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  1. My congratulation! Caboose is perfect! The best of i ever smoke. Peace.
  2. Well mates, looking for this topiQ for along time, and now its actually to upgrade it just a little))) I Have 3 * 600 HPS, DR pro240, S&P TD 500 PF, d9, Ca, Fe, MgSo4, CaNo3, KH2PO4. Ca(NO3)2, KNO3, K2SO4, GHE all RO, 10 lt. superrootsairpot PF, i think))) are enought. Until now have used only d9 two times. Also i using "Valagro" stimulators by the leaves during 18/6 period. Main lining *8 and supercrop are instaled. 3 weeks Bless!!
  3. How much spoon of sugar i need to put in my tea!!! Dont you know? Yeah ! I do not Know too)) Jah Love & Peace!
  4. And in the last i wanna apologise about this content. After the biginnig of publishing i has understood that i;m not authorised to do it. Sorry.
  5. Caboose harvest. Very smalll plant. Exlusively great! The best of Ii&I ever... Just perfect! GH, Men, you are a wondermakers!!!! Thanks!
  6. Harvest Full 8 weeks flowering. 169 gramms of dry buds.
  7. Begin Equipment: DR 240 3*600 HPS S&P TD 500 split system, evaporator. ion, ventilators... System: Superrootsairpot phyza coco drip irrigation drain to waste 2 tanks for feed & water with pumps, timers, compressors, filters e.t.c. ALLRITHT BOX hand made))))
  8. From the album Afgooey

  9. From the album Afgooey

  10. MAMA the top of 6 weeks 1*600)
  11. Peace! Last photos of this grow session. Blueberry 3 (seed of DP) Small production, trunk was infected. found inside Bluberry 2,1 (clones of seed 2 that was dyied) All time session problems.A lot of a strong ganja with avaible taste, the most result that i can get from this seeds. Kariben'a (Kannabia) Demo present.Cool. Sweet. A lot of Be high!
  12. From the album Afgooey

  13. From the album Blueberry DP

  14. From the album Blueberry DP

  15. From the album Caribena

  16. From the album Caribena

  17. Great work Man.
  18. From the album Caboose

  19. We was, we were, we here, we will))))) look live over N 1000-1000 mS (RO=20), PH 5.7 about 2.0 lt. per day this week (last was 1400-1500) second time water 460 mS ph 6.0 what i need to do move PH ? May be nothing to do? Caboose all are OK Get them out 1 of 3 lamps, a lot of light.. was )) you may see the difference on photos. Good example that much is not well Be good!
  20. Thanks, friends. I find my mistake. It was high EC level on 4-5-th week of flowering. Second one, UNBALANCED solution by ionic +- when i was used GHE BLOOM. In this situation my plants has moved they living juices to the side of roots, cause osmotic preesure was in reverse (sorry by my english) My opinion: PF is good to use on 1.0-1.1 EC Level on coco substrate. In my PF bag its about 0.55-0.7 gramms in 70/30 RO / water. Most of the plants no need more. RO need to use Ca+Mg. (I have no CalMag+) Canna Ca simple with RO water - not goood. Canna Ca+ MgSo4*7H2O- better but not, well ( ops? If you are no good understans chemystry (like me) better no mix PF with PF or PF with anything else. Blueberry Karibena Afgooey will be continued here: See You!
  21. From the album Afgooey

  22. From the album Caribena

  23. From the album Blueberry DP

  24. From the album Blueberry DP

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