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  1. Hi I kept it in a jar with a mylar bag around the jar and before I put it in the jar I got it to the perfect level of dry, then I kept the jar in a bin surrounded by clothes in a closet in the dark and no sun hits the closet. If I put the weed into a freezer now it will last indefinitely. it has maintained its amazing smell and the smoke is great (i should have cleaned my bong before I smoked it for the real effect of the flavor) I think if I would have piped it I could have gotten serious flavor profile but my bong hasn't been cleaned in a year lol and I just wanted to smoke hard core. A one CM thick joint would have given it a nice grape chem flavor but then I would have wasted so much weed lol I love my 500ml german made RooR. Happy smoking cheers/skull
  2. I highly suggest you get some 818 headband the fem seed you will love it man an awesome high and everything, huge huge yields. Huge! The rest of the photos I uploaded are my seed collection that is from breeder and the seed project I did which is currently buried in jars in a forest near my house. Also the last of the weed from the pictures. And other pics from the same grow.
  3. I made this cross the season before from a Hawaiian Bush weed and someoThere random brand name genetic, the smoke didn't suck not A huge yielder But not a shit high.
  4. I had 2 of them in a 4x4 area. I got over a pound of nug even when I rotted out the centeRs of my biggest nugs .... I pass on my mistake and I'm sure even If I tell you-you might make it to. Don't foliar feed to late. I made a special spray and it prolonged the shooting of the pistolets they make the pods. It was a great mistake. But the nugs were so huge the centers rotted because they couldn't dry properly. Some of the tops were like huge papayas and heavy like them as well. 818 headband was the biggest looking nug in the picture. Some of the nugs were so dense they snapped their branches even with the ties.
  5. Led 600watt output 315watts Drawin
  6. I grew those plants and I posted it on various forums across online. The highs were / are amazing.
  7. Which part lol. I reread it I got high drift lol, and I wasn't toking I toked last night some of the elephant stomper was great.
  8. I recently cracked open a jar of weed I have been curing for 2years! It was amazing the high was awesome and it maintained the sweet smell. Its a elePhant stomper pheno Has a grapey chemy smell, reddish color, it doesn't look like much but it is amazing! I hadn't Smoked in 4months and last night I decided to smoke a bowl of it. Very happy with its results! Long story short it was part of a breeding project. I no longer have a place to grow and I am so sad not to be able to test the seeds.
  9. Support us in the fight

    www gofundme com/fight-government-over-marijuana


    1. 8daysaweek


      Lol because that's a winning battle. Start a federal tax on weed and make it federal legal and regulated, it would be nice no more liars saying they grow organic weed.

  10. I loved your contribution to strain hunters I just found out today. You got to live the dream. I would have smoked weed with you. Ive seen every strain hunter Video 25+ times I watched your grow diaries. You fucked a lot of hotties and smoked primo weed, and you wore my ink so well, I hope the strain hunters contiNue on I know you wouldn't want them to stop, you loved going into the field. You kicked ass as a paratrooper and you kicked ass before and after. Che la morte ti dia la pace che cercavi. Requiescat in Pace. All the haters were jealous, your friends love you and your fans to. Some nug pics for you
  11. Yeah flush is key always, but when you go organic you can get away with it more so and it won't totally fuck the smoke up. I amended my soil and let it sit for a month or two before I planted those plants and I feed them teas and checked ph constantly lol. Coco core soil mix with gravel. And a lot of trade secrets my plant pheNos were primo and the teas I made were awe-inspiring cost like 10$ per feeding lol because I made the organic ferts myself lol. As in I did research and found the right things and mixed them in the right amounts. The chem weed was getting to me fucking with my mind then I grew my own and I was fine. Peru was the last place I bought weed because I knew it was outdoor organic not chemicals.
  12. I grew all of this just reminding you guy organic is the way!
  13. Yes and no because you Do have to break up the soil for the roots to shoot properly of corse depending on the soil (clay, sand clay, etc) but yeah I think the growers in latin America Do no-till and their weed even when seeded and picked early is fucking great! Personally I used a nix of soil from bags, coco core fiber and natural out door dirt I got and then I amended it with products I research that were Really organic as it can be these days. Fulvic acid and mycos But the rest I don't want to give away lol but they are amazing. I found the pictures of my grow.
  14. Hi I have noticed that a lot of nug is just trash they grow it with ferts that are trash, chemical garbage! All these fert Brands claim to be organic and natural and they are just crap lies. I did a lot of research into heeps of ferts And they all had something in them that was not ital not pure goodness. Why does this matter? If you have ever smoke real nug true organic high grade, you don't get a come down that irritable shit feeling you get when you smoke 99% of nug out there. These dealers and shops what you to get that irritable feeling, real nug has no come down there is no crash, its like that stuff that does exist anymore um...REAL LSD25! You have a better chance of fucking Jessica Alba when she was 18yr then getting real LSD! Same goes for true organic nug in America and Europe. Most growers have been lost in the lies of fert brands. My brand will get you more yields, mine will makes your stink more, mines will do it all. Yeah, but at what cost? Smoke quality, high quality, comedown, flavor, the list goes on. What aren't they telling me? Well you may have bought the strain white widow, blueberry, hindu kush, chemdog, lemon haze, etc the list goes on. But say you bought it regulAre well you have x amount of pheno Types that carry similar traits but not what won the cup! They are not that one pheno That exhibits the traits that you want. So then you say well OK ill buy a clone from the oriGinal plant or a fem seed... OK well that's great, if you can get it and still you are not getting that real pheno As in it is diluted in potency, the effects are a fraction off on the high level. I don't care what you think I know this each time you clone that one plant its a downgrade from the original not seriously but its not a regular seed that hit the original winning pheno. FEM seeds are great they hit that pheno For the most part every time but it is still like a fraction of a notch down from the reg seed original pheno. Still great to go either FEM seed or clone. Now you have the correct pheno Of that strain you want you still won't get the real chron nug unless you know how to grow real organic. Fox farms even big bloom or what ever is not real organic, but it does make some nice nugs but surprise yes you will get a crash! And for the most part every brand on the market is lying to you about being truly organic and you will get a chemical influence withdrawal and crash!. I had to buy individual raw material to make my grow supplements And I was rewarded with amazing nug and no crash. I grew a mix of FEM seeds and regular seeds. I got over a pound in a 4x4 area with a 6oow output, 315w draw! You can see the one reaminiNg picture its my profile pic if I find more I will add them. Its real I grew them 100% organic, no crash, highgrade Nugs a few tops well over an OZ dried. How do I know the correct pheno If I'm not franko Or arjan? That's why they sell FEM seeds unless they have decided to not give us that pheno on thE fem seed then we are getting the real winner! And you can still ruin it and be all how did this win the cup it won not only because the pheno but the grower and the cure. I was in peru I smoked heeps of chronic organic sativas got scores of death threats to buy the quantity I wanted! (7grams is onsidered personal smokes and the police won't really care about it they will either take it from you or tell you put out the joint and you will get kicked out the club) I was smoking with a Girlfriend of mine down there and me and her friend went to one club and I sparked a joint smoked half and got busted by an undercover and he just took the rest of the doobie and told me its not OK to smoke in club in Peru, I of course pleaded with him not to waste the joint and smoke it with friends which I hope he did it was primo nug. We then went to a gay club why you ask because the gay clubs are the best party, the bouncer took my jar of weed held it for me and gave it back when we left I then took my girlfriend back to my hotel and we had a goodtime Keep your weed to under 8 grams that's why I say 7 grams. In a glass jar and smoke it far away from kids and scope the area out. I have since quit weed because they treated me really good there on the price and quality and I know most don't get the shit I got but for me I got some of the best weed ever all sativas! I got a fucking kilo for 300usd! 80grams for 40usd and yeah it has some seeds but it was real outdoor organic and quality! If you go / or anywhere on earth and you buy weed get WhatsApp because that's how we talked and delete conversations. That picture is of the 80grams I bought it was great! The purple tinted picture is a top I grew 2 years ago when I was last posting on here. The LED light is why the color that cord is about half inch thick that nug was huge! It was either a sour diesel x og krypt or a headband maui cross. I have managed to cure 3grams for 2years it epic primo smoke the other pound and quartr I smoked that up !in like a month or 2 lol.

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