraid i went to far with these plants unfortunately I will finish them fast so I can replace them with new plants. I am reading in many many place to give something like : 0 - 2 - 3to4 tea spoon per gallon with General Hydroponic in soil, sound like a lot to me ?
  4. I must add that it has been without cal mag on filtered water for many many weeks
  5. I would need help on something .I struggle to really give my plant exactly what it need. Right now I am in third week in flowering and this is my feeding schedure : Fertilizer : General Hydroponique flora series ( SOIL ) supplement : Floraliscious, flora blend (vegetation ), diamond nectar PH 6.3 Filtred water (zero filter) - Feeding : 1 / 1 / 1.5 to 2 teaspoon a gallon - CAL MAG 300 PPM - total PPM : 800 to 1000 - Watering : Cal mag 350 ppm Watering with supplement : 1 tea spoon floraliscious, 1/2 tea spoon Diamond Nectar, Cal mag 300 PPM So yeah ... are these number realistic ? I got Big