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  1. behalve jij ... heb ff te veel aan mn hoofd en kom geregeld ff langs bij je kijken succes !!
  2. we zijn aan het knippen. wat goed is ziet er ook goed uit, binnenkort de uitslag heerlijk skuffy ...
  3. zit er goed uit ! ik heb alles donker gezet tot vrijdag, de zaadjes was een drama, veel dood maar heb er nog wel genoeg. ik heb weinig zin meer om hier verslag te doen, die paar keer dan iemand wat schrijft is op 1 hand te tellen. Dus ik kom zo nu en dan langs maar voorlopig ff uit de picture. Succes !
  4. Its certainly orth it to study more about this great way to grow, looking at grows online together with some knowledge you can come real far by following your own way. Un grande saludo para ti !
  5. New update, the girls are getting there ..few will need a few weeks longer but thats obvious. Happy growing
  6. its been a week since last update, so here we go. i understand its not easy to see alot but i cant change light times so i have to this at nights .. Im glad i topped most, and i will use that technics from now on, having so many strains isnt ideal but i does give us a nice stack for coming year. I got all seeds in water or as tiny new babygirls, it didnt go as hoped make a new growroom but made the mistake using a larger growbag for the start, these are just to big for a good start. The seeds thing is new to me as im used to buy clons, but im learning along the way. Im hoping to get some nice second run, im pleased overall , but some strains arent what i hoped. maybe the seeds where too old, im never giving up on the strains and will re buy new next year, but will mostly use seeds as fresh as possible, the new freebees i got all sprouted and several other strains i paid for didnt .. Anyways Happy growing folks !
  7. thanks fellow grower ! happy growing to you to !
  8. Update on the grow, the shiva shanti is incredibly sticky, the greatest aroma already .. Cant wait till they are done, first will be readyi n about 4 weeks, but im patient so if its longer its longer . Im using the greenhouse watering way, its proven to me that it works, so next watering they are dry and will get a low ec, 1.0 / 1.1 on a 5.6 ph, the next time i shall boost them and give 1.8 EC to boost the flowers ! Happy growing !
  9. No the auto's been ready a week or so, these are the other strains im growing at the same moment i had the auto flowers
  10. Succes my friend, great protection, make her a small home next time ! Happy growing
  11. well done sir, your plants looking good ! Enjoy the smoke ! Happy growing !
  12. they are already in my joints mate oleeeeeeeeee great High ! blueberry hazes
  13. Yes it will , i will start a few journals coming time, just need the babies to grow up first. Unfortunately K TRAIN none came out ...from Kalashnicova 1 didnt sprout, so i now have the S.A.D seeds 7x two more need to pop up the soil but the others are great. I think 85% came out ...too bad the k train never did, must be bad seeds.
  14. thats the great thing about older pictures a great reference point and easy to compare with next and past grows. My new girls are happening , i first put them in water and the day they opened i put them between tissues and now the are already in small growbags , growing nuts ..
  15. Ive made some pictures, they are still allover and the leds dont allow me to make good pictures, but this is how the rest are doing ;-)

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