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  1. Dust thank you again man. I realized i dont have as much money as i thought i did, but that isnt going to stop me. Can you guys help me a bit. I know what q grow room needs, but if you could take a few and write it down it'd be great. Im still at 600w light and a 1x1 or 1.2x1.2m? I think the soil would be a better choice, moneywize and also less nutes are needed, correct me if im wrong. I dont need drippers and things like that, only necessities for ladies to be healthy. No tent for now... Also Dust, can I/you change my nick or do i have to make a new account? Thank you guys again, I know you get a lot of these q's and i really appreciate you answering mine.
  2. Waiting to regulate some things, as soon as i grab some money this is the investment. Ill gather more kmowledge. Good to know about all of this. Freaking money issues... Well, hope not for long! I know its all theoretical but how much could i expect from 9 autos for example or big bang with 600w without training? Thanks and regards.
  3. Man, that's exactly what i was thinking. 9 plants under 600w (i fell in love with 600w), autos, harvest isnt my primary goal, but continuous harvest kinda is. My biggest problem is its all still theoretical. After all, im too coming to conclusion, tent is probably a better idea. I found one, completely equipped , 1x1x2m with a 600w lamp. I can always ad another tent so if something doesnt change its probably going to he like that. Also, i dont want to screw up plants, i have no idea how big pots look in reality, so watering is going to be a new thing to me. while im there, powder feeding should be given daily? Quarter strength for seedlings until 3rd or 4th set of leaves, for pre veg half the strength and in vg normal solution? Im asking because everyone has different opinion on that, but the label is very clear. I dont have a bad feeling, i might make some mistakes, hell, im goin to make them for sure. Taking all this in consideration, all im left with until my grow is reading and collecting all knowledge i can. Thank you guys, you really make this place feel like home.
  4. I was thinking and i got this idea, 2,4x1,2x2 meter grow room. On one side two 600w mh/hps, on the other propagator and pre veg under 8 T5 tubes. In that case, no time is lost, other words its split, one set of plants is in veg, other in germ and pre veg, so theoretically i could have continuous grow and harvest. What do you think? And no, I dont want a tent, Id rather build a grw room, 300e for that size tent is a waste, seeds and powderf together are about 200e. Also, how about 10 autos and 10 photoperiods under two mh/hps, as autos finish, normal ones have more space, so basically if i can place 10 autos in the middle of grow space, surround them wih 10 normal plants which id rotate bi daily, i could manage to handle 20 plants in total? Thanks for answers man.
  5. [Hey guys. I have wondered on various mary jane lovers sites for last couple of months. The thing Ive learned for sure is there is never only one way to do something when growing. I dont know how to start so ill put it simply, im confused. Cant decide whether to grow in a growbox or build my grow room. For the first few times, ill probably be growing autos because of lower maintenance. The next thing would be size of box/room. Now, i know its like asking papers or blunts, everyone has their opinion, so ill be as thorough as i can. So, my plan is 600, 1000 or two 600w lights in flower room. Image i have in my brain is a room not to big for a 600w but not too small for 1000w or 2x600w. Im pretty sure 1 square meter is enough for 600, but adding another one makes it all different. Should the box/room be square with two lamps or wide? What about 1000w? Having asked, another question comes to mind (next to a thousand more), how many plants under this powerful lights? Now, this is the most scrutinized question noobs ask (yeah, im a noob too). I found many techniques out here, sog, scrog, lst, fim, topping etc. My goal is to simplify and maximize grow and yield as much as i can, and if this combo is possible it'd be the best solution for me. Im not so sure how im going to handle cutting branches for the first grow so if i could skip that it would be great (autos maybe?). If its a good idea, i was thinking 4 autos under 600, or more? I wont be using DWC, hydro, aero, probably not even soil, coco all the way (for now), so that is clear. Is there a difference in yield if more plants are grown or it doesnt matter because of the light? I was planning on buying Arjans seeds (king of cannabis huh?), so Greenhouse seeds is my choice and their Powder feeding (im a practical guy). Going slightly off topic, I eas browsing Strainhunters forum journals and their Powder fed plants look amazing. The next thing is probably the type of system/medium i should use. I was thinking about coco and clay pebble 50/50 mix with simple hand watering. This also opened up some questions for me. What pot sizes, how much water, nutrients, feeding schedules for veg/bloom yadayadayada. Air circulation is not a problem, i think. A fan for intake, carbon filter and a fan for extracting filtered air. What about controlling room temp, humidity and my plants growth. Im not on a budget, but i also dont want to spend green on unnecessary equipment. Ph, ec, humidity meter and things like that are a must have, but a co2 tank and r/o system are not. You get the way im thinking? Im very detail oriented guy so numbers and charts are my thing, common sense not so much, so if you feel like writing please do. Thanks for your input, im looking forward to talking about the bud we love.

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