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  1. You do good work Toaor I shall look out for more from you in the future
  2. I don't wanna comment and say anyone's OG is better than someone else's OG There are infinite numbers, most of them rip-offs of the original Having said that, although I'm not talking a straight OG, I had good luck recently with an OG x Chem #4. It's called Em-Dog. It's available from Humboldt Seed Organisation. Part of the B-Real stuff of theirs. It contains one OG-dominant pheno that is very tall and lanky, strong fuel, pine and earth scent. Strong as hell. Very reminiscent of everything you would look for in an OG to me Here's a pic for you so yeah this was from ho
  3. plants outdoors can flower with 14 hours light due apparently to the fact of far-red lightwaves that are given off by the sun at sunset and also reflected in the moon, priming the plant to quickly go to sleep, allowing a stronger flowering response under fewer dark hours this is the whole concept behind those deep red indoor 'flower initiator' bulbs you turn on for ten mins right before the lights go off the key is in the dark period indoors: you could run a whole different calendar with 19 hour days followed by 12 hour nights, the result would still be flowering I'd be willing to be
  4. I agree 100% with the above too Once they show that hermie trait in any serious fashion, the party's over as far as using the pollen I would think I am certainly no expert generally or on breeding in particular though good luck
  5. wood ashes are definitely best composted first, otherwise they can cause problems if just topdressed them on or whatever, high alkalinity being the culprit; I learnt this the hard way once, don't ask LOL biochar and charcoal are entirely two different things and biochar production requires low oxygen conditions and is not the same as lumps of coal out of your open fireplace. Apparently it also needs to be 'activated' to be a nutrient addition as opposed to a nutrient sink. The way you go about that is to make the char in a way approximate to what was described above by nvmedigrower, put i
  6. Hi budma welcome to the forum I don't know about 'don't remove any leaves', I think you have to be sensible, especially indoors; but as far as stripping plants bare, I'm the wrong person to give you any advice, it's not my way generally no doubt someone will be along with the relevant chat though, some knowledgeable folks about the place
  7. Welcome Roo I am new around these parts myself she is a beauty; I too have often found the ones with some kinda quirk to them turn out to be something special see you around
  8. I know it's a contentious topic, that of defoliation In my humble opinion, the wholesale removal of leaves and essentially stripping the plant bare runs contrary to the laws of botany and nature However, that said, I think indoors you have to be sensible and issues like air circulation with larger plants, big colas and tight spaces are a serious concern. So a little lolly popping and removal of a few of the largest fans that are really clogging up the works is fine I think. Essentially cleaning up things for better optimization if you like. But yeah full on defoliation as a high yiel
  9. I do very well starting seeds in eazy plugs. I just soak the plugs in tap water real good, do not squeeze any excess water out but just let them drain properly, and put them back in the tray with little labels, pop the seeds in, and throw them in a shut little clone dome. Don't add any water or anything, at stable 24 C you will have them pop in under three days every time, unless you are working with some old seed someone has held for a very long time or something, then there are all kinds of other techniques to help germ old stock, like scuffing (scarification) etc The eazy plug method l
  10. Patricia

    Ever tried?

    Nice one Dust much appreciated for the help, it just makes for much nicer looking and easier to read posts eh
  11. Patricia

    Ever tried?

    so I guess I better put my money where my mouth is on a side note, does anyone know how I would go about placing pictures inline between text in a post instead of as a dump of attachments at the end? Can that even be done here at SH forums? Thanks for the help now obviously if you were looking to grow a single plant in an ornamental bonsai kinda style, you may do things a little different of course, because you want a lot of plant matter and fast growth maybe, but I am simply looking to basically keep alive a bunch of mother stock with as little work or input as possible. There are p
  12. Patricia

    Ever tried?

    Did someone say bonsai?!! LOL I keep a whole bunch of bonsai mothers, as a means to repopulate my room with things I like Yes I agree, they can flower from stress, more often than not this is due to rootbinding and starvation If I let mine get really hungry, they will start springing hairs from everywhere, even on 18/6 lighting. You hit them with some worm castings, they go right back into veg and start throwing the single leaf reveg shit for a couple of sets I have some that have gone two years in a 1.2L pot, really woody lower stems, like a little tree. It's super easy to
  13. thanks for the welcome dude @jan.gh
  14. Patricia


    I grow in an organic soil, it has been reused and re-amended many times, no pH-ing or anything, my tap water ranges from about 7.2-7.8 depending on time of year, about 220ppm, mostly calcium In all honesty I feel there are multiple schools of thought on 'organic' growing ie. the kind of organics that comes out of a bottle with pH meters, or the kind where you are building soil and microbiology in a more sustainable fashion. I don't have a dog in this fight, I feel that however you grow, be it synthetic, store bought organic or wildcrafting nutrients caveman style; there is nothing better
  15. I think there is a valid debate on the use of iso and whether or not there is a safety issue A large part of the factors that really are worth arguing about are in the purge process IMHO, less so in BHO manufacture because the badness doesn't purge out definitely, I agree that everclear, weingeist, spiritus rektifikowany, whatever you wanna call it depending on where you are in the world is a safer choice HOWEVER the cost of a liter of this where I am in Europe is about a hundred bucks a bottle, mostly tax of course. Compare that with lab grade 2-propanol (ISO) at about 18-20 bucks f