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  1. I don't know the constant yet.. to be honest, I'm still in the planning stage of y rooms.. I'm a kinnda of guy who like doing things perfectly or not at all so I'm willing to invest my money on reliable equipment , to get perfect results when the building starts I'll upload some pictures of the process and some videos (if u think it's relevant for this forum). anyway.. I didn't get the humidifier thing .. it blasts the air with water particles when the reader shows the room is too dry , right? so how do u know it doesn't turn your room too wet? what makes it stop shooting water to the air? can it keep the room at a stable humidity level?
  2. Hey guys, I understand humidity is crucial during all stages of grow and I'm looking for a way to control the humidity level in my room. I've heard about people that use water spayers manually when the room is too dry and hair drayers when too wet - again manually.. I find these methods irrelevant to my future grow rooms (veg and flowering, maybe even drying and curing rooms). I want a system which I set the desired humidity level and don't have to worry about that anymore.. What do u guys use to control humidity? Anyone uses an automatic system? What is the cost of such system and what about the electric consumption of it? looking forward to your replies
  3. Thank you all for your replies. you guys are great!
  4. thank you for your answers. u guys are quick on the responses ! keep up the good work
  5. hey everyone, i watched the grow sessions by Arjan and Franco and apart of being great and very informative the made me question how come outdoor yield (in most strains) is much bigger than indoor's? at the grow session u can see the huge differences between hydroponics and soil . the hydro ladies grow much vigorously and the yield was significantly larger compared to the soil beauties. if so, it seems like a plant that grows outside should give me the same yield as the one grown indoor in soil .. right? well.. i suspect the answer is not right tho.. because everyone knows that outdoor yield is almost always bigger than indoor's.. depending on the strain of course. so is it the sun light that does the magic ? the longer veg stage ? maybe both? an explanation would be appreciated. thank's alot

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