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  1. New Update on the rest of the room , blooming has started and im thinking about putting a kind of sog sreen net in, as they dont need to be so crowed and high. Soon the blueberry haze is done then the rest has more space ;-) Just calculated that the auto's are about done around 28th of may soon ..Need the space ahahahah ... Can't put them outside unfortunately, we are renting and he is very very nosey als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel. laterz gap
  2. They are different between, some are further and better developed then others, but around end of may more or less. I am angious to start the next grow, the rest of the girls are into bloomstage, nothing much to see yet. But i am going to try mainlining next time as well, and see if i can get some nice clones from the better strains. For next grow i have these seeds to choose from. Gorilla Glue #4 - 5 seeds AFGOOEY - strainhunters seeds - 3x Supercritical - not next grow , ive got three in now K-Train - greenhouse seeds - 5x Kalashnicova - greenhouse seeds - 5x Gelato 41 - 6x Blue Dream - 6x Brain Damage - 5x Gorilla Glue #4 x Girlscout cookie - 3x Sunset Sherbert - 3 x Critical Widow - 4x Any suggestions my friend ?? I will do gorilla glue and k -train and kalashnicova, last two strains are older so i need some backup. Let me know what you think, which strain i really need to try in about week to two weeks from now. Happy growing
  3. Some new pictures of the blueberry haze auto blabla ..
  4. Just made some outside pictures, hope they are sharper. Enjoy the beauty of the ganja flowers ;-)
  5. The temperature is fine now , its the hard winds here .... It wll be better, but as long as they are indoors and doing okay im happy. The rest is in bloom for a week or so, first signs showing, pictures in a few days when they are a bit further. happy growing
  6. They are XXL auto's and they can get taller, not sure about these seeds, lots of difference in plants, colours and grow. The smaller is very nice but behind. Its as you said, the natre takes her time and im not in a hurry .... Room is full, so i do hope these six are done when i think they are and gve me some extra room for the rest of the girls. Groetjes weer !
  7. New update of the Blueberry Haze XXL autoflowers. The six BBH girls are into full bloom, looking at the calendar they will be done in about three weeks, but looking at the pictures there is alot f difference within just a few plants. Two of the girls show purple in the flowers, the rest has had problems with nuts, so im going to flush low nuts on 5.8ph next time.. But having autoflowers together with regular plants is a but of pain in the butt ... unfortunately the hard wind is keeping me to put them outside.. So now i do hope you guys enjoy the pictures . Happy Growing
  8. No worries, ive got mine for at least 5 more years, they are grand and next time i'd buy more of the same. The growth is excellent and in warmer countries such as spain its wonderful not giving so much heat, so much easier to controle the. Putting COB leds together yourselves isnt that hard as well . So you liked my grow :-) Happy growing
  9. nice, but is there a reason to bent the stems ??
  10. How do you end your grow, did you gave any days totally darkness ...and dried out. Just wondering, looking at the pictures i;d expected a higher yield. I also have several strains, and stupid me took auto flowers in as well ...headache, but learned abother lesson. Keep up growing !
  11. NEW UPDATE The 6x blueberry haze xxl auto flower is getting matured more, so happy about that. I've put them in another room after 14.00 tll 18.00 so they have the extract hours of light, these pictures are just before they go back in the dark ...
  12. Question, yo write that you give plain water only, did yo fix the ph value ...a light nutrience flush is that an idea ? How long d they still need, any idea? I topped my auto, same say its not possible but i see it worked, what is your expericians with that ? Happy growing
  13. Nope, geen roti voorlopig, ik heb wel madame sambal puur, dus het belangrijkste heb ik. Aankomende weken opnieuw proberen, alle kouseband is dood en de pepers zijn niet blij...1 is genoeg maar goed daar doe ik het net voor al die moeite. Happy smoking !
  14. The amount of the strains are : 6x blueberry haze xxl auto - done in 13 weeks ,all sprouted 5x bluedream cbd in different sized pounch pots - all sprouted 3x Shiva Shanti - old and great strain from the 90's - 3 out of five sprouted 2x white widow - original greenhouse seeds -2 out of three sprouted 3x super critical - in various pots , all sprouted 1x flowerbomb kush - only one sprouted out of three 2x super silverhaze - 2 out f 3 sprouted 3x super critical - all sprouted 1x currylato planted all the seeds on the 26th of februari, first out was the currylato then the rest followed rapidly. Second day of bloom, soon more matured ladies Happy growing

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