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  1. not sure if there is already a thread like this but here goes anyway. recently i have created two of my own strains, i bred them for outdoor grows in the uk and they do the job nicely. i took a kc39 male and i crossed it with a frisian duck, i call this howard the duck, and also an unknown cutting that i got from a friend, i call this star69. i only have regular seeds at the moment but next year i will work on feminized seeds. so i figure anyway that i am not alone in creating my own genetics and a bunch of you have probably done the same and if you are like me you probably want to
  2. has anybody grown lemon skunk recently? its not the same plant that it used to be the first time I grew it maybe 7 years ago it instantly made my top 3 favourites but last year I purchased new seeds and got very different results at first I thought it was me but ive tried several times since and its just not the same and really not that good id be really interested to hear from anyone with some old seeds. has anybody else noticed?
  3. things are looking good I am pretty sure that the first plant will be down the end of next week, and then probably the following week for the second. I'm a little worried that some of them are only just showing hairs, hopefully the weather will stay dry for the autumn though cause they will not finish til the end of October at this rate.
  4. so I finally made it up, the weather here has not been a bit wet so I wasn't worried too much but as I figured they were pretty starved of nutrients, well half of them anyhow some looked much greener than others so I gave them some bloom nutrients I had kicking around and I'm gonna pick up something for them this week. any suggestions would be great. its so overgrown up there, I've started to chop it back but its really a 2 handed job. I had to fight my way in which is good cause its not going to get found one of them had started to bud and is within 5 weeks of harvest but its only t
  5. so here at an undisclosed top secret heavily guarded location this year I have some lemon skunk from greenhouse seeds, some kc39 from kc brains, some early Durban from seedsman, Frisian duck from dutch passion. exciting times indeed. I hope everything is going ok the pictures are about a month old now as I'm housebound after breaking my arm, hopefully next week I can go and see how things are getting on
  6. early two thousands white rhino, that stuff just aint what it used to be
  7. when are you going?? i was planning on taking a trip in may but have not booked yet
  8. yeah that is what i figured but just wanted to check thanks very much
  9. i have worked elsewhere in holland in the bulb industry not marijuana but hey, i've always fancied working in a coffeeshop but just kind of assumed that there would be a queue of people waiting for jobs and as i write this i realise thats pretty much the case everywhere these days but thats another matter. it would be nice to work in the industry though i wouldnt care what i was doing, trimming digging watering weighing rolling. yep maybe time to return
  10. one day i WILL need a cement mixer to make my hash
  11. my current harvest is just getting flushed and i am converting to powder feed and i was just wondering as i have some stuff left over (bud candy big bud and a couple of other things) whether any of them would be at all beneficial or if i should just use them for my fruit n veg if anyone has any info that'd be great
  12. yeah it does look like you've got some seeds forming in there best you can do is hope they get big and ripe then germinate them and try again, and you can make hash from the rest of the plant, or smoke it if you are so inclined
  13. this could make a really good expedition, i have never seen a wild ruderalis field and it would be great to learn more about the plants. would also like to see some of the following breeding process
  14. a little late but hey i just joined. i was there for the 25th and 26th and i gotta say the flowerbomb kush was so much better this time around, i personally dont think it should have won the 25th cup but it was definitely one of the best weeds last year. the chemdawg cream was lovely