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  1. So you've got a perfect mix here! ...GREAT WHITE KUSH (With the Hindu KUSH or the new Sweet Valley KUSH) ...
  2. Hi (gh), I don't know if you re waiting for an answer, but from a personnal experience i say GREAT WHITE SHARK and KING'S KUSH. Night time sleepy couch lock stone. Also BUBBA KUSH (BUBBLEGUM KUSH) ... you can't go wrong on the fruity sweetness . From other company, GRAND DADDY PURPLE (expensive seeds) ... between 1000 other indica dominant varieties.
  3. Little Marley has grown well... 12 h for the plants , and they'll grow like him
  4. This is not about landraces but ... 1/How many Skunk, Nothern lights or White widow is there on the market at different prices? 2/Who created it for the really first time (who accept or not to let it use by other companies)? 3/Would it be better to buy the strain to the breeder who invented it, to the seller who first sold it? Of course there could be an association of breeders working on the same plant who could sell the same plant on the same name as a partnership. Or it would be only allowed to sell a White widow, a Somango or a Super silver haze adding another one to it, like Brazil x White widow or Haze x super silver haze, and with another name in order to not surf on the name of the Original one. What do you think?... At least changing the name. Should there be a Copyright on strains? (like music, movies, clothes, ect...) Or not?
  5. "According to multiple reports from defectors, visitors and experts, North Korea either has no law against the sale and consumption of weed, or it has a law that is largely unenforced. "... " Just last week, a 29-year-old freelance writer from England wrote an account on his blog explaining how he purchased a grocery bag full of weed at an indoor market in rural North Korea and smoked it with impunity both at outdoor parks and monuments, as well as in restaurants and bars. " http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/08/marijuana-in-north-korea_n_4067341.html
  6. Cream Caramel, really fits her name and personality. Ideal to smoke under flower form, but also perfect as resin or cream, such as the finest Malana cream.
  7. It will be really interesting and informative to watch your Pheno Hunt...! Let's see if you'll get some Pinkish Pheno it the search. Good luck and have fun!
  8. Hello friend, Having fibromyalgia, your friend will want to keep the pain away (day/night) but also to have a clear day high added with some energy / motivation, it's why i wouldn't only recommend Hindu Kush. As we know, indicas are reputed to be great pain killer, but on the other part, they have sedative effects, and can cut motivation, so it won't be the "perfect" strain to ("wake and bake") wake up and smoke, starting the day, as he would be pushed another time to his bed. More than pain killer, and muscle relaxation, he will need something which can provide clear mind and energy during the day, something functionable. It's why i would advise high CBD content, and sativa dominant during the day. And indica dominant for the evening and night. At night, CBD strains could be remplaced with pure indicas or dominant at least. I've seen some really interesting articles with some strain remaining. Harlequin seems to be a good pain killer while not cutting motivations due to her sativa traits, as well as Cannatonic (One i've smoked friendly offered by someone during a convention), adding Super Silver Haze CBD and Super Lemon Haze CBD from Greenhouse. For more Indicas exemples, Big bud (GH Super Bud) comes back again, Bubba Kush Original (Or GH Bubba Kush), and Grand Daddy Purple seems to have a nice researched effect for pain too, leaning on the sedative side...King's Kush CBD and Great White Shark CBD may be efficient also. But this is a none exhaustive list. The Hindu kush could be part of the list, for late time smoke, between hundreds. All in all, strain with high CBD Indica or Sativa, should be something he would be interested to try in order to see the results. There is a lot of Medical research done by real reputed doctors, from countries like Switzerland, Canada, Israel, USA, etc... And personnaly, i don't trust countries who diabolize Marijuana, putting it on the same rank than Crack and Heroine. https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/best-cannabis-strains-for-fibromyalgia https://www.leafly.com/news/health/medical-marijuana-fibromyalgia-treatment http://nationalpainreport.com/marijuana-rated-most-effective-for-treating-fibromyalgia-8823638.html
  9. Hello Ungewiss, in response to your PM, i don't know if i've found specifically the "Shilavati" ... As there is no name on buds. BUT, i've found some nice flowers to smoke in Kerala, Karnataka,Varanasi (coming from Bihar apparently) and Parvati (where there is more Hash than weed (90%)). I've never seen fields out there, just few plants for personal use. In the first time, i'll advise you to go asking to people who already smoke, in order to know if they've got good quality, good price, to know to whom they've been buying from. Until you don't know locals, play it safe! In Odisha, you should find some nice Green... Good travel.
  10. Oh my... This topic has been created in 2011!... How can time flies by so fast? Moving away "Already excited about going to Idduki and put your hands on it? There is a bad news. You might never get it, here is why - it is not around any more. With the population growing and forest cover soon depleting along with law enforcement becoming stricter the cultivation gradually came down in Idukki. Now most of the plantation takes place along the Andhra-Odisha border a hotbed of naxalism. Even though there are huge plantations there is a difference on what is planted- it is not Idukki gold, but 'Sheelavathi' a local variant as it is more adapted to the region's climate. Initially they tried to plant the original seeds but, the yield was of inferior quality forcing them to look for other viable options." January 24, 2017 http://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/idukki-gold-the-legendary-indian-marijuana-that-you-may-never-get-your-hands-on-264249.html
  11. Hello, i 've found something that could help you http://www.growweedeasy.com/drying-curing - Hang upside down . (20/30 days) "... Continue drying until outsides of buds feel dry to the touch, and smaller stems snap instead of bend, usually 3-7 days. Buds will "snap" off without leaving a stringy trail." Good luck
  12. I thought that Hash from Afghanistan was made the same way that they are doing in India and Nepal, rubbing gently living flowers while the temperatures and the sun heats at his maximum. It's why i was really surprised when watching this video... They are perfectly explaining, demonstrating and showing how they do with their ancestral knowledge, since decades... centuries. By the way, the music is really well chosen. The sounds is making my brain Bubbling, adding that if you smoke some "Afghan" while watching it, you would feel transported without leaving your place. Really instructive way of doing it, in my opinion.
  13. One more, with a more relaxing music and a longer video... More recent !
  14. ... I was just trying to make a Joke. You've never watched "Lord of the Rings"?... I've found your picture Original and intersting, because pollen is as important as a plant growing, flowering or buds showing. First time i see it on the Forum i believe. My "precious" was referring to the character (Gollum) ...
  15. You're right !! And not only for the Chemdawg, Diesel or the OG... If you're looking closer, you'll see that Big Bud is also called Critical Mass, Critical+ (Critical+2.0 resisting to humidity), Criminal+,Super Bud, etc .... There is no problem if they are making some improvment for the strain, or if they add something else to make it better, tastier , faster. On the other hand, what i dislike, is when companies sell the same strain under the same name, except if they work together somehow, linked with common friends, partners, location of the growth... As an agreement.
  16. I agree, it's a huge advance and a big step going forward...
  17. This is a "SPECIAL ONE" for THAILAND, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, INDONESIA... And CHINA--------------------------------------------------------------------About CANNABIS LAW !!!!!!! (((NOT ADRESSED TO THE CITIZEN OF THE COUNTRY BUT TO THE GOVERNMENT)))
  18. Muy buena noticia para ellos entonces, aunque se fuma mucha Marijuana en el pais desde hace mucho tiempo tambien !! Still, now the law is : - Possession of under 8 grams is considered personal use and it is not punished. - Cultivation, production or sale is punished with 8 to 15 years in prison.
  19. Nice idea to drive a Mustang'69 in Thailand after having smoked Thai Stick (((not brung in the car)))
  20. Hello... I suppose also that you don't have any Medical dispensies around? Because buying something in a State, and smuggling to another State where it's not legal, is punishable by law!... Many do it every years tho. An advise ?? Move in another State where it's Legal to get a Medical Card, a Medical Permit to grow, to buy rec'weed. An other advise, grow something that have really low smell while flowering, it will at least reduce all risks. (Nothern lights, Master Kush, and many others). Growing in 2 gallons smart pot with a CFL300 or 200, it won't heat so much, so it won't smell a lot, it will be cheap concerning electricity, you won't have to buy odor filter and ballast; a (small)closet would be enough. You really can't get a Medical Card?... It's the easiest.
  21. I've never heard about those one... It is a total discovery to me, thanks.
  22. Thanks for the answer, i've learned a lot... I understand very well your point of view. I asked you this question because i knew that you didn't want to get bothered with the business of seeds and anything; but you are still giving pollen to right chosen trusted people in order to , like i said, contribute to the conservation of the strain, and other experiments. And that's good. I knew the history of the 'White' , Nothern Lights, Blueberry being one of my favorite test/effect, Diesel also one of my sativa dom day smoke favorite as well ( thought that she was created in the late 90'). Concerning Blue Dream, Top 10 sold weed actually and since a while, i thought it was Blueberry x Super Silver Haze ... I TOTALLY agree with you on this way !! I also believe that if a strain stands like 20/40 years, smoked daily, annuary by smokers/growers all other the world, it must be that she has got something that others don't have. I also think that , in the past 70'/80', growers and breeders, took more time to create, devellop and archieve a plant because of the rarity. Now it's going much more fast crossing something. People are more impatient, wanting novelties and varieties really quick... They/We don't have enough time and word-of-mouth to get used to it! It's why "Classics" will stand in the History, while the newest strain will fall one by one in the melee letting just few on feet like Highlanders. The best will remain while other fashion weed will sink.
  23. Some are going in JAIL while some are winning CANNABIS CUP, depending in the country you are living in!... There is INJUSTICE in this tiny planet. You are BRAVE having followed your Passion in order to improve your skills!! All the BEST for your futur ...!!
  24. NUMBER 1 OUTDOOR GROW FEBRUARY 2017 : OLDprodLg Sure that your are going to walk on the moon... Better than no one. Shining frosty Buds cover of beautiful crystal ! FELICITATION. Thanks to the Sun !! I wish that they would send you some freebies to test and enjoy. That's my opinion.
  25. My preciouuuuus ...

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