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  1. Hey mate, I see you went with the last season's tried & tested P#1. What a wonderful job you did with the journal! Beautiful pictures and descriptions, very well done! I would definitely enter one of the bud shots in DP's monthly photocontest Enjoy your lovely harvest. Peace, G
  2. My guess would be the first 2 are the green-o's since they look exactly the same
  3. Not much of a commitment really. In case your plant dies, you can still use the medium. 3 gal is optimal for most autos. XXL versions (Think Different or Think Big by DP) or so-called "3rd generation autos" by Dinafem would obviously need bigger pots. You can calculate that from breeder's seed -> harvest times (usually it's like 1-2 weeks more than they claim). If your seed has cracked using your wet towel method, you don't have to wait for the tap root to show. You can be sure the plant will grow out provided you have a sterile medium and don't sow too deep. The reason is it's
  4. Point 1. would be correct for "normal" photoperiod dependent plants. However, the strains in question are autoflowering and as such they are best started in the final size pot where they'll be for the rest of their life cycle. The reason being simple: they have limited veg time so you can't afford to wait for them to get rootbound in a smaller pot (which would stress them and therefore slow down the growth) before you repot. A good and short auto growing guide can be found at RQS website. If you want an extended guide that explains everything from the basics, read this.
  5. Hey man, as I was reading through the updates, I thought, "the pots are too small, they must be rootbound as fuck by now," but then I read on and found out you repotted them, so I was relieved, nice move! For the future, remember that the plant's root system develops rapidly when they go to flower so you should always try to repot before that, into large enough containers. Another thing I noticed is that you used WAY too much perlite, it almost looks like a soilless medium. This is the reason your girls seem hungry and you have to feed often. Perlite holds no nutrients and is not nece
  6. Hey mate, I think they look pretty healthy, no signs of overfeeding. It seems they didn't have enough sunlight in the beginning so they're pretty tall with rather weak stems. To strengthen them I would suggest you pay attention not to feed too much nitrogen, get them as much as sun as possible and maybe try removing the support (if they won't fall right down after doing so), the wind waving them around a bit also helps to make the stems stronger. Observe and take it easy. Cheers, G.
  7. Looking good mate, on the seedling issue: I would say when the plant reaches adulthood (~3 weeks) is the time when it's no longer a seedling. Although you need to consider the size and condition of the plant not just its age so when it comes to feeding plan I would just stick to common sense and observing the plant's reaction to whatever it's getting. Wish you best of luck and happy growing, G.
  8. Yeah, it's rather the opposite, plants put out before June are said to take even longer to finish actually. Source: https://marijuanacannabis.wordpress.com/2009/10/13/the-10-biggest-mistakes-growers-make/I can't really say, I guess all of the autos will be good, I don't really like autos for outdoors because they don't grow as big as in indoor setups and they are pretty high maintenance when you want a good result. It shouldn't be a problem for you but as I grow guerrilla style I just can't afford to water them on a regular basis and if the days are dry it will take its toll on the yield. I
  9. gasmeter, the issue is not when you started the plant, 8th of July is not late. A cannabis plant needs just ~ 3 weeks of life to mature and be ready for flowering, you can observe this characteristic with grows that go 12/12 from seed, the plants don't start flowering earlier than that. The real issue was simply that this strain/phenotype starts flowering late and takes too long to finish. It has to do with the light sensitivity, some strains will just trigger flowering earlier, which can be as early as end of July/beginning of August, while others will start flowering in the first or second
  10. Aloha, a very nice plant mate, it's a shame that your strain choice was so poor for your climate. Next time go with something EARLY so that it can actually finish under the sun, ideally by the end of September. UK outdoors is pretty tough and my situation isn't much better so I understand your struggle. I've done a lot of strain research and testing so should you need some tips don't hesitate to PM me. Keep growing! Safe, G.
  11. Hey mate, something's wrong here, I just don't know what. As FIM said already, these plants don't look like NL at all. The leaves are too thin, the stems are too weak and the plants don't particularly thrive. It reminds me of a friend's grow who had some bag seed under a HPS from an old street lamp. The plants looked the same way. Also your buds (for an NL!) are too small despite them pistils being brown already. This is a sign something is wrong. I suggest you get a pH meter and an EC meter asap since these are absolutely crucial with the system you are using. Working without them you're ju