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  1. yea chat is down :/ miss to talk to you all, bought some new bongs(got 1 new right here, and 3 are on the way)
  2. The girls are looking amazing Can't wait for more!
  3. My fav. Coffeeshops would be: Jolly Jokers (Amnesia, Bio Super Silver, Jack Herer) // Nice little shop, with and indoor balcony (damn cool place) Abraxas(Apple Jack, Orange Bud, White Widow) // Nice "art" like ambiente, good Space Brownies and Space Muffins for a reasonable price Greenhouse(Super Lemon Haze) // Pretty pricey(Super Lemon Haze/Super Silver Haze 15 Euro per g, OG Kush 18 Euro per g) Good Ambiente but overpriced, and often bad Quality: Coffeeshop Smokey(White Widow was ok, but pretty overpriced; Jamaican was the worst ever, got 13 Seeds in it and was damn overpriced, also witho
  4. When i was in Amsterdam i smoked Super Lemon Haze from the GreenHouse Coffeeshop, and that got me pretty good through the day of smoking various strains, oh and it was 35 degrees celsius in amsterdam that day so damn hot, so maybe try SLH or SSH
  5. Hey Hunters just wanted to show the stuff i'm smoking these days
  6. Jose already said everything, but why do you want to pay for so much stuff and then only grow once? Would be a really money waste my friend you should keep growing then, in my oppinion
  7. Your girls look very nice hope to see more of them
  8. i hope that germany will soon legalize or decriminalize weed and find a good model like coffeshops or cannabis socialclubs
  9. not a big hash smoker but a nice how to, and nice WeedStar* bong you got there. Love ziggy's bongs