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  1. iosis

    week 8 And three days

    actually, scrap that original number, it gave me 163 grams to cure
  2. iosis

    week 8 And three days

    Thanks man. i would advise them if you were thinking of them. i would say they definitely live up to their name. This particular plant has given me 149 grams dry enough to cure. i may lose at most i would imagine 7 grams during curing, but time will tell. if you do grow them, and have a consistent environment, you should easily be able to take them down after 8 weeks flowering. i have one still running in to its tenth week now, but its because it was under a different light, which wasn't controlled (my own fault really).
  3. i had, what seemed like two different Pheno's there was the taller pheno, and the shorter pheno. i had two of each. one of my taller pheno's looked as though it was ready at 8 weeks and a day or two, so i harvested. this is the one which has given me 129grams. i have since harvested one of the shorter phenos, and i believe i should have a larger yield from that. The last shorter pheno which will be harvest possibly today, should also have a larger yield than the original taller pheno which was the first to be harvested. i have another of the taller pheno's left, and i think this will be the la
  4. Thanks man. yeah, i'm making sure to pop the lids daily. i find it heartbreaking when i see people grow some beautiful plants, and then mess everything up at the last hurdle (curing) with the dryness of it before it was jarred, i wont be surprised if i lose about 4-5grams maximum. so all in all, i'm still very happy with the results. more numbers will be coming later this week/weekend
  5. just a little update. the first one which i explained had been harvested already (on the picture) has hung drying for a week now, and is now dry enough to start curing in glass jars. as of just now, the weight is sitting dry at 129 grams. very happy to say the least. another plant has been harvested today. i will try and upload some pics of the harvesting, i just don't have the time right now. i believe the rest of the plants will more than likely yield more than this one as it was cut the earliest, and this next one which has just been harvested has had another week of flowering time compared
  6. again, later than expected. hadn't done a 7 week update, but this is now week 8 update (and three days). plants are almost ready to be harvested. one already has. three are left, and may require another few days before they will be ready. the plants are much denser than i had expected them to be. i have no idea what yield will be yet, but i will put an update here to let everyone know very happy with this strain, and my new setup. seems the aircooled lights, with the air intake and exhaust has helped a lot. will keep things updated as the harvest continues.
  7. iosis

    money maker in coco

    strain, money maker, grown in coco using canna coc A&B nutrients
  8. Thanks again man. the size is just getting bigger and bigger every day. im really hoping they will finish in the 8 weeks, but i'm prepared to give them a little longer if needed. the taller ones are starting to fill-out now, but still nothing compared with the shorter ones. they have baseball bat wide colas on the tops now. the smells from them all are equally good, but i'll be sure to see which i think tastes the best when they are completed. i'll try and get more pictures up again this weekend, i'm sure there will be an even larger difference in size by then. 1 week and 3 days left until i f
  9. iosis

    End Of week 6

    Thanks man. i'll keep an eye on those branches, but this is one of my taller ones, and they aren't really filling out too much, so maybe aren't going to actually be as heavy as they actually look. hopefully they will fill out and require support though. they are having two and a half weeks left before harvest anyway, a lot can happen in two weeks. i'm hoping anyway.
  10. so it has come to the end of week 6 now, and they are only getting bigger and nicer. i can't emphasize how nice these things smell, although, it is very pungent, which could be a problem for some. i have at least two distinct different pheno's there seems to be, two larger plants, and two shorter plants. the two shorter ones seem to be showing some dense buds, really nice covering of trich's and nice top colas. the taller plants, are showing some smaller colas, and they don't seem to be contructing the same density to them. it might have something to do with temperature, with them being closer
  11. iosis

    End Of week 5 (2)

    the little thing in the bottom left of the page is a silver kush which i've just not long ago put in the flowering tent (in case anyone was curious)
  12. pics of the plants at one day before the end of their fifth week flowering. taken me a while to get around to uploading them. been a bit busy with new years celebrations and family commitments. should have more pics coming tomorrow as it will be the end of their sixth week then. plants are being fed molasses water at a concentration of 1 teaspoon per 5 liter of water, then the plants nutrients are mixed from this water in individual liter bottles. each plant has been getting 3.5ml of A&B canna coco nutrients per liter of molasses water. they have been drinking between a liter and a liter a
  13. iosis


    have no idea at all why it would be this way, but certainly a random occurrence. i will be keeping the two of them as mothers now though. they are both growing side by side in a 12l pot of coco at the moment. i may even move them up a pot size later in life depending on how well they grow.
  14. you're welcome. yeah, at the end of week three they already had these crystals on it. it was a surprise to say the least. it seemed to have developed crystals before it had even properly developed buds. the smells are magnificent from it. very happy, other than trying hide the smell, that can be a bit troublesome. they get their last dose of PK 13/14 tonight. most likely at a concentration of 1.5 ml per liter of pre-made, molasses and canna a&b nutrient mix. they seem to respond very well to PK 13/14 so far.