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Everything posted by lickthecarpet

  1. Yep repotting does miracles. I put them in 50 lt of what would be a domestic copy of the smartpot bags filed with a mix of 35% perlite 35% coco fibers and 30% compost. To the ones that will go outdoors I added a couple of cups of thin vermiculite towards the deep end of the bags for a little more water retention because summers in Greece tend to be on the hot side of the chart and for that mater I realised that the choice of the seed was wrong since skunk n1 needs more temperate climate to thrive. Soil and water PH are 6,5 amended with an agent my cousins use in commercial agriculture (saltrad
  2. PH straight out of the faucet is a straight 7. With a a couple of lemon juice drops I make a PH of abt 6.5 for watering. soil mix PH was 6.5 before planting.. Besides I dont water them nor Do i feed them that often. I got another 5 pak of seeds today but Im not giving up on these ones without a fight.
  3. After being saved from drowning they got this!!!!! First thought Kalium deficiency so I spray them with a half strength 12-5-24+3mg. Could it be something else? Any ideas?
  4. Yep they definitely need larger pots. They were all root bound. After just 15 days in the soil!!!!! By my books it means really good efficiency of lighting and technique. Last years outdoors grow didnt heve that large a root system untill after the 3d leaf node had grown. On the other hand the delay to adress the problem by the grower's side (that would be yours trully) might have damage the grow potential but time will show how much the babies were stressed. I repotted them in 1lt pots and put them in a warm dark cupboard to overnight. That means that sooner or later they will have to be re
  5. They are allmost 2 weeks old now and I have the first problems. 2 of the babies bend the leaves downwards and have what I would describe as discolorations. Usually I would say that they are overwatered and try to ''dry themselves'' but I read that baby plants do the same when they are overwatered. (water problems are improbable since I am very carefull. I have moved the light to a distance where they stoped stretching and surface temp is 24-26. Might that be because of the low humidity? If they were full plants I would say its a feeding thingy. But whatever it is why 2 out ou the 6 seedlings?
  6. It is D+6 and all the seeds sprouted. I have 6 skunk n1 seedlins now. I raised them closer to the light and watch them closely to see how my system works.
  7. Hi thank you for the interest. Yes I noticed they are stretching so I moved them closer to the light, now they are 25cm close to the panel. I regulate the tem with a small pc blower hooked to my motorcycle's batery to 29-30C. A bit to the warm side but I think they can take it. Problem is when the lights are off it goes under 20C. As for soil for my nurseries I use a mix of coco fiber compost and litlle light turf and something like5% perlite. And I just mist it with 5% lemon water for a PH of 6. For now I watch them closely to prevent accidents. I shall post pics later. Tnx dor the inp
  8. This is my first try to grow indoors after some succesfull outdoor years. Nothing wrong with the outdoors but I wanted to try the controlled conditions of the grow room which means that you can grow throughout the year plus the ability to control the life circle of your plants. I chose soil as a madium since this is what I have been using untill now and is by far the simplest and time proven means of cultivation. For a light source I got myself a 240 watt full spectrum LED panel from viparspectra because of good reviews and availability in my region.. At this point I have to say I was surprise
  9. skunk n1 autofem the girls were planted 20 & 25/10 respectively. the big one straight to the pot the small one transplanted, though in the sugested way by many. both under lwss than 50 watts of cheap chunese leds on a 24/0 circle. i have to admit im impressed by the growth they got although we wil never EVER transplant an auto again. ofcourse were a long way from seeing results but i have to admit it looks rather promising. i will keep posting through the grow. as usual any comments or sugestions will be most wellcome cheers.M
  10. so we reached the final day. almost 13 weeks outdoor grow came to end. after 48 hours of total darkness and no water time for harvest .half of her litlle hair are whita and most of the rest are brown. it had to be done in a corner of my workshop(hence the machinery) where noone would bother. gloves schissors etc and there i go. it was a pain in the ass and quite time consuming. it took me an hour and a half for 50 grams. i hang it on a welding rod in one piece because i forgot to take more clothpins but i think it will not dry properly so tomorrow i will cut it in smaller pieces and then tota
  11. week 12 starts today and i saw the first signs of brown trichomes with my lupe. yes im flushing her with clean water for abt a week now. i think next week will be her final but we shall see abt that. old leaves turn yellow which on regular plant would be normal, but for an auto maybe it means its reaching the end of her life? should i give her less water now? anyway i will post again next week or when im ready to harvest.
  12. she is blossoming!! only 9 weeks old. looks like she is going too fast. should i prune the leaves that shade the buds like i would do to a normal plant? or maybe autos are shocked too much? cheers
  13. this one is the sister from same batch exactly same age but growing in a friends den under an equivalent of 300w led grow lamp. she is very small something like 7cm and has already preflower, but she doesnt seem to grow tall.
  14. but if i put limestone or other calcium fertilizer isnt it going to raise my ph even more?
  15. these are todays pics. the plant seemed to me like it was heatstroke so i removed it from the sun. it also had signs of nutrient starvation which should not be the case since it is properly fed. so i check the ph and it was found to be 7.7 too high. i think it might be a nutrient lock out so i water it with distilled water for a couple of days and i will restart feeding it with N-P-K fertilizer from tomorrow but since the ph of our tab water is still to high i try to find ways of lowering it. my grandpa used vinegar to do so but i dont know the right portion. does anybody have any idea? also d
  16. this is the last of my patch of five seeds i put on july 5 the pic is taken on aug 3. 2 of the plants were lost to pigeon releted problems one lost to dog related problems one was gifted to a friend to test his indoor setup. this is super skunk auto.
  17. im dimitris from greece. not first time cultivator but first time in forums of any kind. trying to find and share info on new strains, because frankly new strains i got online dont seem to funcion as the locals i have used so far. see you all on posts