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  1. hey folks - sorry that you not going gaz. Amsterdam looking super exciting and already people are puring into town. There great people about including tommy chong, Marc and Jody Emery and many others and a bucket load of extract artists from the US. I ll be around (the first time since 2006) and looking forward to meeting anyone from the forum. There some real cool things including a free boat between the Green house Harlemaar and GH Centrum and loads of vapour bags. I intend breaking the dabbing ban in the expo as the Greenhouse ice is dabbing beautifully. How can torches and rigs not be al
  2. I has been such a privelage to meet Galeno and Franco - it been to long! Barcelona feels like the centre of the weed universe
  3. In Africa outdoors growers really rate the exodus cheese , super lemon haze/lemon skunk. Especially good for in exspierienced growers. The exodus has performed incredibly interms of mold resistance giving an incredible flavor and making cheese one of South Africa's favorite strains. The ams also goes well here if in healthy soil - massive collar s if you let it get large. However it handles less well than the lemon and cheese in a rough environment if abused. Baba kush , jack h, Haiwain snow are also really popular time after time with out growers. However here there loads of sun here and so i
  4. Bambole - The product going in was kush grown from clone in the massive greenhouses - really high quality - the extraction system was the massive machine using ice and regular pollinator bags. The raw dried isolator lying in the room was like cream - you grabbed a bit and squished it into tofee in moments. We did not get to see the product pressed through other systems except in our own hands - but for sure you starting with really good quality resin to get this. Having said that the machine made something unreal - you see how it stretches in the movie......there have been concerns that system
  5. Lunch in Corinto - Most orded the chicken soup - at some point you reach the chicken feet at the bottom - here Krishna finding his chicken feet.
  6. Wow - fuck - wow - shooooooo - Mr X your photos are unbelievable - incredible !!!! Thankyou so much bro ! You are a true master>>>> Big up for MR X!!! :yahoo:
  7. The riot at the end of the movie We were in a total of two mini riots - the 1 st was within an hour and a half of arriving in bogota - but more about that one later (maybe). The second was in StMarta about half way in the trip - after violence between para military groups had prevented us from gaining access to fields the day before we were ecstatic to be able to get the green light to get into the fields (including the one where we could film in the doccie where we find Punta Roja). Later we left and went to a beach party where we found ourselves amongst some of the richest of colombia. It wa
  8. 1) Watch the motor bike! Arjan on the streets of Corinto (allegedly colombia s most dangerous town) about 1 and half hours past cali. 2) Franco and the cocaine donkey jam - in St marta 3) 4) 5) St Marta fields 6) Franco can never be patient! 7) Arjan - brilliant photo buy our brother Jose
  9. 1) Beautiful kids of colombia - the people where just awesome wherever we went - Here we in St marta. 2) Franco blazing a joint in front of a police control point with Mr x looking on nervously - although small amounts of weed are technically legal the cops havent heard this yet. 3) Mean cops - taking photos is a big no no. 4) Our fixer Chiche trying to stop us taking photos in front of the cops
  10. More pics 1) Veiw over the red zone 2) Jackson and Krishna from vice 3) Relaxing after arriving from the red zone in St Marta - note the hash! 4) Mr X