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  1. The contest theme is "FUNNIEST", my vote is for Lamenace. I like to, those of leyus, Datenshi, and fercba08 good luck alls !
  2. not favorite artist in reggae, maybe serge gainsbourg
  3. thank you all ! and thank you LaMenace for this great roots reggae music !!
  4. FUNNY !!!!! (and the bud look good, harvest time, no?)
  5. dudes .... your hardware stuff is just perfect !! this is my dream to work with this stuff !! the perfection is in your hands dudes !! and is a really great idea to work seriously together with franco and you (and the others members of the crew of course ) BIG RESPECT !!
  6. it's a cat forum here welcome !
  7. hi ! i like growing, hi like hybrids, and i like reggae music (and some other music ) it's nice to read here