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  1. Which plant are you smoking @Ganja XL? My Lemon O.G. (Moxie) is fantastic, great smell and taste (chocolate, coffee, lemon.....) Anyone may tell me which Zombie Kush pheno is the best? They say there is one pheno that is incredible (mostly indica with lower yield than the other). I have one with an impressive growth and many side branches, the other one is short, grows slower and fatter leaves.
  2. Hi guys, how are you? I bought a new growbox (60x40x60cm) to speed up my crops. I put inside a 125w cfl lamp (white veg) and 6 seeds: 2 ZOMBIE KUSH (RS), 2 BUBBA KUSH (GHS and HSO), 1 CHOCOLATE MINT OG (HSO) and 1CRITICAL KUSH (RQS). Now I'm in the 4th week of veg and I've almost finished my last last 3 plants (LEMON OG - Moxie, KOSHER KUSH - Reserva Privada, SUPER LEMON HAZE - GreenHouse Seeds) in the flower growbox (1,2x1,2m). I'd like to take some clones from the new strains and I don't know exactly when is the best moment to do that. Before the switch? After the switch and reveg the clone? I have also to calculate the time the plant uses for root and the days to reach the top of the box (60cm). I thought I can take some clones in the second week of flower and reveg them. (about 15 days to root, 20 days of reveg and then bring again in the flower box).. I appreciate every suggestion!
  3. WOW! I've never seen a root growth like that!
  4. Hi Jose, great grow! I'm not an expert of hps lights because I've always used leds, it is not too close that 600w bulb to your canopy? An other question: which irrigation system are you adopting? I don't see any saucers! Do you move the plants in another location for watering?
  5. Very nice! Chocolate Mint from Humboldt has triple cotylins too!!! Another phrno has doubled cotylins
  6. Hi guys! This is the result of my first Supersoil crop. Buds pictures: Alien OG, Tangie #1, Tangie #2 (one of the best - top5 - I smoked! PURE TANGERINE!!!) I'm very happy with this crop, I have nice and clean tasty buds with a wonderfull smell! The hash you see in the picture is the result of 5 gallons Bubblebags (from 120 to 73 microns, I didn't use the 90 microns because I did two cycles) I didn't take the 25 microns hash picture, it was about 4 grams and it was clearer... See you soon for an other grow session!
  7. Great job Chris! I've already cultivated SLH two times and now I'm doing the third. I give her at least 10 weeks and she's perfect! (30/40% amber with 2x280w led lights)
  8. Ah ok, now I understand, sorry but I have some problems with the language! Thank you again, you helped me a lot for my next grow session!
  9. Thank you very much for your explanation lansingking! Compliments for your garden, very nice outdoor plants! I followed more or less the Subcool Supersoil recipe, but I think you are right: too much nitrogen and not enough of potassium and phosphorus (Tangies are almost perfect anyway...). Crab meal....interesting, I will definetely try it! I read you did a transition feeding for the flowering stage, I didn't do that. I made the SuperSoil and then I gave to the plants only water from the veg stage. Do you transplant before blooming in an other pot with the Supersoil for bloom? So do you prepare 2 different supersoil (veg and bloom)?
  10. Hello lansingking, sorry but I don't understand your question. If you want to know what's inside my Supersoil, I wrote it at the beginning of this topic.
  11. 8th week. NEED SOME HELP! Anyone can tell me how to avoid these kind of problems for the next time? 1.As you can see the Alien OG has bright spots on leaves, I don't know what it is, I hope it's not a fungus.... 2. Almost all plants have burnt leaf tips. Too much nutrients in my Super Soil? What kind of nutrient is in excess? 3. Peyote Purple #1 has a potassium deficiency? I have to learn to balance the various nutritional components...
  12. Beginning of the 6th week. The bottom leaves begin to yellow and fall, the smell of the garden is very strong now and the pistils start to turn brown. All plants are very frosty!!! I'm just worried about a little problem in my Peyote Purple #1, I think is a potassium deficiency, isn't it?
  13. Hello Mikol, thank you! I give them only tap water (I let the chlorine evaporate), in theory there's everything they need in the SuperSoil I made.
  14. Perhaps I'm wrong, I think the Tangie #1 closeup picture is the ALien OG, I don't know for sure...

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