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  1. The Auto tastes like a kings kush.. such a nice grape flavour. I checked my seed pack and I have opened a slh auto. very strange. I was missing the haze smell from the very start. I even wrote it in the report. At this point I believe I have grown a kk auto. It is just too grapey
  2. welcome
  3. day 64 alright. she will come down soon. as i mentioned before, she is a little too small for the pot. the roots have issues to empty its all soaked in water. flushing will take little. with the bottle you have an idea how big the main cola is. resin is nice. also the live resin is still here. dabbing it just .......... thanks for waiting *cough cough* since i already cut a little off of her i can not 100% tell the yield. I will weight the main cola and a side nugget and count them. after drying i know an aprox weight.
  4. yes, I didnt upload a good picture yet where you can see the foxtails. however, no molasses.. butane extraction. cut material from plant, cut it to pieces, fill the tube, freeze the tube at least 30 minutes, blast, purge, dab
  5. Couldn't resist. Yesterday I decided to cut off the last 2 internodes and cut and tube them and freeze them instantly. Purging already since last evening. Super Lemon Haze Auto Live Resin Shatter After second flip.
  6. pics from 2 days ago As you see.. the heads are small but many. :-)
  7. No. I know, I delete them afterwards. So did I with my other reports. She is not ready yet. She gains weight now. We will see what she yields. Probably more than a photo. The best yielding photo was a Tangie with 75g. Thanks
  8. day 57 She reached 79,9cm ;-) I start to flush with a ph of 6. High resin production.
  9. hey, maybe I can give you some tips I have a such a cloner myself. How often did you change water? What temperature is the water? Most of the time, the temps are the key. Since I have a heating pen in the water, I get roots within 4-5 days easy
  10. Yes, shes ok. For the speed of grow she is good. She is slightly foxtailing now too.
  11. day 55 she will be ready soon. I start the flush on day 60. and harvest ist on day 70. Maybe earlier. we will see..
  12. At this point, no Autoflower lasts long in a vaporizer but photos do. I was surprised. Also, since I extract all my strains the autos were always lower yielding on the concentrates. That is my experience but as I said earlier.. I haven't had 10 Autos yet. Just one after another with LED.
  13. day 53 If you watch closely you will see that the transformation has started. She is now on its way to finish. She is properly stacking, she will be ready in week 9/10. I want to note one necessary thing. Maybe she is nicely producing resin but at this point the heads are very small. Autos aren't as potent as photos. This is my last Auto. As I said, I mught share my upcoming grow. But it won't be anything "special". SOG with small hempy buckets.. If you are interested let me know. I want to make the most out of the smalles space. I like growing fast so my actual scrog is leaving for a see of green. I aint got no time/space for the vegi
  14. you put the cursor somewhere else.
  15. cool, I am new to hydro. Do you keep the ph at 5.5 the whole grow? I find my ladies get N issues at 5.5 5.6.. I am watering today with 5.9 ph. However.. At this point the pure kush is looking like she is taking more space than she will yield. Shes way behind the others. Good luck with the grow anyways.

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