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  1. Its been a while but I think I might have found something more powerfull than Chemdog..There are a lot of similarities between these two..Irianian or something.. already need to take care of smell.. and its only week 2 veg.


  2. 6 cm a day in growth from the cheese. I'm impressed. by using an earlier feeding program that was successful with long flower time sativas.. longer plants that have great distance between internodes can seem to be flimsy. vegged for a little over a month, and branching for these topped cheese plants will be ready hopefully by Christmas. A gift.

  3. Three things different happening in this grow that will make notable differences in production and quality. Different feeding program. Conditioned medium. Mental attitude. Feeding program utilizing GH with AN supplements. Most notably Nirvana, and B-52. Everything else GH. Running a DE 700w Hps. Not worth showing the mediocre production of last run..very disappointed in AN..I cant remember the last time I had to raise the light twice in one day.. using GH,, I must keep constant attention on light levels because the canopy is touching the lights..


  4. Show off that Crit Kush and Choco lope bro I wanna see please. My next grow is going to be some Krippling genetics and maybe two more Super Lemons because you can never have to much. lol..

    1. wattie


      Sorry Grim av been out of the net for a while, what did you get from ur Lemon in the end?? Kush has been and gone. i am just about 2 put in 4 slh so will try and do a journal with it. Dont know what i am doing but i will give it a go. On my other grow of slh  i got 1483g form my Alien 9 pot flood and drain system, Biggest yield yet in a 150 tent so very happy. I will try beat that in my Alien pro 9 pot system 55l pots. I will hopefully start it next week, if i can figure out how 2 get pictures on here.

    2. Grimreapergrower


      You didn't miss out on this mediocre at best attempt on this amazing strain. My redeeming hope is that the next crop will be the very best I have done. Changing nutrients was a huge mistake and disappointing. When I first started growing Advanced was very easy to use. Through the years I've been blessed with freedom to use other products that work just as well if not better. No excuses other than complacency killed the grow. Being blazed all the time is a double edged sword. It can make a grower either very lazy or inspired. I'm a morning person and luckily for me I'm very inspired when I wake. Dynafem Cheese is in veg and Dr.Krippling, Bulk. The Cheese is going to be trained out tomorrow and Ill attach shots in veg before and after the hair cut...The Bulk hopefully puts me on the map as far as crushing every yield expectation. Looking to score a 24% 3/4 pound or solid pound.

      Bud shot.jpg

  5. All main branches on the topped super lemons have been hst. the single kola has had the main stem hst. some god bud..




  6. Sorry been slacking, the Super Lemons were put into flower last week and will have pics up in the photo journal section. Just finished the last resivore change and went full retard with the nutrients. Since we are in like second week of flowering after only three weeks from seed, I'm seeing the advantages of additional weeks of veg to establish a proper branching pattern and strength before being put into flower..just an observation.

    1. wattie


      Bring on the fotos grim. I am new to forums but will try to get a diary up at the start of next slh in August sumtime. harvested 3 critical Kush and 1 chopelope Kush this week and am on week 4 with my other opperation of flood and drail slh 9 pot alien system that is doing really well. Cant beat the slh its a winner!!!


    2. Grimreapergrower


      K, Watti, sorry for the shitty quality on the trophy kola lady.. I think her name is Shione Cooper. She is under a 600w Hortilux just into its second grow,. The other two have been topped and lollipopped to a certain degree. The branching is starting take shape and we have confirmed ladies. So we are in the 2nd week of flower and they have shown sex. The two that are topped are Sarah Jay and Eden 38dd. They are under a Gavita DE 1000 dialed down to 600w. The spectrums are a lot different because the camera takes on stripes under the Hortilux light. Temps are around 78-82 in the day and 76-to 72 in the evening. Using Advanced Connisure and AN suppliments.











  7. About a kilo and half wet. BC god bud was cool in that a Skunk witch comes from an Afghani cross of some sort. Purple is overrated in my opinion. Purple Skunk and Maui Haze are a great combo with the bud being kinda spicy and earthy. Musky is a word that comes to mind. Pretty intense stone and body high makes you feel as if your under water. God Bud gets a solid 8 out of 10. 

  8. From the album Super Lemon Haze

  9. From the album Super Lemon Haze

  10. From the album Super Lemon Haze

    Planted from seed on 4 / 20 ..This is the first week of full strength nutrient formula. Advanced Nutrients Sensi grow. With suppliments. They are getting bigger and by estimation they grow about 2cm everyother day. Not using co2 at this point in time is kind of a bad idea but I need to get a better set up. Room for improvement. So Week 1 Super Lemon Haze = Green House Seed Company !! NL..
  11. Super Lemon is starting to excite as topping on two of the three and one is left for trophy cola glam shots. The Super Lemon is going to over grow my garden if not kept under control. She will grow like a cancer. Man those are some big plants. Even bigger than the ones I have now. I can see even in vegetative growth they are going to be monsters.


  12. Pending on the severity as to how much material is removed will indeed shock the plant into doing the things listed above. I've had champion genetics go into herm because of overzealous pruning and defoliating. Next to light leaks and sudden changes in atmosphere it is seemingly one of those things where growers think more is better. I guess the difference between fucking up and great success sometimes is luck. I've stunted the bud production and hindered the development process of adding bulk to the buds because of the shock. I defoliated about 5th week in the plan to stop all energy and nutrients to the lower popcorn and direct the energy to the colas. So a little would have been fine. It takes practice and time to understand and react instinctively to our plants.
  13. I believe the discoloration on the fan leafs to be light stress. Either that or possibly Ca, deficiency. If it is Calcium then it must be getting locked out because of ph. I would think, using these nutrients for the first time and early on in veg less is more. So for light stress witch could be a possibility, raise the light a couple of inches.. If its Ca, ph the rez. I'm thinking that the new hydroton was not rinsed properly or not conditioned with sensizyme. These plants are going to be dynomite.!! How bout some God Bud porno shots from my flower tent,  





  14. From the album New SLH Week 2 veg

  15. From the album New SLH Week 2 veg

    Planted from seed on 4 / 20 ..This is the first week of full strength nutrient formula. Advanced Nutrients Sensi grow. With suppliments. They are getting bigger and by estimation they grow about 2cm everyother day. Not using co2 at this point in time is kind of a bad idea but I need to get a better set up. Room for improvement. So Week 1 Super Lemon Haze = Green House Seed Company !! NL..

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