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  1. hallo strain hunters, when can we expect the release of the colombia expedition ? and is there any news about the landrace strain releaeses ? greetings, smokesalot.
  2. hallo everybody, i tidyed up my shed, but didn't get te space i needed for my ladies. so let's hope the days get sunnier and the nights warmer. other news: i finished my sm af stash. and i must say i enjoyed it. the smell and the taste where mild, but the effect compansated for that. it's not a night time smoke. but it makes for a good wake & bake. and on a medicinal level it is good for pain management and stress relief. so i predict when it hits the coffeeshops it will sell well. and more people are going to want to grow it. looking forward to the release of the colombia expedition. than
  3. thanks for the info. if the weather permits me, i will tidy up my shed. so i have space to put them inside. there is enough ventelation from holes and cracks in the roof and along the sides of the door. hope it will help. greets, smokesalot.
  4. i forgot to mencing the hight of the sm af. it was a respectable 1m and 16cm. witch a understand is quite tall for an autoflower. and this was in a 11l. hortipot. i wonder what it will do in a 19,3l. smartpot. maybe i will try it next year. and when i said haze flavor, i meant floral. the ah is blooming, but the buds are not swelling. the nycd is barely blooming. and with the current weather i don't think they are going to finish before the first frost. what can i do ? greetings, smokesalot.
  5. hallo everybody, i harvested the sm af last week on tuesday. it sadly developed grey mold/botritis/budrot. it was ready so the mold was a problem, but not to terrible. i got about 10 grams of of it. the exact wait i can't tell you, because when i put it on the scale i all ready had smoked some. but i grow for fun and myself, so the weight/yield is no all to importend to me. i was able to smoke some early, because i have discovered a way to dry it in the microwave that doesn't influence the flavor to much. but now that it's dry enough to smoke, i can give you a proper report. look: small to med
  6. hallo everybody, here a few pic's of the sm af. what a beautiful little lady. not only in looks bud also odor. because her smell is just coming threw. and it is softly sweet. so she does her name justice. in odor. her taste will have to wait untill she is dry. i expect to harvest between wenseday next week and the following weekend. so i expect to give a full smoke review towards the middle of this month. do you agree ?
  7. i didn't do it on purpose. i was in a bit off a panic about the sm af 's neck snapping. and in my heast to repare it, i broke a small branch. but it seems to be allright and doing oke. i hope she will root, because then i will my smallest plant an biggest bud ever. and that's because she is in full bloomingstage. the snapped neck is heeling, but it is swollen. i hope she won't get rot like my ls af. luckely she was near the end so i harvested what i had to. and left what was oke and harvested that on the 17th. now i'm trying to revegge it. hope it will work. the ah reg mama is blooming and her
  8. hallo i'm back, the ls af has been harvested and smoked. not all of it ofcourse. it is a good one in every part of her. the ah reg and nycd are doing fine. but now to what this report is about and that is ofcourse the sm af. when i took her out of the greenhouse to make pictures she snaped her neck. so i put a stick next to her and tighed her of. in doing this i accedentilly broke 1 of her shorter branches. i have put it in a peatpot filled with cloning soil. but before i did that i dipped her in cloningpowder. it's is now a few days later and mother & child seem to be doing well. i forgo
  9. i have a few videos on my pc about making the banana tea . question: what does lant buenasp mean ?
  10. the ls af is certenly feeling good. because if you give her a gentle rub, she leaves your hand smelling sweet with hints of citrus. i can';t wait untill te sm af starts flowering. because i expect her to smell even sweeter. the nycd reg. gives of a light smell but i can't describe it now. because i haven't rubbed her for a while. the ah reg. doesn't have any smell yet. greetings, smokesalot.
  11. hi growers, the sm af. is doing well she is 40cm now. and the rest is also doing well, even my ah reg. clones. the nycd reg. is 83cm. the ah reg. mother has 2 main stems now after i cloned/fimmed her. stem 1 is 85cm and stem 2 is also 85cm. the ls af. has 2 stems as well, that happened because i did not pay attention and my cat fimmed it. stem 1 is 64cm and stem 2 is 59cm. and she is in full bloom. so i think 2 or 3 more weeks and than i can harvest. what organic methods could i use to improof blooming ? 1st picture is the ls af. 2nd picture is the sm af. 3rd picture is the nycd reg. 4th pict
  12. hallo everybody, it's been a while. but here are a few pic's of the sm af. the pic's are from a few days ago. but i'll be spending sometime with the kids today. so maybe some more resent pic's soon. cannabis liberation day was great. tasted some nice pot and hasj. greetings, smokesalot.
  13. i'm growing outdoors in a greenhouse, no hydroponics, just soil. and i have furtilizer pellets and liquid nutrients for vegetables & herbs from ecostyle. i have used them for a few years and they work. so the sm af and other plants should be allright after the nutrients have depleted from the potting soil. i prefer to grow organicaly/biologicaly, but are open to other methods. thursday i'll post my next update.
  14. i'm going to put her in a 11l./2.75 gallon hortipot. what can i expect ? i know af 's don't need fertilizer when they grow in regular potting soil. because that usely has enough for the grow & bloom cycle. is this true ? if i do need nutrients & fertilizers and can't afford to get the powderfeeding. what are the alternatives ? greetings, smokesalot.
  15. all the plants + the clone are doing well. good news about the nycd reg. . IT'S A GIRL !!!! my update is about the sm af. . she is amazing. i put here in a bigger pot with cloning soil 5 days ago. and yesterday here roots where all ready coming out off the bottom. so i put here in a bigger and deeper pot. i didn't have enough cloning soil. so the pot is not filled to the top. thursday i will do a full update of my grow. now for sometihg completely different. will someone be representing ghs/strain hunters at the cannabis liberation day in the flevopark ? i'm going to be there. greetings, smo