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    I love marijuana,and all the healing affects. Very personal experience with Rick Simpson oil for years now. It cures cancer! Looking for the future with cannabis with all the new high thc/high cbd strains. I love my dog, my family and just a super chill guy. Check out my Twitter for updated pics of my indoor grow. Page is new..

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  1. @Aaerios @ithrow88 cant say the same about the spurs...

  2. @RobHalperin @ithrow88 @MLB @Wikipedia actually it is kind of impressive. Along with the 200 career wins in Majors. very impressive...

  3. @Pcgclones any Harlequin GDP clones going out soon? Thank you...

  4. @LeevelTatum @the504ceo @Mathieu_Era

  5. @VKanoun @HowManyCaloriee lol mama knows best
  6. Hey dust honestly what scares me from the powder feeding is all the nitrogen in it. I try to keep the nitrogen to a minimum during flower no more then 8-10 at all times... also keep the last 2 number a bit higher like say all my nutrients woulda be something around a 8-40-40. And after their 4th week probably just @ around 3-40-40maybe more or less for the last 2. I know it sounds crazy lol but I have 2 ways I feed depends strains. (everyonE has there own way,but I'm also always trying to learn to get better) I'd like to ask the reason why high N 16 nitrogen in the packets all the way thru and if that means I couldn't add other nutrients to raise the P-k? I'll definitely do more research. lol
  7. Hey figueraz I have a 600 watt metal halid for my mothers. Regular florescent bulbs for clones. But once clones are rooted they go under the 1000w HPS lights I use to flower. You get some amazing stalks and branch. I just got done topping them a few days ago, and did the final keep on branch's and did the last strip on branches. I will be posting those in a few minutes... 3rd pic is a platinum cookies an 4 is a blue dream. Thanks for the kind words. And keep up with this grow.... Thanks
  8. If you figure out how to lose less product during harvest please let me know! I lose 70-75% myself when I dry and cure... thanks for the info !
  9. Honestly that's not a bad pull at all under 2 medium sized leds! Enjoy your smoke, and remember to keep your trim and use it for any different concentrates... never leave any fallen soilders behind!!! Lol
  10. Also would love to use the powder feed on a couple plants to compare I'm just scared because I've never measured ec to water and all that. My rule of thumb has always been if I can drink the water without a bitter bear face then my plants can as well. And here in the bay we have amazing water. Maybe you have some info that would help me out? Does it come with a feeding schedule?
  11. Hey dust thanks again for your kind words! I keep half my indoor crop to smoke and half goes to 2 different cannabis dispensaries in San Jose ca. I'm always under California state law and have had police come inside my home a month ago because helicopters spotted my plants! I said hello, welcome to California, come on in fellas! They asked me if all this is necessary even tho below my limit? I showed them my roach jars and they started laughing lol...
  12. Hahaha if you guys ever made a trip to northern California I'd love to point you in the right direction! If not come smoke one with your boy! I'd love for the GHS to come up on some girl scout cookies seeds. Crossed with the amazing strains they release...
  13. So these indoor grows are using powder feeding or is powder feeding strictly outdoor. Those colas were huge!!! I'd love to see a close up with the trichs showing if possible? If not no worries I'll smoke one and forget I even asked lol!
  14. Thanks dust, it's really hard work keeping up with the outdoors. But we'll worth it! Mostly all my outdoor product goes into making concentrates. I love cold water hash and rock Simpson oil. I make a lot of it, sometimes I don't like smoking flowers, just prefer to smoke the crystals and bubble hash is the safest extract. While Rick Simpson oil is for ingestion, since I'm diabetic I can't consume edibles and 'RSO' is extremely potent with no sugar!
  15. Haha I've been vaping out the vaporizer all day for a couple weeks now. I just finished making a super strong batch of Rick Simpson oil! If you've never tried I feel bad for you doggy dog... Lol. Thanks for the kind words, wish everyone here lived in California it would be a major smoke session every time I crop!

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

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