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  1. thanks man, 1 more question, I know that coconut have 3 times less than conventional earth, for example 5 l pot instead of 15 l of soil. is it possible to compare the coconut and peat? or of peat have the same as for soil?
  2. people! brothers help pls!
  3. hi all, need your help, I can not figure out how to water the substrate: decided to try peat as a substrate. bought a bag 10l neutralized peat moss. written on the packaging PH 5,5-6,5, made a mixture of 50 \ 50 peat + perlite, 7L pot, pour 6 liters of water with a pH of 6.0, the output pH 5.2! in the table Powder feeding him water the soil or coco? What a good substrate based on peat?
  4. о земляки)) рад видеть на забугорском форуме!) если кто может помочь на вопрос в данной теме, буду очень благодарен! http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/8687-how-to-use-untreated-water-from-the-well/ суть дела в том, что сделали колодец, сдали воду на анализ, и исходя из анализа воды хотел узнать, можно ли использовать мою воду на DWC с удобрениями Powder Feed?
  5. who will give a more detailed answer about my water? please write without abbreviations, I do not quite understand in English, we have to use a translator! for earlier thanks!
  6. Hello! I want you to know, can I use my water from a well for hydroponics on the basis of the analysis of water ???? pH 8.1 oxidation - mg \ l = 10.6 chlorides - mg \ l = 45.0 iron (total) - mg \ l = 0.25 ammonia - mg \ l = 0.45 nitrates - mg \ l = 0.86 nitrites - mg \ l = <0.003 Total hardness-mg-eq \ l = 6.0 hydrocarbons-mg \ l = 427.0 sulfates (SO-4)-mg \ l = 54.7 what to do so I can use this water with fertilizer nuts Powder Feeding only DWC?
  7. Hello brothers and sisters! i am from russia. I want to get help and to help others! I apologize for my curve English ...

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