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  1. Hello guys, it's been a while since I updated my jurnal... I didn't post more pictures because I have real trouble taking pictures in greenhouse, it's really hot and moist in there, so I had some problems with the plants, because of the neighbours I can not put ventilators, and it was 38 C temperature these days here... But I told myself, I will do better next year, better preparations and better growing. I can tell you that the plants are twice the size now comparing to the posted pictures, they are really bushy and dense, and the tallest is about 1m60cm high! I guess they will flower in middle of august or beggining of septembre, so the have little less than two months to grow. I ordered powder feeding hybrids, it was released by customs, so I am expecting it to arrive every day, can't wait! On friday I go to holiday, so I won't be here for 10 days, but, when I come back, I promise I will put new pictures! Until then, goat boy out.
  2. As I promised, here are some new photos. Babies have really grown!!
  3. Hello again guys, I will be posting more photos soon, I will go to my plants in a few days, or maybe even tonight. I have a question though. For next year I would like to buy a growbox, but I don't know to setup it. I wanted to buy hydro-mars led panel/s, and secret jardin orca tent, and this part i understand, but I don't know how to setup fan and aluflex, waht parts do I really need? Growbox and led panel/s I understand, what other parts for growbox do I need, as I said, I am not planing to use MH/HPS lights and ballasts and reflectors. Please can someone answer? I will be posting new pictures soon, I hope they grew up, didn't see my babies for more than ten days.
  4. Hello guys, I took some more photos of plants, I hope you like them. I don't know when they will start flowering, I live on north hemisphere, I guess middle of august or beginning of september, so they have two-two and a half months of vegetative period. Here are the photos.
  5. Really nice plants! I have a question about topping. Is it necessary to do the topping, because, when I look at my plants they seem not to have the top that is really big and it doesn't seem to bother the rest of the plant, so I didn't do it. Did I go wrong? Your babies look really healthy! I hope they bring you good yield.
  6. Hello guys, today I went to my village again, and I have some new photos. It has been rainy couple of days, so it has been muddy in greenhouse, so photos are not perfect, but it was the best I could do. Here they are, babies have grown a bit, it has been 4 days since I took photos last time. I didn't do the topping, because the top of the plant is not to big. My grandmother put something on the soil to prevent insects, I don't know what it is. If you have suggestions, advice or any comment, please do. See ya, till next time, goatboy out.
  7. Cannabissapean thank you for your post, I will be doing topping next time I go to my village. I watched a video on youtube about everything you mentioned, learned a lot. thanx again. FIM, thank you for your post also, I think I will buy only Hybrid PF this year, for next, probably both. See ya, goatboy out.
  8. And here are the pics of them transplanted directly in the soil. It was quite a job I must confess, I thought it would be much easier to transpant them, you have to watch out not to damage their roots, and to prepare the site for transplanting. I watered them after they have been transplanted, and I HOPE they will be fine. Here are the photos. And I have a question. I am thinking of buying powder feeding for ladyburn, and I have a question. Do you use hybrid powder feeding only for flowering period and for vegetative stage you use powder feeding for mother plants, or you can use hybrid mix through all periods of growth? Hesi fertilizer is fine, but since ladyburn is greenhouse seed, I am seriously thinking of buying powder feeding. Goatboy out.
  9. Hi guys, today I went to village and some changes have been made. First I will upload pictures of plants from smartpots, and then I will upload pictures when I transplanted them directly in the soil. I guess they have been stressed a bit, but my grandmother assures me they will be ok. So, I am uploading the pictures, and if you have any comments and advice or suggestions, you are more than welcome. Also, sorry for the quality of pictures, I take photos with my phone, and greenhouse is small so there is no space for good photos. Next set of photos, if everything goes well with the plants, will be for about 14 days when I go to my village again. Until next time, goatboy out.
  10. Life doesn't imitate life, it imitates bad television.

  11. I am not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens.

  12. People on this forum are great. Only marijuana matters, everything else is not important. Welcome!
  13. Thanx for this amazing post! With you guys, I will become excellent grower. Next year, I will be using powder feeding, I read it gives great results!! Till next time, goatboy out
  14. Thanx Ganja XL for comments and advice, it is much appriciated. Last year I messed up my grow with Arjan's Haze 3, but this year it is already going better! I think it is not enought just to read about it, you have to start growing and to face the problems for real to learn how to grow. I guess every mistake is valuable, because after you have made a mistake, you learn how you should have done. I will be posting new pictures on the weekend maybe sooner, don't know yet. I called my grandmother 30 minutes ago, she says the plants are growing, there are no more grass and weed around them, it has been taken care of. See you soon
  15. Sex without love is meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go it's pretty damn good.

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