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  1. Thank you very much bro.. It was a pleasure to read it all! Bless!
  2. Thanks for this post bro. Blessings!
  3. Excellent! Thanks brother!
  4. Hi to everyone! We are bringing to you the last photos of our ladies (22-06-2014)! They are on the 52 day of blooming. We were having some problems with our timer, because it doesn't keep on time so we got every day like 2 hours of delayed in the clock. But know happily we already fixed this problem! We are watering the ladies every 2 days, 750ml aprox for each plant, the room temperature is always between 23-29 degrees celsius, and the humidity is 40%. We expect to harvest the first plant on 2 weeks, its the number 7 (wss), and we thinks that the number 4 (flower bomb) and the damnesia have to continue blooming for 2 or 3 more weeks until they get ready to harvest. In general they are looking so good, but we expect to get more bigger buds in these finals week of our first harvest, so we can obtain much more quantity in dry! We are so happy to share our paraguayan style, and every comment of you guys push us up to improve our grow every day! BLESS TO ALL!!! FARMER44
  5. Hey guys! Sorry for the delayed on new updates about our first grow in the 4x4 tent here in Paraguay! Now Im uploading some pics of these little ladies that are growing very well. These pics of the ladies are in the 37 day of blooming, date (06-06-2014), lights are now on 12/12, we are not using any kind of nutes, only with water and soil! At the beginning we got 9 plants growing inside the tent, but by the second week of blooming we took two plants (1 wss, and 1 fb) to the outside because at this time the were like bothering each other, so they can continue this process because now we are in winter and we have the shortest period of natural light in the year, and the rest of the plants that stayed in the indoor can have more space to grow. Now I will show in another post, the real situation to this date, and Im going to ask some questions about our experience with the bloom stage!! Thanks to all!! farmer44
  6. First at all, sorry 'cause I have been already posting in the "Grow Area" section before presenting my self here in this part of the forum! Well, we are a couple of friends from Paraguay, South America, and we are happy to join this community and this forum! At this time we are going to write about our first grow in our 4x4 grow tent indoor (we already made it by the name " 4x4 tent first grow (3 DAMNESIA, 3 FB, 3 WSS) from PARAGUAY"). Also, you have to notice that in my country we dont have grow shops, or expertise people on self cultivation, and every decision that we make about the changes that we have to improve in our indoor comes from the result of our own experiments or decisions. We need the know how and experience of all the weed growers in this forum to get the best results!! so we are here to extend the culture of cannabis cultivation around here in Paraguay and all around the world with you Irie &Bless to all of you people! farmer44
  9. Hey guys! Finally, after 41 days of vegetative grow (01/05), we took advantage of the holiday in our country and work to open all the branches for better light receivement, and we also change the lights to 12/12 and put the babies to flowering period! Actually, we have some questions and doubts about, we want to know if someone of you can give us a hand with this: 1- The most "important" problem that we find in our growing is that the babies dont have the average internodal distance, and they went like a little "dwarfed". We dont know how and why this happened (first 11 days on CFL in jiffys, and then we move it to the 600w HPS indoor with their final pots). We need some comments and opinion of some of you that had the same problem or just know something about this. 2- We are starting to have some nice but dangerous odor in the room. You can find our carbon filter in amazon texting this: LED Wholesalers GYO2306 &" Hydroponic Carbon Air Filter 310CFM and we want to know if you have an idea if this its going to work for our tent or not. And if its not, what would you recomend us to eliminate the odor? 3- We are trying with some nutes call Go Box General Organics (you also can find it in amazon with this name!) We started using it only with 3 babies (the weakest from each strain N2,N5,N7), but only from the 5th week, so we only have 10 days of experience with the nuts, but I have to say that we saw results in this period. But now, for the bloom period, we dont know very well how much amount of nutes dilute in how amount of water to get the formula to feed the 9 plants. Just want to know if someone have already used it or experience it. Im also attaching some photos of our babies minutes before we change the lights! THKS FOR ALL! We will keep updating when we see some chenges!!
  10. *18-04-14 (Temperature 22º-26º, Humidity 36%) DAMNESIA 1- Height: 31cm - 6 nodos 2- Height: 23cm - 6 nodos 3- Height: 33cm - 7 nodos FLOWERBOMBKUSH 4- Height: 18cm - 5 nodos 5- Height: 15cm - 4 nodos 6- Height: 16cm - 5 nodos WSS 7- Height: 13cm - 4 nodos 8- Height: 30cm - 7 nodes 9- Height: 28cm - 6 nodos *22-04-14 (Temperature 22º-26º, Humidity 36%) DAMNESIA 1- Height: 40cm - 7 nodos 2- Height: 30cm - 7 nodos 3- Height: 43cm - 8 nodos FLOWERBOMBKUSH 4- Height: 23cm - 5 nodos 5- Height: 20cm - 5 nodos 6- Height: 20cm - 5 nodos WSS 7- Height: 17cm - 7 nodos 8- Height: 40cm - 8 nodes 9- Height: 35cm - 7 nodos *26-04-14 (Temperature 19º-24º, Humidity 33%) DAMNESIA 1- Height: 49cm - 7 nodos 2- Height: 40cm - 8 nodes (feed) 3- Height: 54cm - 9 nodos FLOWERBOMBKUSH 4- Height: 30cm - 6 nodos 5- Height: 28cm - 7 nodos (feed) 6- Height: 30cm - 7 nodos WSS 7- Height: 26cm - 8 nodos (feed) 8- Height: 49cm - 9 nodes 9- Height: 40cm - 8 nodos
  11. First at all, thanks Dust for welcoming us to this great community and for the first opinion that you gave us about how the jiffys, we apreciate every effort from you and from all the community to help us to improve our growing! Yesterday, I updated the journal till the 9th of April, and now im going to update till today! *13-04-14 (Temperature 22º-27º, Humidity 42%) DAMNESIA 1- Height: 18cm - 6 nodos 2- Height: 14cm - 6 nodos 3- Height: 20cm - 6 nodos FLOWERBOMBKUSH 4- Height: 10cm - 4 nodos 5- Height: 9,5cm - 4 nodos 6- Height: 10cm - 4 nodos WSS 7- Height: 11cm - 3 nodos 8- Height: 19cm - 6 nodes 9- Height: 19cm - 5 nodos
  12. the vegetative stage continous! now we are on the day #19, all the babys are looking well! =) *09-04-14 (Temperature 22º-28º, Humidity 45%) DAMNESIA 1- Height: 10cm - 15 leaf pairs 2- Height: 8cm - 15 leaf pairs 3- Height: 11,5cm - leaf pairs FLOWERBOMBKUSH 4- Height: 5,5cm - 7 leaf pairs 5- Height: 5,5cm - 8 leaf pairs 6- Height: 7cm - 8 leaf pairs WSS 7- Height: 8cm - 11 leaf pairs 8- Height: 11,5cm - 15 leaf pairs 9- Height: 12,5cm - 23 leaf pairs
  13. Day #16 from seed, they are looking well, good transplant from jiffy to soil! *05-04-14 (Temperature 22º-27º, Humidity 40%) DAMNESIA 1- Height: 6cm - 8 leaf pairs 2- Height: 6cm - 8 leaf pairs 3- Height: 7,5cm - 10 leaf pairs FLOWERBOMBKUSH 4- Height: 3,5cm - 4 leaf pairs 5- Height: 3cm - 5 leaf pairs 6- Height: 5cm - 5 leaf pairs WSS 7- Height: 6,5cm - 8 leaf pairs 8- Height: 7cm - 10 leaf pairs 9- Height: 8cm - 12 leaf pairs

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