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  1. Hi I would like GHS to give us a Dutch Treat fem preferably the 1leaf pheno or the IT pheno. Dutch Treat is a legend and I'm sure they have smoked the real cut like I have. The flavor and headspace is so choice. Yeah other seed companies do dutch treat fem but its not you guys. And I have noticed that yes where you get your fem matters. That is a kauai electric in the photo that was accidentally pollenated with legit molokai frost. All organic. I will trade you Arjan for some hymilayn gold or exodus cheese...unless your working on a sunset sherbert type headspace. I ju
  2. I refuse to smoke human pee... Ill smoke period blood nug if I really like the girl who provideded the blood but otherwise keep human waste and such away from plants it to easy to mess up and it doesn't give great flave and results
  3. Dirty dangles boys! Dirty danglers! Got no times for low sticks boys
  4. Have you ever gotten high and then realized you typed all this content and were totally oblivious to it..im so high I can't feel my face thanks 707truthband


  5. Hi I kept it in a jar with a mylar bag around the jar and before I put it in the jar I got it to the perfect level of dry, then I kept the jar in a bin surrounded by clothes in a closet in the dark and no sun hits the closet. If I put the weed into a freezer now it will last indefinitely. it has maintained its amazing smell and the smoke is great (i should have cleaned my bong before I smoked it for the real effect of the flavor) I think if I would have piped it I could have gotten serious flavor profile but my bong hasn't been cleaned in a year lol and I just wanted to smoke hard core. A one
  6. I highly suggest you get some 818 headband the fem seed you will love it man an awesome high and everything, huge huge yields. Huge! The rest of the photos I uploaded are my seed collection that is from breeder and the seed project I did which is currently buried in jars in a forest near my house. Also the last of the weed from the pictures. And other pics from the same grow.
  7. I made this cross the season before from a Hawaiian Bush weed and someoThere random brand name genetic, the smoke didn't suck not A huge yielder But not a shit high.
  8. I had 2 of them in a 4x4 area. I got over a pound of nug even when I rotted out the centeRs of my biggest nugs .... I pass on my mistake and I'm sure even If I tell you-you might make it to. Don't foliar feed to late. I made a special spray and it prolonged the shooting of the pistolets they make the pods. It was a great mistake. But the nugs were so huge the centers rotted because they couldn't dry properly. Some of the tops were like huge papayas and heavy like them as well. 818 headband was the biggest looking nug in the picture. Some of the nugs were so dense they snapped their branches ev
  9. Led 600watt output 315watts Drawin
  10. I grew those plants and I posted it on various forums across online. The highs were / are amazing.
  11. Which part lol. I reread it I got high drift lol, and I wasn't toking I toked last night some of the elephant stomper was great.
  12. I recently cracked open a jar of weed I have been curing for 2years! It was amazing the high was awesome and it maintained the sweet smell. Its a elePhant stomper pheno Has a grapey chemy smell, reddish color, it doesn't look like much but it is amazing! I hadn't Smoked in 4months and last night I decided to smoke a bowl of it. Very happy with its results! Long story short it was part of a breeding project. I no longer have a place to grow and I am so sad not to be able to test the seeds.
  13. Support us in the fight

    www gofundme com/fight-government-over-marijuana


    1. 8daysaweek


      Lol because that's a winning battle. Start a federal tax on weed and make it federal legal and regulated, it would be nice no more liars saying they grow organic weed.

  14. I loved your contribution to strain hunters I just found out today. You got to live the dream. I would have smoked weed with you. Ive seen every strain hunter Video 25+ times I watched your grow diaries. You fucked a lot of hotties and smoked primo weed, and you wore my ink so well, I hope the strain hunters contiNue on I know you wouldn't want them to stop, you loved going into the field. You kicked ass as a paratrooper and you kicked ass before and after. Che la morte ti dia la pace che cercavi. Requiescat in Pace. All the haters were jealous, your friends love you and your fans to. Some nug
  15. Yeah flush is key always, but when you go organic you can get away with it more so and it won't totally fuck the smoke up. I amended my soil and let it sit for a month or two before I planted those plants and I feed them teas and checked ph constantly lol. Coco core soil mix with gravel. And a lot of trade secrets my plant pheNos were primo and the teas I made were awe-inspiring cost like 10$ per feeding lol because I made the organic ferts myself lol. As in I did research and found the right things and mixed them in the right amounts. The chem weed was getting to me fucking with my mind then