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  1. hey there Praveen !!! a big welcome to you!!!!
  2. another way is too make a topical with petroleum jelly Hot cannabis oil 2.5 ml and hot petroleum jelly (150g)mix readily together. Melt them both to about 160F and stir together. Unrefined virgin Coconut oil will do the same thing and work better. The medium chain triglycerides penetrate the skin and blood brain barrier better. It also leaves less residue. this stuuf is great for arthritis, reuma pains, gout, burns on the skin .
  3. Hi Guys this Oil has changed my life and has turned my health up to full rev. This Information was taken from the phoenixtears.ca website BY RICK SIMPSON I Hope this hasn't been threaded yet PRODUCING THE OIL Place the starting material in a bucket of good depth to prevent the oil solvent mix from splashing out during the washing process. Then, dampen the bud with the solvent being used and then crush the bud material using a length of wood such as a piece of 2×2. Aft
  4. hey guys 1. cut plants down trim them (or if u like the trim can be done at a later time) and hang them somewhere that's about 15.c -18c and is about 40%humidity and dark, grow tents are great for this!!! hang them for about 5 days 2 place the buds into brown paper bags this gives the buds a lovely smell and taste I do this for about three days at room temp 3Place buds into mason jars or u can also use Tupperware, air them daily and after a while u will only have to check once a week 4 After a cure of 3 months the buds become superior
  5. Hi A big hello to all of you just wanted to introduce myself , Me and my partner own the Healthcareclub Marbella Spain we specialise in RSO CBD TINCTURES SYRUPS we are listed on weedmaps ! I have been Growing for 15 years in large scale for clubs in Spain! Greenhouse has always been my inspiration and I would like to grow some strains for making into medicine . have a great day guys