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  1. Smells minty and pine Buds are very sticky but I can't see any pistils , bud head is very strange .. is it going back into vegetative state ?
  2. Is it possible that this is a hermaphrodite plant ? Got seeds from a strain called Purple x hulk, I don't see pistills either .. How do I now when the plant is ready? I assume it's in week 8 of flowering
  3. Thank you so much for the reply ! I have attached more images , can you have a look and describe what you think about it ?
  4. Hey guys! Needed some advice and details of an outdoor cannabis plant . Can you please help? I think it's in flowering stage week 7-8 how can I know plant genetics? Is it hermaphrodite plant?
  5. where i live , consuming and growing marijuana is illegal.. so i dont think i can order seeds online.. ?
  6. Ok.. breaks my heart knowing its a waste of time to grow .. this is my first plant.. we have seasons.. summer winter and rainy.. the seed started to bloom in september .. we have 11-12 hours of sunlight .. temperature around 30degree celcius during day and 25-26 during night..
  7. hi guys i want to know my plants landrace as all of you are experts , u all can help me with tips and suggest what should i do.. p.s - whenever i touch the white pistils (the one which are dark) i cant feel the resin on my hands.. its dry .. im so confused whether i can smoke it or not? i live in india and i brought some weed, from the seeds i grew this plant. .
  8. i cant see the white pistils anymore .. as the leaves from the buds are growing .. i read on the internet that i need to give her 12hour sunlight and 12hour complete darkness.. is it really necessary ? i am growing her outdoor and i think she might now be getting 12 hour darkness.. i cant feed her any fancy fertilizers except for cow manure and some organic fertilizers due to some problems.. and also its illegal where i stay
  9. it gets atleast 12 hours of sunlight .. im growing her outdoor..
  10. my plant is about 6 months old.. these are the recent pictures.. 1) when can i start rubbing the buds in order to make hashish? 2) is my plant doing well ? and more tips and suggestions?
  11. thank you i have seen all the videos of strain hunters .. i dont get power feeding fertilizers where i stay.. ill update more pictures soon thank you again for comments
  12. I am from India I grew a cannabis sativa (outdoor) and I dont understand when will be the right time to harvest. As it is illegal to grow and consume marijuana in India I couldn't buy fancy fertilizers.. This picture is a bud of my plant.. It started to bud on 5th of Jan.. As show in your video of strain hinters India expedition how to rub and make hashish. I tried to rub gently but couldn't get any hashish on my hand.. My question is 1) is the plant ready to harvest? 2) how much hashish does a single plant produce if hand rubbed tips and suggestions would be really helpful