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  1. I'm really interested in your experience with the bees.  We are indoor cultivators, all of our plants are in a totally controlled enviornment.   Could it be as simple as adding a hive and letting the bees do their work?

    I appreciate any help.  Thanks!

    Mike 760 567 5543

  2. now stop watering with anything for two or three days. let the pots dry at least 50% or half the current weight. your plants are great, to me a bit underfed. raise your EC to 1.2 and water every two days. later in flower add some P and K till 1.5-1.6EC and flush the last two weeks. but don't water every day. let the leaves tell you, pointing up-great time, pointing down-overfed(overwatered) or just right, means don't water again. all in all nice grow, clean and white, good work
  3. my first bet would be overwatering maybe even burning with high EC but what's the pot size? what EC was before flush? what temperature and humidity you have in a tent/room/...? how many plants? pics and evrything else would help me to help you bless man
  4. Bam, you sould really consider going flood&drain. imo it's the best watering method, period. first, it's ideal for 11l pots. but make sure they are ROUND(aprox fi 25-28cm) you can fit 9 in there no problem. also don't buy pots but buy buckets and drill 1cm holes. 3-4 on the bottom, 6-8 on the sides(2 levels till half the bucket) medium can be pure coco, perlite-coco, or my favourite coco-rockwool 50/50 mix. flood it 5cm under top of the medium or just half the bucket(leave it to wick) for 15-20 minutes every 4 days(3 in late flower if having need for) and you'll be just fine. actually, you'll be fucking great! flood and drain provides more than just "water". first it floods from bellow allowing NO air pockets in the medium. second it provides the second most important, and equally important as nutrients, "thing" that plants need, oxygen. since water comes from bellow it pushes out the old and when draining it sucks in the new. holes on sides provide more intake and allow to dry the medium more efficient. and the rockwools makes sure that coco doesn't run dry. third, by NEVER wetting the top 5-8 cm layer you allow the plant to have their business uninterrupted. the have no.1 and no.2 as well, all jokes aside. and they do it on the top around the stem. and some weird dry "enviroment" creates that in some kind of a way helps the plant. forth, it's practical, effective, efficient and saves you a TON on water, nutes and time. I use PowderFeed, enzymes, superthrive and supervit and that's it. yeah and I almost forgot. by not going with more than 1.5 EC you don't have to flush as much as with any other medium. I do it in the last 2 waterings only (last week) and it's perfect. but if you want to go all coco or pelite coco mix it's also great. same thing as above just go with more frequent watering because coco doesn't like to go dry at all. every 2 days will work fine. and make sure the water is max 20•C. roots like it cold bless man
  5. nice idea but sorry to dissapoint you, it's not gonna work. you see, each time water impacts the barrier(rotor) the water flow slows down so the next rotor gets a significantly less energy and the next one even less and so on. also you loose a lot by elevating the water. also you would need a preasurised hose so the rotor gets 100% energy but eventually no matter how many rotors you will have, you will never end up with excess energy. it's just physics. if you are interested into "saving energy" I have other solutions. in my grow only the lights and ventilation needs electricity. soon maybe just lights but so far I modified a old design to use as a mechanical pump to elevate water and now can lift it more than 10m without any use of electricity... if you want to know more hit me on pm. bless man
  6. then if it's stealth I sugest you to go with coco or grodan rw. coco needs 3-4 times smaller container than soil, and 1L coco is the same as stacked grodan 10cm. I don't agree with Bam on everything but if you want to do it right and proper, measure the EC and PH. even in soil. soil can buffer it's own PH but not EC. and it easyer to fuckup in soil than in coco. stick to the 5,5-6,5 PH (5,5 in veg and up to 6,0-6,5 in flower; depends if soil or hydro)and feed them the EC that they want(but don't ever go over 2.0) enough for now, I'll drop by when you'll have the grow ready. peace and good luck man
  7. don't want to be a partypooper but tables won't help you just because they are poorly written and mostly measured with RO water. canna, plagron, biobizz,... all tables are wrong, not even the PowderFeed tables are correct(it works but if you don't measure the EC you won't know for sure)BEST thing for you is to go slow and measure with a EC meter. example: it might work with lets say 2ml/L of nutes for a 10L tank but if you have a 100L or maybe a 1000L tank the input will be different(in my experience the bigger the tank the smaller is the dosage) play around a little. if the EC goes to high just add watter and vice versa. when you will find your sweet spot just put down a number on your nutes botle and never worry again. but I repeat, never trust the "numbers in tables" ALWAYS check with EC meter. bless man
  8. well it depends on the grow type, strain, medium, water and grow stage. if you go with 1.0 EC in veg and 1.5 EC in flower you'll be ok. check the response and adjust. if you have a grow ready I could help you more acurately. peace man
  9. start with 1-2ml per L and check EC. don't rely on tables, always check EC. bless man
  10. 430w bulb you talk is a old CMH model that work ONLY on a specific ballast(if we talk about the same bulb) you must NOT forget that the frequency and voltage(V) are the most important. ballast and bulb must be compatible. so read the labels and specifications. nobody needs a blown up bulb in their grow. peace
  11. you can "override" any 400w hps and by that I mean you can crank it up 10% or in this case 440w. there are also 600w and 1000w ballasts with dimable and extra selection. it is good to check in the shop if the bulb is dimable/overridable but with philips, hortilux, lumatek, sylvania I didn't have problems(400 and 600w ballasts and bulbs) you have two types of ballasts: magnetic and digital. magnetic are those big and heavy ones that buzz and heat up. they last about a year and than you have to rewire it pr buy a new one(costs almost the same) digital is the one you have. they have a regulator so you can dimm or override the bulb. also, you can put the ballast on 250w and put a 250w bulb in there and it will work. just dont turn a bulb to more that 10% of its power, e.g. 250w bulb max 275, 400w bulb max 440, 600w bulb max 660. new doubleended gavitas go up to 1150w(the bulb is rated 1000w) anyway, always check in the shop where you bought the equipment or come back here bless man
  12. Jose the Slex please
  13. thanks, all credit goes to our SKSK! the bud is from a high CBD strain but I forgot the name. they fight for medical patients that need cannabis but so far it's stil highly illegal. cops dont mind for a plant or two, gram or two, but I know some patients that got fined and sued for posesing a oil extract... crazy country I tell you... so I really hope Germany will change something. soon. bless you man
  14. I really hope something will change soon, eapecially in Germany, self proclamed leader of EU. In Slovenia we had a petition last year with more that 50.000 signatures but since our goverment is very corrupt(the most in EU) they just overruled the petition and decriminalization never happened. Also, I am againts LEGALIZATION coz then I will have to buy prerolled joints from big pharma companies and am solely FOR DECRIMINALIZATION of cannabis regardin growing, carrying and smoking. anyway, here's the photo I took yesterday from our SKSK(Slovenia canabis social cub)- it's not a social club like in Spain but they are really hard working:) bless you all and SUPPORT THE DECRIMINALIZATION! peace man
  15. Friend! Thank you! This helps a lot. I actually expected even higher price well if everything goes without any problems expect a grow using this bulb. also I have something new to show you really soon bless you man

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